Pondering the meaning of UA display

  • Very interesting tidbit from watching the post game show. Self wore an UA pull over. The UA logo was prominently displayed on the left shoulder. He also appeared to intentionally draw attention to the logo by scratching his shoulder directly on the logo. Previously I thought coach always wore Adidas gear for the post game interview. But then maybe I just have not paid enough attention.

  • @kansas-oats . Self is too smart to knowingly antagonize the multi-million $$ adidas contract…Something is definitely up.

    Maybe having Vick, gets us UArmour deal…

  • @ralster

    Kansas is locked in its contract with Adidas until 2019. I believe Coach Self also gets money direct;y from them; I know he also gets royalties from all sports gear sold at certain times of the year when he conducts his camps. Considering that KU is basically a “one sport” school, since the football teams had been so bad lately, the contract with Adidas is huge.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Im just stirrin the pot…

  • @kansas-oats Thats very interesting indeed. Makes you go Hmmmm.

  • @kansas-oats

    What? Self wore a University of Arizona pull over? 😉

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    I don’t get that… individuals profit on these contracts? That, in itself, means it is corrupt. Having the coaches personally gain from these contracts could easily mean the decisions are based on how much the coach benefits versus what is best for the program.

    Since Kansas is a State school… shouldn’t all business be public information? Can we all see the contracts and offers for equipment and sponsorship?

  • @drgnslayr

    Only a tiny minority of Coach Self’s salary is paid by the school; the bulk of the money comes from the Kansas Athletics, Incorporated and Subsidiary, a private corporation that runs the athletic programs at KU.

  • @drgnslayr Other than being a state-funded university, there aren’t public funds being used in any of these deals. Recall that KUAthletics is a separate corporate entity, which absolutely is business-driven, profit-driven. This is why, irrespective of how superlative KU basketball is, it cannot compete with the revenue that a competitive football program would bring to KU Athletics. Hence all the focus, and almost micro-mgmt. of the KU football program.

    Bill Self’s salary, the athletic deals that outfit ALL the teams, not just bball and ftball, are business deals coming under the KU Athletics (corp) budget…not public funds. KU got more value from adidas than they did from Nike, hence the switch.

    Think about it like this: With the current state of the KS budget, almost a yearly fiasco, there is no way on gods-green-earth that KS could “afford” Self’s 10-yr, $52mil contract Zenger signed him to prior to last season. Absolutely not public money. And my personal soapbox is that every bit of that value is earned by what Self gives as the “face” of KU Athletics, and his mgmt. of his program and team. Couldn’t ask for a better frontman. He’s earned it, worth it, it’s toptier market value, now all I worry about is Madness performance… And Calipari is paid more than Self is…(just for sake of comparison). Clearly Calipari is worth that to Kentucky…

  • @drgnslayr That was my first instinct, Arizona?

  • @ralster Self makes about 275k from the state of Kansas and is the highest paid employee of the state of Kansas. It’s been awhile since I’ve looked at Self’s contract, but I don’t think Adidas pays very much of it. I think it’s mostly from donors and the TV deal and the Adidas deal covers most of the costs of the non-revenue sports IIRC.

  • I have thought for awhile that UA and adidas ought to join forces sponsoring a school, like KU.

  • Banned


    I"ve been thinking the same thing.

  • Can’t answer your question, but UA is mentioned in this article by Rustin Dodd about Diallo…http://www.kansas.com/sports/college/big-12/university-of-kansas/article49497610.html

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    You maybe just stirring the pot, but there might be more to story than we know.

    Think about it. If you’re a coach and adidas or Nike is paying the bills are you going to wear another competitors sports gear?

    I didn’t see it but if it is true Coach was wearing Under Armorer gear. Wow! This could be something big or just a mistake on Coach’s part. Either way I bet coach gets a conference call on this. If he did indeed wear a UA gear.

    I could get the conspiracy machine going but I’m not sure anybody wants to hear. 💩

  • @ralster

    “Think about it like this: With the current state of the KS budget, almost a yearly fiasco, there is no way on gods-green-earth that KS could “afford” Self’s 10-yr, $52mil contract Zenger signed him to prior to last season.”

    I know this is how it goes all over the country… but it sure isn’t “amateur athletics.” I know it is only about the student-athletes… but what a bunch of hogwash. Yes, Self does earn his keep being the face of Kansas basketball.

    I know the Genie will never go back in the bottle… but I wish D1 was really amateur… no big shoe deals… coaches paid a bit more like professors… no freshmen allowed on the varsity teams… no stupid AAU ball and all star games for high schoolers… make these kids stick it out in college for 4 years and earn a degree before they meltdown trying to be a pro in the league. You know… REAL amateurism!

    College basketball would get REAL again! The top cream wouldn’t have the same level of talent separation because they won’t have all the extra coaching/game experience before arriving in college. The talent would be infinitely better and the game would be a million times better to watch, with quality players working their way up the system for 4 years…

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