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  • Ok, got a question. I know probably the answer MOST will say but going to ask anyways. Does anyone besides me feel like we still have any kind of a shot in landing Udoka Azubuike? I feel we are still there in the running. He was surpose to commit and sign with Flordia State Wednsday surposedly, but yet he didn’t, that’s what all the buzz was surpose to be, now since he didn’t can’t commit till spring. So if he was so all fired up so solid on committing to Flordia State - - - what happened, why didn’t he sign if he was solid? just sayin, could be he isn’t that solid after all, ok let me hear ya, I know there are some here as well as others that agree with me ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    I know I have my fingers crossed he will still become a Jayhawk. Until he commits, he is open territory…

  • Our odds of signing him are better than they were on Monday. That said, he could still commit tomorrow if he wanted to, but he’d have to wait until the spring to sign his LOI.

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