On a Positive Note-

  • Please know the title is sarcasm.

    That dribble weave made its way back as a “staple” of the offense again. How many points did we get using it? I counted zero!!

    On a serious positive note, #ban the weave

  • On a Positive Note maybe this will spark a Free Cheick Diallo campaign, Oh wait that’s already happening.

  • On a positive note UK looks like a title contender again! Maybe its because he lets his talent on the floor? MAYBE?

  • @Statmachine

    Duke looked just as bad as Kentucky looked good. But yes even Michigan St was smart to play its talent over everything. They sat tum-tum because he was ineffective on offense, our defense sagged off him and they bring in a shooter who daggers us with multiple 3’s. Smart subs right?

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