Does any one, other than individual school fans, actually watch post-season Bowls?

  • Quite by accident I ran into the KSU-Michigan game last night and I watched parts of it. It was nice to see the junior team from Kansas beat up on Michigan.

    I can honestly say that this is the first (partial) bowl game I have watched so far and other than perhaps the Championship game, I have no plans to watch any other game.

    It is so different from college BBall where I watch several games per week and I try to catch as many games of the Tournament in March a I can.

  • Sure man. Of course. The regulars at the sports bars, some people without cable, residents at old folks homes that don’t have the remote, people at hospitals that don’t have the remote, people on airplanes that don’t have the remote, lots of people that don’t have the remote.

  • When I click on my post on the right side I get to this thread; however, if I go the Football News section, the thread does not show…go figure…

  • It shows correctly using Firefox…

  • I follow the big 12, but watched breaking bad marathon over kstate!

  • Way too many Bowl games with only one having any meaning. At least during March Madness you know that a win gets you to the next round, so every game has a lot on the line.

  • I watch the games as filler mostly. I will watch matchups or teams that I think are interesting or fun to watch, but I don’t watch full games other than the national championship.

    It’s nice to have a random game on in the background on New Year’s Day, but I’m not really focused on it. I’m curious about this year’s Cotton Bowl matchup with OSU and Mizzou, so I will probably watch most of that, but that’s about it.

  • My team, the Badgers, then some big 10 teams in the bigger games, then the endings when they’re close. Most hold no interest for me however. In fact most before New Years I’m surprised to see they even qualified for a bowl game.

  • I will watch the BCS bowls. Some really good games this year. Was disappointed that both OSU’s lost to tiggers. OU beating Bama is an instant classic. Big 12 is doing better than expected from my seat. Only highly favored Baylor was a real let down. One more to go.

  • And if anybody watched it, I would really like to see us utilize Pierson the way that Clemson used Sammy Watkins. He was all over the field running out of the backfield and catching balls. Don’t believe the stats from the game though, half of his official catches were 2 foot catches with a 10+ yard run. They really found great ways to get him the ball. Hopefully Reagan can do the same with Pierson.

  • @eastcoasthawk - nothing personal eastcoast, but I was Ecstatic that the one OSU lost to Clemson. My contempt for them is exceeded only by my contempt for Mizzery.

  • @eastcoasthawk I enjoyed watching Oklahoma take it to Alabama. Esp, Stoops’ post-game comments that the SEC has a couple good teams and the rest of the conference sucks, and the conference is overrated. He said “look at Texas A&M and Missouri. They don’t seem to be having any problems in the SEC”.

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