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  • Lots of negative talk on the board since our loss to MSU. I just wanted to see what people think. Is the sky falling at other top tier schools as much as it seems to be at KU? I know that we all feel we should win every game (including myself) but we are pretty spoiled. Tons and tons of wins under Coach Self and 2 final fours. Not a bad run.

    UNC just lost to Northern Iowa. They are the consensus #1 team in the country this year. Seems like a far worse loss than MSU to me. UNC has not been to the Final 4 since they won it all in 2009. This includes a few very early exits in the NCAA and two post season defeats at the hands of Bill Self and KU. How are UNC fans handling this recent streak of what they would consider unacceptable results?

  • Let the haters on this site vent. They’ve been waiting for our first loss to show their superior coaching abilities over Coach Self. They have never been to a practice to understand why “who gets minutes and who doesn’t”. It’s easy for them to see that a slow footed shooter, who did well in the Northern Colorado game should start and have an entire offense built around him to get him open. Pittsburgh State gave us a better game than Northen Colorado. Greene did not get back on defense, let alone, play defense. He did not take a shot because he is easily blanketed by a good team that scouts their opponent. Dump on Bill all you want and pray that we lose so you can get rid of this person who has ruined your perfect team. Virginia has lost so has North Carolina to UNI, Duke has lost. It’s a damn good team we have here in Kansas. When this string of Conference Championships is over, we’ve been told that we will start getting all of the recruits that Nike is giving to Kentucky. Time to just role the ball out to the future lottery picks and play the Dribble Drive. It was Self who asked Greene’s parents to sit in and have them hear why he made his decision. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s not back on the team when they get back from Maui.

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    UNC does have a significant excuse with their best player hurt. The whole reason they played UNI was for Paige to play close to home which is always a thing Williams does with his seniors. Give UNI credit they took advantage of the close to home game and they still have enough pieces left over from last year’s team to be dangerous.

    Is this a worse loss than ours, absolutely it is. I didn’t watch so I don’t know the details but I know the loss to Michigan St has brough out the issues that have been brewing for a while and that has ignited a fan base that has gotten progressively upset at player execution and coaching issues.

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    UNC losing does nothing for KU? That’s like the Chiefs hoping Denver and the Raiders lose the rest of their games so they can make it into the playoffs. Where they will get throughly spanked.

    Nobody hates HCBS and no true KU fan is hoping KU loses. There is not a KU fan that I know that would rather be proven wrong if it meant a KU win. Yet there is a saying if you always do what you always done expecting a different result, well you get the point.

    HCBS with basically the same team is going to do exactly what he did last year. So are we as KU fans supposed to think we are going to get a different result?

  • I didn’t watch the UNC UNI game, but I did see the highlight of the UNI player draining a 3/4ish court shoot at the buzzer to end the 1st half. Excuses can’t be made for loosing to a lesser opponent- even if it is on the road and your down your star PG. That being said, I am a firm believer in momentum, and I can only guess UNI took that high going into the 2nd half coupled with a home crowd to pull off the upset. The announcers just couldn’t help themselves either, first Kansas, now North Carolina-ughh gag me. Anyways, like I said, I didn’t watch, so I can’t sit here and critique or be overly critical of UNC… They should have won, they didn’t-now they can go home and watch hours of game film analyzing it for themselves. When it comes to OUR loss against MSU, I’m not upset, not in the least bit, that we lost. Ultimately, I think it is a humbling defeat at the beginning of a long season against a top-tier program on a nationally televised platform that came down to the wire where really, every team in the top 10 has a legit shot at cutting down the nets come March. Coming off the WUG games, maybe Self felt this team needed to be upstaged and it’s all part of the “bigger picture.” Again, I’m not upset we lost. There was no punch to the stomach, no reality check like last year against UK. However, I am CONCERNED about how PT is being divvied up. A quick check to the box score shows me Devonte Graham played more minutes than anyone on the team. More than Mason and Ellis (38-34-34 respectively), Mickelson saw 3 minutes of PT, and Greene logged 9. I am not a DG hater and I know games aren’t played in a vacuum, but Greene scored 6 points off ZERO shot attempts in 9 minutes. Imagine what he could have done had he seen 15-20 mins. The numbers he has put up in the first two games really stand out to me, and they should stand out to anyone with even a moderate level of basketball IQ. There are minutes to go around. And at this point, I don’t see why anyone deserves more than 30 minutes/game outside Ellis and Mason. I’m not calling for Self to be fired or move on (overreact much?), but if this is the beginning of a deeper trend I can’t help but sit here and say that I don’t find it alarming or I’m not worried about the long-term implications for this season. WORD RCJH

  • You guys realize that MSU has votes to win the NCAA in the latest ESPN poll of college basketball analysts, right? During the game, they commented that this MSU team is better than the one from last year that made it to the Final Four…just sayin’

    Yes, I wish we could have won and maybe we should have, but there is no shame in losing to a good MSU team. Not nearly as embarrasing as losing to Bobby MO in the first round of the NIT…

  • As I posted on another thread abou north carolina losing-

    Well - Let me guess what’s being written on some NC fan site right now

    Roy clearly can’t adapt to his players strengths, and is forcing his usual game strategy on them. The game is passing him by. He is playing his favorite seasoned players over his talented freshman who clearly have better upside, and he is clearly too blind to see this, whereas people on their site clearly know better. Time for Roy to step down and move on and get fresh blood in NC who can recruit at the level of duke and Kentucky.

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    Funny they are crying about freshman playing when they only have 2 of them and neither is better than the players playing in front of them. No top team is a finished product at this point and we only need to look at ourselves to see that. UNI still has a bunch of veteran guards with a very good coach. Kudos to them for getting the upset, it will pretty much solidify their spot in the tournament if they can’t beat Wichita in their conference and have to be an at-large bid.

  • I don’t care about UNC. I care about KU. I want our program to be on top. I want to see FF banners and more NCs. I want fair treatment with players. I don’t want to see double standards. I want our coach to be flexible and better utilize the talent and arsenal available to him and not get stuck with old ways.

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