I wonder.......

  • How long will it be before we hear a rebuttal from the NCAA?

    And whether it will be a CYA response that outsources blame and hides behind confidentiality?

    or an acknowledgement of a breakdown in due process?

  • @SoftballDad2011 wondering too… It’s time!

  • @SoftballDad2011 well since today is the first full business day since they received the letter from KU I’m sure it has been passed around over coffee break and now lunch. They probably aren’t real sure who should deal with it as I’m sure most of the hire ups have taken today Tiesday and Wednesday off to have an extended holiday weekend so they can travel to places unknown. A week from today would be the first day that NCAA president Mark Emmert would possibly see this(doubt he’s reading it on ESPN.com as plausible deniability). Then like most major leadership roles go he will set it in his brief case and take it home to review. But family will distract him and he will forget it’s in there for a few more days.

    So with all that said I’m going with Dec 3rd before we hear anything from the MCAA or Oresident errrr dictator Emmert.

  • @JRyman look how long this whole process has been, maybe they don’t even show up to work, or maybe they are retaining counsel.🐢🐢🐢 they better be 🙏 their turkey is cooked!

  • @SoftballDad2011

    “How long will it be before we hear a rebuttal from the NCAA?”

    Well… let’s see… a possible scenario…

    1. They read it today and instantly panicked and paranoia set in.

    2. Under panic, tonight they decided to quit their party drug usage. They swore to put the crack pipe down.

    3. Tomorrow… their worst day yet. The paranoia set in and now they don’t have drugs to keep in balance. Nothing gets accomplished as they run around in total chaos… step one with chemical withdrawal.

    4. On Wednesday, they also do nothing and realize this might blow over if they put it off past Thanksgiving.

    5. The following Monday… Okay… Thanksgiving is over, but still not responding. Most employees have tremors and are begging for additional medication. In the least, they want to bring the prostitutes back in under lock and key.

    6. Tuesday comes and one of their crew researches how long it takes to get all the drugs out of their system. If only they had stayed off the pot! Even though their is no mechanism for drug testing, their paranoia is so rampant that they want to prepare for drug tests. On this day, they decide to wait at least 30 more days before responding to this letter. Meanwhile, some of their members start buying masking kits on the internet that are supposed to help hide their drug usage on a drug test.

    7. On Wednesday, a major fight breaks out between NCAA staff when one of them locates more drug paraphernalia hidden in a cleaning closet. Turns out, some of the staff were cheating on their pledges to remain clean.

    Kansas should have hired private investigators by now. These guys should be planted in the NCAA parking lot with secretive video cameras. Also… look on the pavement for roaches and broken paraphernalia.

    The drug angle is the only thing I can think of to explain their gross negligence on the Cheick situation.

    My story sounds crazy… heck… we like using the word “insane”… I’m good with calling it insane. But this scenario is outrageously common today, especially in covert organizations. It could have started with a couple guys suffering from back pains that got hooked on pain killers from their doctor, who now can’t openly pass pain killers out like candy any longer. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were shooting heroine.

  • Their response will be telling as to how the plan to handle KU’s direct attack on their organization.

    There is some irony here in that is similar to the BG situation on that KU has very publically questioned the NCAA’s capacity to do their job.

  • @SoftballDad2011

    I haven’t finished the letter yet… but liked how Zenger mentioned “damages.”

    This is the kind method for inferring they have a potential lawsuit as an option.

  • @JRyman

    If I would be a betting man, I would say that there are several meeting going on at the NCAA as we speak since the cat is out of the bag and the NCAA has a PR ticking bomb in its hands.

  • @drgnslayr 6 figures!

  • @drgnslayr

    Very true.

    As well as how Self mentioned that he has heard from many other coaches with similar stories…and one who called saying let’s compare notes as we are going through a similar situation.

    The groundwork is definitely being laid.

    For what it worth, I would not be at all surprised if KU receives a public reprimand and possibly even a monetary penalty. But that was likely considered an acceptable cost of doing business by KU during their planning meeting, if it results in getting the NCAA moving in earnest toward an Eligibilty ruling.

  • I wonder if Frank Uryasz was invited to some of their in-house parties with strippers?

    Drug-Testing Company Tied to N.C.A.A. Stirs Criticism

  • I looks like HCBS is frustrated? I wonder if this frustration has anything to do with how he handled the BG situation? Maybe the NCAA will suspend Coach Self for 6 games for voicing his frustration?

  • “This is a story about the avaricious, corrupt machine that is the NCCA; a system that has produced—and will continue to produce—atrocities that make McCants’ joke of a scholarly career look like unpolished brass on the Titanic.”

    Sham Classes and Crime Coverups Are the NCAA Normal

  • @Statmachine If they suspend Self, or anything close, we’ll be at the NCAA’s doorstep in Indianapolis with torches in hand.

  • Donovan may have left for the league… but I bet we could get Florida on board with us.

    Read this story carefully… Chris Walker was dragged through a long process over his academic eligibility… then the NCAA went after his handler, who may have paid for his unofficial visit to Kansas.

    I wonder… I wonder if the further investigation was more about the NCAA possibly nailing Kansas over this?

    Florida Forward Chris Walker isn’t Sitting Out Because of Academics

  • @HighEliteMajor said:

    @Statmachine If they suspend Self, or anything close, we’ll be at the NCAA’s doorstep in Indianapolis with torches in hand.

    Torches? Seems too soft for them.

  • I halfway believe the following:

    1. NCAA clears Cheick to play

    2. Kansas plays Cheick

    3. Kansas wins National Championship

    4. NCAA then declares Cheick ineligible because of his handler and Kansas must forfeit season

    Let’s remember… the NCAA is a dictatorship. Fairness has nothing to do with this. It is clear to me that they are targeting Kansas.

  • I wonder if Self is trying to use this as motivation. Is this the chip we’ve been looking for? This is a narrative. The team has been treated unfairly, given a lack of respect, purposefully handicapped against the rest of the competition. Now, what do they do about it?

    I imagine the will come out swinging this week. Somewhat because they just played poorly. Also, because they are playing an inferior team. But maybe they can carry this chip on their shoulder for the rest of the year. If they believe the NCAA is out to get them and KU is being purposefully targeted, than it could work.

    My one concern? If Diallo is cleared, does the chip fade away?

    I think this is Self’s biggest job this year. Keep the players thinking that they aren’t just competing with an opponent each game, but instead fighting the entire system. Every win without Diallo should be viewed as a middle finger to the NCAA telling “the man” they won’t be held back. Every win with him should be viewed as vindication. A contempt “told ya so” spit in the face of the oppressors.

    The shall be no thank yous, nor sighs of relief if and when he is cleared. Something has been taken from this team and they must use that disrespect each and every time they step on the court.

  • Kind of funny (not really)… the NCAA (itself) does not regulate their own recruitment for areas like venue selection. Just one of hundreds of areas where there can be complete corruption.

    “Local boosters on Wednesday wooed NCAA staff and members of the women’s basketball Final Four selection committee during a tour of the American Airlines Center.”

    NCAA site selection committee touring Dallas for women’s Final Four bid

    I wonder what their full definition of “wooed” is?

  • @drgnslayr The more unfair the better for me at this point. Heck yes they are targeting Kansas! Even if they aren’t, we better believe they are! And what better way to show them than beat them at their own game, the tournament.

    Just keep adding weight to that chip to the point where the Hawks will turn superhuman just to carry it around. Use that giant boulder to help us roll over any team foolishly standing between us and our goal.

    Do you think Frank puts up with this kind of disrespect in any aspect of his life? Is anyone allowed to treat his family this way?

    What about Perry? They don’t think he is smart enough to see the injustice and want to rise up against it?

    Greene is so fired up by it he is exploding all over the place even if it’s wrong.

    Devonte is already trying to take on the world based on his shot selection last game.

    They are all feeling the frustration boiling out of their coach and teammate. Let this be the moment that unifies them.

    Just wait for the gauntlet that the NCAA will throw at us come March. Bring it on!

  • @drgnslayr

    Are.you wondering if Dallas brought in a hospitality committee from Louisville to handle the post party?

  • @SoftballDad2011

    Ha… or perhaps Louisville gets spanked because they excluded the NCAA from the “recruitment process?”

  • @benshawks08

    I feel fairly confident that if we do win the NC this year, we will have it removed from our possession.

    Only one way to find out!!!

  • And to think they didn’t even GO to Diallo’s high school, blows my mind!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Or how they deduced that his guardian was an agent because they found it on the Internet and Facebook…but never interviewed him.

    What was the tv commercial…if it’s on the Internet it has to be true…Bonjour! (Walks off with the “French model”)!

    If that is the extent of their due diligence efforts maybe we should send the NCAA the hyperlink from the bogus California newspaper that had the story about World Wide Wes…we might have Kentucky banned by the end of the week!

  • If Diallo’s high school “wooed” the ncaa, would they visit?

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    If the NCAA is targeting us… that means we have a clean program and we refuse to “woo” them.

  • We’re all just speculating of course. Here’s my speculation:

    The NCAA asks Cheicks pre-k teacher, actually his sister who is two years older if she indeed helped Cheick with his stacking blocks homework. She has to produce documentation.

    Cheick is discovered to have taken 2 extra cookies during lunch in the 9th grade, an impermissable benefit. When he is cleared to play he’ll have to hand out cookies in the student line before the Kentucky game.

    Coach Cal is discovered to have sent Cheick an email telling him he should have signed with them because he would’ve had his people take care of his problem and he and Skal would discover their situations were identical.

    The NCAA found someone on their staff who speaks 5 languages so Cheick’s 4 languages is no big deal.

    The NCAA couldn’t find Mali on an Asian map so they figured he’s lying about where he’s from.

    The NCAA admits that they’ve never heard of Cheick Diallo, therefore how could they approve him?

    It’s discovered that the other 9 Big12 coaches and their players held a fundraiser which raised millions of dollars and was donated to the NCAA as a way of ‘suggesting’ they might want to look into Cheick’s ineligibility.

    Coach K is discovered to having bribed refs with 75 pounds of fools gold.

    The NCAA admits they read KUBuckets and have been posting in Korean as a way of distracting us from the Cheick situation.

    The NCAA clears Cheick on April 1, you know their national holiday.

  • @wissoxfan83 LMAO…he Shoots…he SCORES!!!

  • @drgnslayr Dying!!!

  • Think the NCAA will blame the slow response to Self’s recent beat down on a slow postal carrier?..figured we would hear something today. Maybe not a decision but an acknowledgement or a warning shot across the bow…something!

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