Suspensions under Self and Their Relativity

  • Admittedly, I’m shocked that the Six Game Suspension served is a result of insubordination. Understanding other things are at play, such as repeat offenses, and BG having a fiery attitude in general. But to me, this suspension seems a bit stiff if it is for blowing up over playing time. Considering the suspensions served by Self in the past, I’m curious to know how others feel and if the punishment fits the crime.

    Jamari was arrested for interfering with the police, and received a one game suspension.

    Morningstar served an entire semester for a DUI.

    Tyshawn had 2 games for the AFH escapades.

    Nadir got the boot for inappropriate behavior and photos going public.

    Giddiness got the boot for a knife fight.

    Elijah & Mario Little, and Marcus Morris were other suspensions, though I cannot recall the details.

  • @Blown well first there was the hit and run…don’t need to repeat the rest. I don’t know how bad BG acted, but his dad said that he’d be playing in Maui if he could keep his mouth shut. I know his attitude has been really bad in the past, staying in his seat during huddles last year and I’ve heard much more. I know some think he deserves more time so it’s ok to rant about it. He may deserve more time, but that’s not the way to earn it.

  • I figure that when his parents were called to the locker room Brannen was on verge of getting the thumb, packing his bags to head back to Lawrence to clean out his locker. So, maybe the 6 game suspension was the very best that the coaching staff could offer? Not a first suspension or serious misjudgment for Brannen. Patterned transgressions. Jayhawks had just lost a crucial contest, the 4th in their 5 trips to the Champions Classic. Brannen’s attitude after the second half quick yank interfered with forward movement of the game for coach and fellow Jayhawks. The locker room blow up must have been cataclysmic. Tough minded super winning coaches are bound not to put up with such disruptions. If the kid really cares to salvage his season, I would imagine that he is fortunate not to have been booted out the door.

  • Thanks for the upvote, Crimson. I have been involved in a similar locker room situation, parents and all. This scene is very vivid, and just leaped forth from my long buried memory bank.

  • @REHawk I can only imagine! Wonder what Zenger did?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Probably hid in a shower stall.

  • I understand how a player’s attitude can be detrimental to the team he plays on.

    But seriously… BG is wasting his one big opportunity to ball in the league over all of this. He should be direct and passionate. He should ask WHY? Maybe he asked it in an immature way… so what!

    Here is a small list of NBA players who would have gone much further than BG did if they had been in this situation:

    Kobe Bryant

    LeBron James

    Paul Pierce

    Michael Jordan

    etc. etc. etc…

    BG has had attitude problems that hurt him and the team. And maybe this suspension is just what he needs to make that final leap into greatness. Time will tell.

    My impression is that he will come back from the suspension with a renewed vigor. Will that count with Self? Did it count for AW3 when he worked his ass off all summer, building his body and his game, and was mentioned how he was the best player in camp before the season… only to be put in deep freeze that year?

    We are about to see BG’s last attempt at making it at Kansas. If he concedes to some attitude changes and comes out hustling and he doesn’t get rewarded… he is gone. And if he doesn’t want to leave I will personally go kick him off the team (for his own good).

    I know many on here focus on Cliff Alexander’s situation as being the downfall of our recruiting. I think I would point to the BG situation and that trumps Cliff’s situation. Everyone can see the potential in him and his development is zippo as he starts his 3rd year at Kansas. Friggin’ pathetic!

  • Granted depending on BG’s particular behavior the severity of the suspension is valid or not. My bigger concern is that Self is losing the war with his, is it fair to call it irrational, approach to player PT & offensive game planning.

    It’s similar to child rearing, when you have kids getting older and you find yourself having to mete out tough discipline (barring special instances and individual personal responsiblity considerations) you screwed up when the children were younger.

    BG brings the immaturity and Self provides the environment for it to manifest.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    He probably will black out all the games where Greene is eligible… 😃

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