KU's letter to NCAA regarding Cheick Diallo

  • http://www2.kusports.com/documents/2015/nov/22/kus-letter-ncaa-regarding-cheick-diallo/

    It’s pretty damning against the NCAA. Apparently, it’s not a couple of classes the NCAA has issue with, it’s 10 of them. The NCAA apparently told KU that only 6 of Diallo’s 16 core classes were recognized by the NCAA and 3 of those 6 were taken during Diallo’s first year at OSNA.

    After reading this and seeing that there are more cases like this out there and have been in the past as well, I think we may see a class action lawsuit against the NCAA in the pretty near future, especially if the NCAA keeps dragging their feet on this matter which they seem hell bent on doing.

    Since KU has already pretty much given the NCAA the finger by making this case as public as possible, I think Self should play Diallo because the NCAA doesn’t appear to have a leg to stand on at this point in regards to Diallo’s eligibility and go ahead and make that a double bird to the NCAA.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 said:

    I think Self should play Diallo

    Yep. My thoughts as well.

    At this point, it seems like we have more to gain than what we have to lose (one game forfeiture).

  • Can’t help but to believe NCAA is in bed with Nike and its accomplices to minimize KU. There’s no other explanation for singling out Diallo when other(s) from the same school has been cleared. This could have been going on for some time (i.e. Ben & Traylor) perhaps when the embargo started? This smells. Expose NCAA - see who owns Nike shares or sits on the board or partners with agents & media (i.e. ESPN, cable companies). Tip of the iceberg?

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