• Ok Jayhawk fans. I just read this on ESPN and since there are some of you that dont have Espn insider access, I thought I would post this load of BS, just in case. It reads thusly;

    The playing status of Cheick Diallo has been resolved, with the NCAA ruling Wednesday that the prized freshman can suit up for Kansas starting next week.

    The NCAA’s decision ends a lengthy back-and-forth between the organization and the Jayhawks. Coach Bill Self held a conference call Saturday night to detail the steps the university had taken to work with the NCAA regarding Diallo’s eligibility. Kansas athletic director Sheahon Zenger also sent a letter to the NCAA detailing the Jayhawks’ view that the organization had mishandled the player’s case.


    Jayhawks fans rejoice as #FreeDiallo campaign has a successful ending Kansas received some welcome, if belated, news on Wednesday, as the NCAA finally cleared prized recruit Cheick Diallo. Jayhawks fans were overjoyed. “I really want to thank the NCAA staff for guiding this process to a fair conclusion in what was a very complicated situation,” Zenger said.

    Diallo, a 6-foot-9, 220-pound forward, will be eligible to play Tuesday, when the fifth-ranked Jayhawks host Loyola. Kansas currently is in Hawaii for the Maui Invitational, where it takes on No. 19 Vanderbilt on Wednesday night in the championship game. Diallo was allowed to travel with the team to the event.

    Prior to Wednesday’s game, a thankful Diallo took to Twitter.

    Diallo arrived in the United States from Mali midway through his freshman season in 2012, and spent the past 3½ years at Our Savior New American, a private high school in Centereach, New York.

    In 2012, the NCAA placed Our Savior under review, which could have nullified Diallo’s core coursework.

    The NCAA, though, confirmed that Kansas provided new information earlier this month, including an independent review of that coursework. Based on the information provided, the NCAA concluded that Diallo received a limited amount of extra benefits and thus would have to miss only Kansas’ first five games.

    “Our goal is to have eligibility decisions made prior to the start of a student-athlete’s season,” said Oliver Luck, the NCAA executive vice president of regulatory affairs. “However, this was a complicated case involving international transcripts and a high school that remains under review. Additionally, staff considered a complex set of circumstances regarding amateurism.”

    Diallo previously told ESPN that he received an A and a B in two summer courses he took at Kansas. He is enrolled in 15 units in the fall semester.

    “The decision today was nothing more than a pretextual justification for a flawed investigation,” Diallo’s attorney Don Maurice Jackson said in a statement. “There were no legitimate academic issue relative to Cheick’s secondary school education and no legitimate amateurism issues. … Conveniently, the fifth game of Cheick’s five-game suspension is [Wednesday’s] game.”

    Diallo is considered the prize of Kansas’ recruiting class, a relentless rebounder ranked No. 7 in the ESPN 100. He has drawn comparisons to Denver Nuggets power forward Kenneth Faried.

    Information from ESPN.com’s Jeff Goodman and Andy Katz was used in this report.

    ** My quick takes on this are as follows**

    Our lovable AD Zenger’s quote is very duplicitous. He is thanking the NCAA for doing the right thing, Finally! And, at the same time he is saying Hey NCAA you guys are a bunch of losers who have to be threatened with triple lawsuits AND have KU do your work for you just so you can save a little bit of the face you have left by saying it was complicated and the work we did and had done only took one week to finish, you inept idiots.

    Im rolling my head back like I just had a stroke because the NCAA had the gaul to say they allegedly found that Cheick had improper benefits that were responsible for them holding Cheick out for 5 games, which they were totally going to do in the first place but didnt even know they were going to do that until yesterday???

    I mean SERIOUSLY!? Who hired these jokers? Why do they continue to work while exhibiting the signs of patients needing frontal lobotomies?? This is such a joke!!

    Poor Cheick. Im just glad the kid can play now. Its been a total sham, an absurd sham.

  • @Lulufulu he has to pay 165, or something close to that to charity! I hope somebody goes after the ncaa.

  • @Lulufulu Thanks for posting this for us! Strong work. The only bright side to this NCAA b.s. is that Diallo actually gets to play for KU now.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 WHAT!?!? He has to pay? OMG!

    Yah, Diallo is freed but I dont think we have heard the last of this.

  • @Lulufulu

    Pretty standard procedure when there is a finding that he received improper benefits, not a big deal, really…

  • @JayHawkFanToo said:

    Pretty standard procedure when there is a finding that he received improper benefits, not a big deal, really…

    Come on, you know that is not the point.

    The criticism is of the finding, not the paying back.

    Tell us how the NCAA can “find” there were improper payments without ever having interviewed the payer. How did the NCAA know about the $165?

  • @JayHawkFanToo I am highly highly skeptical that he actually did receive improper benefits. After all the smoke and lies the NCAA gave us the past 5 months, it makes sense for them to make something out of nothing to give them a bit of face to save from what very little they have left.

  • @ParisHawk said:

    @JayHawkFanToo said:

    Pretty standard procedure when there is a finding that he received improper benefits, not a big deal, really…

    Come on, you know that is not the point.

    The criticism is of the finding, not the paying back.

    Tell us how the NCAA can “find” there were improper payments without ever having interviewed the payer. How did the NCAA know about the $165?

    **Thank you! ** There is absolutely no way the NCAA could have found any improper benefits without having done any investigative work, which they didnt.

  • It’s a head scratcher. The blue circle group known as the NCAA had said all along it was his HS and the course work he had taken there. That he didn’t pass enough core classes, yet they didn’t go to the school to review anything since 2011 making their judgement on the school in 2012. They even brought up transcripts from his 6th grade class in Mali.

    This was what they were using to hold this kid back from playing a sport and trying to make a life for himself and perhaps the betterment of his family back in Mali.

    But wait they lied about that. It came down to less than $200 bucks given to him when he first came over to the United States of America, by his handler who was trying to become his legal guardian. Shortly there after he was his legal guardian in the US of A.

    Yet this was never brought up by the NCAA until yesterday. If they had this information earlier why didn’t they say so and set the record straight?

    If anyone remember this happened to Rick Majerous when he was at Utah. A player had lost his father and Rick took this young man out for a slice of pizza and a soda. That student athlete had to repay that 7 bucks or so to a charity sit one game I believe and Rick was fined put on probation and who knows what else the blue circle group of thrives made him do.

    They aren’t looking out for the best interest of the student athlete. They are looking out how to line their pockets with cold hard cash, get free stuff and anything else they can get their hands on.

    The NCAA is following the playbook that was written by the Intetnational Olympic Committee and revised for a second edition by FIFA. Steal. Cheat. Party. Until you get caught. Then deny. Deny deny place blame somewhere else and take a huge buyout to go away.

  • I heard it was self reported by Drame. Payed a cell phone bill and gave him a ride to Walmart. Definitely deserves 5 game supension. I mean, the punishment should fit the crime and the crime was pretty extreme.

  • I take it everyone heard that this Drame fellow is also the “guardian” of another Mali D-1 player, Kassoum Yakwe?

    I’m sure Drame is simply a nice man acting as a father figure to these players. I’m almost positive that’s how it works when it comes to big-time basketball recruits like this.

    Again, I’ll remind everyone, if you have black and white prohibitions against certain behavior, then the line is already drawn. If you make exceptions for $10, or $50, or whatever, the line is blurry. Brightline rules work.

    Now, did the NCAA simply issue the suspension to save face? Seems that way. But different questions.

  • @RockkChalkk so did they just now find that out? What about them saying he only had 6 core classes that counted?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 That is the home of it all. They never once said anything about this prepaid phone or calling card he received from who was about to become his guardian.

    They played the old misdirection ploy if they were holding this in ther back pocket the whole time and stating it was his class work.

    It was not until Kansas, Zenger and Self called them out publicly on their handlings of the whole situation.

  • @JRyman The NCAA has lost major credibility nation wide. All that remains of their face is a skeletal visage. A major weak link in their armor has been exposed and its only a matter of time before there is a major regime change in the NCAA like there was recently at FIBA, FIFA?

  • #DialloFreed #WhereCanIGetAPairOfThoseSocks


  • @RockkChalkk hope they have coats, gonna be hard getting off that plane in ks! I hope they are having fun!

  • @RockkChalkk not adidas shoes😱

  • @Crimsonorblue22 said:

    @RockkChalkk not adidas shoes😱Nope those were Jumpmans from Nike.

  • @Lulufulu Amen! It smells corruption! Won’t be surprised if NCAA is under the influence & control of Nike -> slow death to KU via Diallo & other kids who sign with KU. Nike is making sure KU doesn’t get 5* & if KU finds hidden jewels, have NCAA choke KU. Pay off a few NCAA eligibility center folks (like FIFA) & Nike can have UK, Duke, UNC, Texas, etc going for NC. I’m for investigation of NCAA & demand transparency for its validity, credibility, legitimacy.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    I have no quarrels with punishing those that break the rules. I do have issues with the repeated inconsistent punishments by the NCAA. Who comes up with this crap? Do they spin a wheel?? 7 games for $165 in one case and 2 games for $800 in another.

  • @ParisHawk

    The amount of the penalty is not the same as the amount of the violation. As I understand, the penalty is based on the type and severity of the violation and…believe it or not…varies by sport.

    I agree that the NCAA is apparently not the sharpest tool on the shed but they are not dummies either; they would not assess a penalty unless they have pretty convincing proof of the infraction. If the fines seem disproportionate as related to the offense, then the ADs need to change the guidelines the NCAA is required to follow. Zenger should make it his mission in life instead of screwing Jayhawk fans and having games blacked out,

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