The Perceived Death of Kansas Basketball

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    Jayhawk basketball is on life support and hospice is the next step.

    A quiet passing of one of college’s great basketball programs.


    Who killed it? Who will be held accountable for the death of Kansas basketball?

    Head Coach Bill Self?

    The crew at KUBuckets?

    Before we pronounce Kansas basketball “dead” we better check for a heartbeat first. Maybe, just maybe, Kansas basketball will live and thrive in the future.

    Many of us have challenged directions and people associated with Kansas basketball. Sometimes it seems that WE have killed our Almighty Jayhawk during the dissection process. I wonder if recruits are sent to KUBuckets to read our negative comments? Most schools just have fans blindly supporting their programs.

    However… while we mourn our near death, lets bask in the glory of our current #2 ranking! And our softness in fall signings seems to be a pattern we’ve had for quite some time. Perhaps our recruiting year will pull together (once again) in the waning moments.

  • Zenger!

  • bazinga

  • Beat Oregon St.

    This year is going to prove that KU basketball is not in decline.

    This year is going to renew the discussion of Self being one of this generations great coaches.

    This year is going to see a burst in KUbuckets fame for our astute observations and basketball acumen.

    This season is going to end with a BG 3 into KU mortality.

  • Rumors of our demise are greatly exaggerated. We are ranked number 2 in the nation…NUMBER 2 with a bullet!

  • @drgnslayr Are there really KU fans that think the sky is falling? KU is just fine. Even in the highly unlikely event that Coach Self leaves the program ( only to go to the Spurs to replace Pop ) KU is a destination job. A solid argument can be made that KU is the best program to be at. A bullet proof argument can be made that KU is top 3 all time. Who ever replaces coach will likely be on par with what we have at KU since the Larry Brown era. I refuse to speculate on names bcuz I dont believe we have to worry about who is coming next anytime soon.

    If this is about KU having less than desirable success in the NCAA’s. We currently have the longest streak in div 1 for consecutive appearances in the tournament. I dont care what anybody says, we have 5 National Championships. A 6th will come before Coach Self hangs it up at KU.

  • The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated - The KU Basketball Program

  • I like all the challenging conversations we have in here. For one thing, for the most part we act civil to each other even when we have disagreeing parties.

    I think it says volumes that we “question authority” when most college fans just give a ‘hooray’ now and then.

    But I have started to wonder if we damage the program by posting anything and everything.

    This is what started my thoughts about KUBuckets impacting our program:

    Guinness changes recipe to go vegan

    So a few vegans signed an online petition and a snap of the fingers and Guinness changed their 256-year old recipe. I’ve had a life long love affair with Guinness. It is known around the world by the nickname “medicine” because Guinness often makes you feel better (in more ways than one) when you are sick. Many believe the fish bladders (now being removed) are one of the very helpful ingredients. Kind of like cod liver oil.

    And now… Someone asks Bill why Hunter isn’t getting minutes and a snap of the fingers later… Hunter is starting.

    “Public opinion” seems to carry some weight. It may not even be that. It may just be “public exposure” to issues. We definitely “expose” everything in here. Hence, the concern.

  • @drgnslayr Maybe he just has realized Hunter is our best starter. But I understand your concern. I gotta go watch that game again!

  • @Lulufulu

    “Are there really KU fans that think the sky is falling?”

    Sometimes I have been feeling that way lately.

    Our fall recruiting seems to have been a disaster, and we are getting press mentioning how we don’t play OADs enough compared to the other puppy mills (like UK and Duke).

    And then it seems we are really targeting OAD (or near OAD) players almost exclusively.

    I started feeling like the sky was falling.

  • @drgnslayr Yah, see I havent been paying attention to the recruiting stuff. I dont know. I guess I just have faith in Coach Self to pull some late game heroics on that front. Next season, barring any unforeseen circumstances we will have every one of our back court players back, minus Wayne if he keeps it up. We will have Bragg and Coleby ( who I keep forgetting about) and Lucas and the new kid. I hope we can get another top tier Big Man cuz thats the missing piece for us next season to continue on what we have this season, which is another national title contender with great balance and experience.

  • @Lulufulu Can you imagine the additional chaos that having a healthy Colby would add to the Big mess, I mean discussion.

  • @Bwag

    Coleby had to sit one year anyway so, even if healthy, he would not be playing.

  • Looks like Bill’s getting a handle on what his line up should be.

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