Anyones else concerned here?

  • OK I was getting very very worried that the triple OT game sent @HighEliteMajor major to the ICU of his local hospital. That is until I looked and say the he did post twice yesterday in response to other post.

    But yet I’m still concerned, perhaps he broke his keyboard in his post game analysis from typing too fast and hard? Plus his post from yesterday were short.

    Maybe he’s on vacation and has limited internet reception.

    Oh wait, remember last week when he made his wife wait to go out and eat? I saw the movie Misery, perhaps his wife went a little rough on him?

    Just worried about you @HighEliteMajor just want to make sure you are doing alright in health and freedom and with that win Monday night.

    Perhaps you haven’t finished your analysis yet?

    Why? Some of you are probably asking why I’m concerned about @HighEliteMajor as we tend to not be the best of comrades on here. But hey he is still a Jayhawk Brother.

    Here’s to you HEM, Rock Chalk Jayhawk

  • Actually I’ve been checking everyday to see if @HighEliteMajor has posted his post game analysis yet. I learn a lot from his posts. Hope he posts soon.

  • I figured his head probably exploded right about the time Lucas started the third OT.

  • I don’t post on here like the Major does. But I will share this tidbit with everyone on here. That my head almost exploded too when Lucas was playing. But then again it worked out okay for Kansas and he did provide some good minutes on the court,so good for him.

    The good part about this situation is other coaches won’t be scouting there game plan around Bragg or Diello and that might be a good thing in the long run. Because we no they can play and provide minutes. But other teams and coaches won’t know what they can do or if they will play big. I just hope those two players is Kansas Aces in the whole and will be used wisely when needed.

  • What happened was this and for some reason we won the game. Just wanted to throw some fish food out there. Just wanted to hear the dogs bark. Just wanted to throw some meat into the shark tank


    I laughed when Mushburger was talking about how great Mari was playing and that he was a fan favorite at KU. That was probably when the stroke hit about six of our bloggers.

  • @wrwlumpy they love him in AFH!

  • @wrwlumpy

    …that and Jamari’s blocks…

  • sorry this didn’t work. it was a vine of Mari’s grab block and floor crash.

  • @wrwlumpy What is a telling line in this piece for discussion is Kansas made 4 field goals in the 7:19 that JT was in the game at start of 2nd half.

    Jamari played incredible as is called out, but why did the overall team offense go flat?

  • @Bwag During the middle section of the game (8:00 in the first half to about 7:00 in in the second half), I didn’t think anybody besides Perry and Jamari played well. I am not so sure it was all Jamari’s fault, specifically the transition defense.

  • @Bwag Why was there only one set of footprints in the sand?

    “That was when I carried you…”

  • Traylor and Lucas were outstanding. They contributed greatly to this wonderful Jayhawk victory. Can’t take anything away from either of them!

  • @DanR I know where the quote comes from, but am missing the implication…as many people have figured out on here, i can be a little dense. 🙂

    I’m waiting for @HighEliteMajor definitive analysis of this last game and @wrwlumpy post to introduce Saturday’s game. I need to step away as getting a reputation for being negative. I have to admit, though generally a very positive person, I do get some enjoyment from snipe and complaining (usually other drivers) at times.

  • @Bwag During that 7:19 stretch Jamari carried the rest of the team… winning the tip, blocking two shots (sacrificing his body), getting a steal and two layups. He scored half the teams points and prevented at least 6. And you blame him? Weird.

    One guy on the floor kept us from being down by 15 or more early in the second half, and that was Jamari.

  • @DanR Not blaming him at all. He played great. No doubt.

  • @Bwag So, your “telling” point about the rest of the team going flat was what?

  • @DanR It’s the questions about opportunity cost. Believe me, I’m not making a statement here, I’m asking a question. Why does are OVERALL offensive officiency seem to lag when our lower ceiling players are in?

    I may be wrong that it does, but the games where we’ve relied heavily on them have been less efficient offensive outputs from my untrained eye and I"m not an advanced stats guy either but enjoy the perspective that they bring. (JN quoted the 1.02 PPP as our worst performance in the last 7 games despite our 109 points and I realize weariness plays a role in that as game dragged on).

    So it’s a question! Do others underperform for reasons less obvious even when the inidividual performance is great of one of these players that generate so much fire and brimstone back and forth amongst us?

    I would argue that in this game, JT’s outstanding personal play was critical. And especially his defense.

    However, if as was discussed on a thread about players “gravity” having a negative impact on overall flow of offense, in effect de-leveraging the offensive output of the more productive offensive players, that is not as easy to see and measure as the positive output of the single player.

    Coach Self has in years past and maybe even this year, commented about the “ball moves better” or the offense flows better when such and such a player is in the game. I think back to the Brady Morningstar discussions on the site several years back. Playing the lower ceiling player in this instance from an individual performance perspective due to less tangible but positive effect on the whole.

    Someday maybe I’ll figure out where all the advanced stats are at and learn how to decipher them myself. I think the NBA has some of these that show overall impact of individual players on the whole when they are on the floor. Would love to understand that better. Instead, I ramble working from a shallow, shadow knowledge of these matters.

    Meanwhile, who do we play Saturday and what will the strategy be? Rock Chalk!

  • @Bwag Good questions about offensive efficiency. Didn’t intend to get into a battle with you on this… I honestly expect Diallo to pull away from the other 5s in a week or two, but I think sitting on the bench watching how guys like Jamari lay it all out there on the floor will help the team more than a couple of chances to primp for sportscenter highlights. JMO

  • Count me with those patiently waiting @HighEliteMajor to post his analysis

  • @DanR No Problem. Appreciate the challenge. I’m trying to figure it out, but really do enjoy reading everyone’s pov. From what I’ve been learning on here over the last several years, I try to watch the games with a more critical eye, but am untrained. As I comment more now, I’m really still in training wheels.

  • There are 2 stats from the second half that are very telling about why KU’s offense stagnated so much and neither are related to Traylor or Lucas. KU only took four 3 pointers in the second half (if Traylor or Lucas ever attempt one that isn’t end half off a rebound, they need a seat next to Self). The second is KU only had 3 assists on 16 made FGs in the second half. There was just too much selfish play going on in the second half with Mason, Graham, Selden, and Ellis driving and not looking for the open man on a kick out.

    KU abandoning what’s worked for them all year on offense is what happened in the second half and that’s not on Traylor or Lucas, that’s on Self reverting to his old form and his butt puckering up in a pressure situation like it did against MSU and against Germany in the gold medal game in Korea.

  • @DanR


  • @HighEliteMajor just be wadin’ through a lotta extra minutes of game video before weighing in.

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