Andy Reid - My Hats Off To Him

  • After 1-5 start I thought that Andy Reid has lost control of this team and I was hoping that we could get to see what we have in Murray. But surely he has turned it around. He kept talking about getting ready for the next game by preparing for fundamentals & technique. Surely, Chiefs not only saved their season they are looking good for a spot in the playoffs.

    I am impressed by change in the Chiefs culture. Unlike teams of past years this team did not give up and kept battling when faced with adversity. They kept battling, kept fighting. There were games which past teams would have never won but somehow this group of guys kept winning.

    For this tremendous turnaround I salute Andy Reid.

  • Didn’t get a chance to watch the Chiefs game, but I heard the last few minutes online. I’ve been an Andy Reid fan back to his early Philly days. Happy for him & the team.

    Great weekend to be a fan of the two hottest teams in the NFL (Seahawks & Chiefs) ! Both of them were given up for dead six weeks ago…“How Ya Like Me Now?:”

  • @nwhawkfan The game was a bit ugly & got real tense in the end, Rivers converted two long 4th downs on the final drive, it came down to the final play where the D came through

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