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    Lets see I’m hearing. The kids will learn from this? This is basically the same team we had last year. What is there to learn? They already know they can’t rebound and feed the post with success. Everybody knows this well except HCBS. The kids don’t need to learn nothing, the HC is the one that needs to learn.

    It’s only one game. No it’s not just one game. KU had the advantage in every aspect for this game. More depth, More experience, More talent, and even more game time this year. NO KU BLEW THIS ONE BECAUSE WE HAVE A HEAD COACH THAT WON’T ADJUST TO THE TALENT HE HAS. (Sorry for screaming). Someone said it best, “this feels like a tourney loss”. I too felt like KU’s season ended against MSU. It wasn’t just that KU lost that game it’s, how we lost that game. HCBS learned nothing at the WUG. Nothing. This season will be a repeat of last season. 😞

    Don’t get me wrong I appreciate those that are trying to find the silver lining or putting a positive spin on all this. Yet please do me this one solid. Please don’t wish, talk about, or even pray this KU team is a number 1 seed in the tourney. As a fan I do not want KU to be the first #1 seed to lose to a 16 seed. I’m not sure I can handle that.

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    Wow What? @wissoxfan83 you seem like a pretty knowledge basketball fan. Would you take this current collective of talent KU has and pound the ball inside?

    You know what wow is? Bragg and Hunter played a combined 14 mins. That my friend is Wow. No wonder KU is losing out on the top talent. Why come to KU and play behind the likes of Traylor and Lucas who combined played 32 mins. Traylor and Lucas had a combined 8 points in 32 minutes. That my friend is wow.

    Yep lets don’t shoot the fools gold. Lets pound the ball inside. With numbers like that how could we lose? Opps we did lose.

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    Sorry DoubleDD, you’ve been a good poster here for years, but I just was kind of wowed by your the season is over tone in your post. I don’t see everything with red and blue colored glasses, but I am trying to remain a bit more optimistic than some I’ve seen posting here this week.

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    OH don’t get me wrong KU will win some games this year. Hell they’ll most likely win another Big 12 conference. Yet HCBS showed his hand in how he’ll play the game this year. As soon as the game gets close. Bragg, Hunter, Svi, Greene will all be sitting over on the bench beside him as Mason, Selden will be commanded to pound the ball inside to Ellis (who will be double teamed) Traylor, and Lucas.

    I’ve already seen this show. I know how it ends.

    An early exit from the tournament.

  • @DoubleDD let’s hope the lesson gets through.

  • @DoubleDD but I read this article and it doesn’t bring me hope:

    Seems to me Self sees the missed short shots as an anomaly not a function of wrong personnel in the game. We’ll see if min distribution and rotation changes. Depending on level of competition, rotation approach may be the best hint.

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    Oh I already know. 😞 HCBS isn’t changing.

    Maybe if we lose the Big 12 conference title and streak that will wake him up?

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    It’s not an anomaly though. This team was 240 something in the country in 2 point shooting % last year. For clarity 2 years ago KU shot 49% as a team (a typical Self team’s stat), last year 44% and that is huge difference. We can take stats for what they are worth, or discredit them but this team has more or less shown that its capable of missing shots, a lot of them.

    It sounds cliche to say it but I have firmly believed with this roster that this team has to make shots, and at a high % for them to be successful. The most controllable aspect of how the game was lost was in missing too many shots.

    I’m certainly not on the sky is falling ledge and the thing about Tuesday’s game is with a veteran squad things can be corrected quickly. The defense & rebounding were always going to be struggles early for a team that doesn’t have individual strengths in either area. So you can mask it by being an efficient offensive team. That was not KU tuesday, that was not KU last year. Either these kids step up and execute or we could have several more of these performances coming.

  • Sigh. Why post yet another topic when you could have chosen from the plethora of threads bashing Self? Everything you said has been repeated over and over.

    I feel the term beating a dead horse isn’t quite strong enough for this situation.

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    Well you didn’t have to click on it? You do have the power not to read.

  • @DoubleDD I’m sorry - I had to fix the typo. I understand the grieving process. We’ll be ok, but we have to be patient. If nothing has changed by the end of the year, then we’ll all be screaming…

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    I hope you’re right. Cause right now I’m just not seeing it. Maybe Diallo changes things?

  • @DoubleDD Your headline did not give away the content of the topic. If I would have known, I would have skipped it like I have the other ones.

    But the question still remains. Why start another bash Self thread when you could have vented on the 10 out there?

    Don’t get me wrong, I have agreed with almost all the points made against Self and was a part of the crowd screaming during the game when Bragg and Mickelson inexplicably went M.I.A.

    Although I feel we are developing a strong mob mentality when the continually bashing of our HOF coach is all we talk about after TWO early exits.

    In your opinion, should Self actually be on the hot seat?

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    You raise a great question. At this point I would say no. HCBS is a great coach. However college sports is a business. Whether we like it or not it really is. The reality is KU Basketball is bigger than just those that attend the college. It is a national brand with a national following. It has fans that have never set foot in Kansas City let alone the state of Kansas.

    This being the case if HCBS is losing favor with the fans who pay the bills. Then I guess it’s possible he could find himself on the hot seat.

    I would say if he doesn’t save this years recruiting class with some headliners and if KU takes another bath in the second round of tournament. Then expect the chirping to get louder.

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    I answered your question? So now answer mine. Who do you blame for KU’s loss to MSU? Do you blame the players or do you blame HCBS?

    The reason I ask this question is because I believe with my whole heart this current KU team can cut down the nets that count. Yet they seem stuck in second gear when they should be in a notch 8 (railroad term).

    When watching the MSU game I seen the KU players playing their game in the first half. Taking a commanding lead no worries. The second half all of sudden the outside shots weren’t even being taken and everything was going inside. Now why is that?

  • @DoubleDD Oh it HAS to go on Self. Like I said earlier, I agree with almost everything said against Self. I only worry we are putting Self, one of the best (if not the best) coaches in Kansas history on the hot seat because of two seasons. Three years removed from one of the best coaching jobs in history and we are rushing in with pitch forks and torches.

    The fact people honestly think KU would be better without Self is absolutely absurd.

    MSU makes it to the Final 4 in 2005. Then through 06-08 they lose in the 1st round, 2nd round, and sweet 16.

    Were people calling for Izzo’s head? If so, they should be ashamed now.

    I have said this before and I’ll say it again. We are in for a rude awakening when Self leaves. We are spoiled little brats (including myself) who throw fits when we don’t make a final 4.

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