Ok guys game on

  • Well my friends today is game day, so let me hear how you think we will do, be straight up, be honest. Here is mine, and yes I DO think we will come out ahead, I think it could be a close game as Tech has proven that they are quite capable and then there is always those intangibles that work in their favor such as: #1 , trying to rebound from a tough road loss, #2 , knowing they have to protect home court if they want any kind of a chance to contend, #3 , the Arena gonna be rockin, as usually the case half full BUT not tonight, #4 , playing the nu 1 team in the Nation, on top of IT’S KU #5 , they have some players still on this team that will inject a boost of confidence into other team mates that were there the year before last when we won 64-63 and they will feed to others telling them they can play with us. those are things that I see we have to guard against. Now having said that I believe that we STILL come out on top, maybe close, then maybe not very easily go either way but either way a win.May surprise maybe the biggest reason again why I think so but here it is, ONCE again I fully believe that our C-5 by committee will play a huge role in helping on Zach Smith, Now I believe in this Game that this is a game where Bragg & even Diallo could be very beneficial against Zach, espically Carlton, Zach is a very mobile athletic big man but I think Bragg can stay with him, maybe see substantial minutes but that’s just me. But with our collection in our 5 spot again allowing us to play to situation will be a plus, then on top of those things I still just think Tech going to have trouble matching up on their defensive end of the court. OK that’s me, now let me hear your thoughts, your predictions. All I know is we just have to bring it, night in, night out and as always ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 If we push Tubby’s tempo & get in transition we get a fairly easy win. But he wants an in your face half court game with stops, so in that regard floor spacing & knocking down open looks should be essential. The book on Perry says double him going to his right or force him left, & make the other guys beat you with jump shots, which so far has been quite successful. In fact we’ve not lost in almost 2 months, largely because of being one of the best shooting teams in CBB. If it’s an ugly slow game that the ref’s call a lot of fouls, we still get a win but, the next one vs WVU may not be so simple. Of course, JMO & ROCK CHALK onward into game night after Wild Card Saturday in the NFL.

  • I think we will win but it will be close. This is a game where I think there is a greater chance of us losing than most people think. Odiase had a good game against us last year. Their guards are good…if they are really hot we could be in trouble. But we should still come out on top.

  • Tubby is a better coach than he gets credit for. He will have his guys ready. I expect a better game that it looks like on paper.

  • I’m expecting a big let down to Jayhawk fans after our last game with OU. Today’s game might get a bit ugly and we are bound to lower our play to the level of TT.

    I just hope we can win out in the end. We need to be a team that earns a reputation for closing out well in the last few minutes. That is probably what it will take today.

  • Our guards are really good and if we are hot TT is in trouble!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I was waiting for that! You are, of course, correct.

  • Come on, @jayballer54, use this for your avatar. I made it just for you. Save it to your computer then upload it in your user settings.RCADLB.jpg

  • @DanR Thanks, that would be really sweet- - -IF I knew how, your talking to a computer brain dead person, computer stupid,I’m lucky to be able to peck out a few letters off my keyboard, I’m just an old wrinkly 61 yr old that’s lost with the new modern technology but it would be great to be able to use that, and greatly appreciated but ummmm ya. I clicked on it, left clicked with my mouse and it just sent off to the computer never ever land lmao. but as always ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • So, C5 was terrible and our guardS were too (outside of Frank Mason).

    But 10 pt win!

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