I'm a Bad KU fan?

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    I have to admit I can’t wait to see Lucas and Traylor go. This HCBS love affair with these two is starting to drive me nuts. Everybody in America and Jayhawk land knows that Hunter and Bragg should be out there for the bulk of the minutes.

    I just don’t get it. I’ll say it again I’ll be glad when these two are gone. I thought last season was bad but I have a feeling HCBS is going to force feed the Traylor and Lucas show on us all season.

    Same old Same old. Trying to put a square peg in a round hole.

  • @DoubleDD Traylor’s got more to show this season, but still should be the 4th big. Agree on Hunter starting and Bragg 1st off bench for Ellis. Traylor = role player who busts his butt.

    Lucas has nuthin. Lucas = practice squad type pine-rider. Lucas would play Matt Kleinmann to a standstill.

  • @ralster said:

    Lucas has nuthin. Lucas = practice squad type pine-rider. Lucas would play Matt Kleinmann to a standstill.

    At this point I’ll take Kleinmann

  • so - help me understand everybody wants more Hunter because… of WUG? he did of course play well there. am I missing other more fundamental things about Hunter that I’m not aware of? don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of his, just don’t quite understand this apparent recent outcry for more hunter and, yes not at all sure why he rode pine last night, other that Self must have thought Jam and Lucaus were a better macthup with Mich St.

  • @Bosthawk we want him to play because he can actually make layups, has a mid range jumper, and is a pretty good rim protector.No disrespect intended to Landen, but he can’t do any of those things.

  • I think the biggest problem with Lucas is our lack of running any structured offense.

    Thinking back over many games… when we ran real offense, Lucas actually became a possible weapon. When we set a hi/lo and he was in the right position to score, he usually did and he did it “textbook.”

    I’m not trying to defend Lucas… especially on all those bunny misses.

    MESSAGE TO LUCAS: When you are in the low post with the ball, 90% of the time you should be stuffing the ball! For gosh sakes, you are 6’10" in KU inches… surely tall enough to stuff quickly from a flatfooted spot in the low post.

    That one move alone will pretty much keep the KU faithful marginally satisfied with your performance. But when you shoot air balls 4 feet from the basket, you are going to be criticized… heavily. And seriously, you should be!

  • @DoubleDD That does not make you a Bad KU fan.

    That makes you a Logical KU fan.

  • @Bosthawk “Self thought”…I’m not sure about that. Was he on auto-pilot?

  • @Bosthawk the outcry for Hunter is that he makes Lucas look ridicilious, better rebounder, a hell of a lot better shot blocker, a little better scorer, and he sure doesn’t miss chippee, after chippee Lucas 2 feet away from the rim and can’t draw iron lays it up and completely over the rim, why brings up another queston with Landon if you bust your butt to get position why don’t you finish? take the ball home FLUSH the dam thing. Again I refer back to choclate thunder MR DAWKINS he said don’t try to stop it cause when he went up, he said that was his play time, step back. Lucas gives us absolutely ZERO, he moves like a sloth like JRman said I would take Kleinmann over Lucas, or, or bring back TJ Pugh from Nebraska anyone remember him ? hell I would for sure take him over Lucas. that’s why the out cry

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