How this board works

  • A high level overview of how the board works

    There are a few different flows for finding posts:

    • Drill down from home screen (this is always available by clicking on “KU Buckets” on the header bar) to a bucket, and find the postings listed in order of (a) those that are pinned first and (b) by what was replied to last
    • Click “Recent” on the header bar, which shows the threads in order of their most recent activity. This shows postings from all buckets, unlike the previous method, which shows only those specific to a bucket
    • Click on “Unread” on the header bar (when logged in). This is a nice feature of the board, which tracks those posts you have not read for you and shows a number here for the number of new posts you have not yet read. This will take you directly to those posts. This will ignore which bucket the posts come from.
    • Click on the bell (notification) icon on the header (when logged in), which shows you the most recent replies to threads you have written, as well as any time someone uses your name in an @ . This is useful because it helps you keep track of discussions you’re having across all threads.
    • Click on a user’s name or look them up through users and then click on their list of posts, if you’re trying to read their stuff.

    As for how one posts:

    • the board uses markdown syntax. you can read up by clicking here
    • use @ to address people to drive discussions. Clicking the reply button on someone’s post will automatically start your post with @ and their name.
    • links in markdown syntax are done by using brackets around your desired text, and parenthesis around the link immediately after. Here’s a link to the markdown explanation.. Also, in the reply window, you can highlight text you want to make into a link, then click the icon with two circles, and then immediately paste the url to where you want the link to go.
    • links to youtube videos will embed the video in the post.
    • to embed an image in your post, do the same as a link except precede it with a !. Here’s a link to the markdown explanation.
    • to quote someone, put a > before the paragraph you want quoted. You can also grab someone’s post to quote by clicking the quote icon next to the reply button on their post.
    • pound character is used for headers (i.e. larger text sizes). Note if you start a line with pound, it will do this. For more info on headers, here’s the markdown lnk.
    • here’s a list of emoticons that work with the board.
    • here is a sandbox post if you want a post you can experiment with:

    Our One Rule

    Finally, our only house rule is “don’t be a jerk”.

  • Startlingly easy to use, too. All things digital should be so effortless.

  • Thx for the “Doctor MY Eyes” post approx. They need all the help they can get.

  • @approxinfinity

    I just posted a new thread on the Football bucket and it showed up briefly and then disappeared. I can see it under my own posts but I cannot see it in the football bucket or the Recent Posts tab.

    This the second time it has happened; what am I doing wrong?

  • @JayHawkFanToo Is it possible you are filtering by unread or somehow your view isn’t refreshed after postigbg? I am seeing your posts. Try hitting recent on the menu bar after posting. Should see it.

  • @approxinfinity thank you thank you thank you! I like the bell thingy as it just helped educate me on wilt replies from @HighEliteMajor and @globaljaybird from 12 days ago I didn’t see

  • @approxinfinity

    I have tried all the usual options including refreshing, cleaning the cache, recent posts, etc. with no luck. I am using the latest IE Ver. 11 which might be part of the problem. I will try Firefox and see what I get.

  • @VailHawk Glad it helps! If anything else makes sense to add, lets get it added so this doc can be complete.

    @Jayhawkfantoo IE 11… I didn’t even know they came out with 11! That may well be the culprit. Let me know how it goes.

  • @approxinfinity

    I am still having issues with IE11, particularly with the “Unread” tab. It will show the number of unread posts (say 4) but there are a lot more threads(say 12) shown in the page. I go though all of them and the count does not reset; it might display “4” but there are still 12 threads shown below. I can go to Recent and make sure there are no new post but the count will not update. I have tried all the usual refresh tricks with no luck. I do not have this problem when using an Android tablet and the issue seems to be specific to IE11. Since this is the latest version and Microsoft automatically upgrades you to, it would be good if the bugs could be ironed out.

  • Added stuff to top post.

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