KUSports policy discussion.

  • Dedicated thread for those who want to talk about: Should we stay? Should we go back to KUSports? Under what conditions should we go back? Etc.

  • As far as I’m concerned, they made their bed and now they can sleep in it. Approx you’ve put in a lot of work to get this site up and running, so I’m sticking with you.

  • Agree with brooks. You’ve put in a ton of work already and I’m here to stay. The only thing that would change my mind is if maintaining this site is too much, I definitely would understand and be the first one to tell you to put your family and your sanity first!! I’d go back, maybe with a little bit of an attitude, but I try not to be a grudge holder.

  • I REALLY appreciate the knowledge and effort it took to set this up. I am still reading ku sports, but will not post there again because I don’t Facebook. I am happy to see many familiar names posting here. RCJH

  • There were two problems with the new KUSports policy:

    • No more anonymous posting
    • Having to go through Facebook.

    The second problem has disappeared, but not the first.

    I prefer to remain anonymous, so I want this site to continue and will stick with it.

    Also, I really like the Unread feature, which helps me find new comments much faster.

  • I’d be willing to mail you a little cash to help maintain the site too. I know your intention was not to make money, but I have also created, maintained, and monitored sites like this, and I know it can be a tough undertaking. In a few months, especially in the heat of the season when we all start going crazy with the posts, you might want a little help.

  • I’d be willing to mail you a little cash to help maintain the site…

    Me too.

  • Wait a while and see how the LJW deal plays out. Have they posted anything official about not having to use facebook?

    The way things are going in the newspaper industry, I would not be surprised to see the LJW eventually put up a pay wall, and that would really kill online discussions there–especially from out-of-towners who don’t subscribe to the paper. This board (or Ryan’s) will help cushion the fall if that happens.

    … and take Blown’s advice and let people know how they can help support and maintain this site!

  • Have they posted anything official about not having to use facebook?

    Yes they have: there is now an alternative with “manual verification”, but you still have to use your real name.

    Go to the bottom of each thread, under the “connect to Facebook” part and you will see it.

  • facebook, what’s not to love

    Just one more reason to dislike fb.

  • Thanks Blown and Dan. It’s good advice.

    Financially it’s not a problem yet but let’s see how it plays out if I get more servers. I am not anticipating a problem but I will let you guys know.

    I could use the help of a few moderators grooming the forums but I need to know how best we should choose moderators. Also I think it would be good to agree on a standard set of guidelines regarding news posts. Would you agree that the title should be of a standard format : yyyy-mm-dd source synopsis? And I think links should be hyperlinked in the content with no extraneous subcommentary in the initial post for a thread. This keeps things clean and consistent.

    Also can we agree that the forum sections regarding the two sports should be only used for links to stories and moderators can help move other stuff to appropriate buckets. If that sounds good who should be moderators? If not let’s talk about what else we should consider.

    The bottom line goal here is to provide the greatest good for the greatest number of Jayhawk fans. I believe that comes from a reliable consistent experience, ie a stable home board.

  • I agree. My favorite method is a voluntary donation button with options for credit cards and PayPal, etc. This may be more complicated than you want, tho.

  • @approxinfinity I think the Dates are a great idea. As it is, I’m spending a little time bouncing around the threads to find out 'where all the action is." There is so much going on with the site being new, maybe in a few weeks, it’ll all level out and we will be able to concentrate many of the forums under just a few threads. Right now, so much available, we are all over the place and the conversation is a little discombobulated. Just this guys opinion though, because overall…GREAT WORK!

  • I agree about the anonymous posting.

    I liked being able to interact with other KU fans without worrying about individuals judging others based on social status. Here, we are judged on what we bring to the boards, how we respect each other, etc., not on whether or not you are part of the Williams Fund, or some other status position.

    Also, when telling “off the record” stories about behind the scenes things, I prefer being anonymous, as many of those things are shared only because the source is anonymous, especially some of the info about recruits, campus things, etc.

    Unlike a journalist, if I post under my real name, information will be linked directly to me, whereas a journalist is presumed to have sources, and, as such, have a buffer from the information they provide.

    As posters, we don’t have that buffer.

    Lastly, glad that those involved have stepped up to fill in the gap. I look forward to discussing the Hawks on this board.

  • Would you agree that the title should be of a standard format : yyyy-mm-dd source synopsis?

    I am against yyyy-mm-dd source synopsis. The synopsis is what I’m interested in, and the posts are already sorted by date.

    I would very much prefer synopsis source yyyy-mm-dd.

    With that exception, total agreement.

  • I was trying to account for the comments pushing the stories up to the top of the stack… since we’re used to KUSports always scrolling down by timestamp and stories kind of going away naturally because of that, since the comments push the story up, I think it lends to the feeling of things being slightly chaotic and disorganized. Maybe we’ll get used to it, but I thought maybe timestamp first would help. If its at the end of the post it would probably get truncated with the ellipses for some of the longer posts. I was also thinking about mentioning it to the NodeBB guys to see if they are planning to add sort options and a configurable default sort. That would be ideal. Or I might try to check in the change myself once I get familiar with their codebase. I agree with you that the synopsis is really the meat of what a human would want to read, the descending postingdate sort should be default for threads that represent news stories.

  • I still lurk, occasionally comment. Tonight Gary Bedore wrote about todays story about someone tweeting. He said n the comment section “there’s lots to comment on here” I replied he was right but only 13 people had replied all day. It was a good story too. I’m liking this, still learning how to navigate around it a bit. I just like seeing the old names and faces.

  • Same here…I was a longtime LJW site reader, but only occasionally posted. Glad to see a lot of the old faces (or at least names) from their pre-Facebook days. Hope Jaybate joins the group soon. Despite his long-winded posts and obscure historical references (or maybe because of them, come to think of it), his analysis is usually spot-on.

  • I’ve been relying on the “Unread” button at the top bar to keep up with active discussions. When I’m not starved for good KU hoops chat (well, that might not happen) maybe I won’t be able to keep up with it, but that’s helping a lot right now.

    Timestamp scrolling would be nice and familiar from the kusports p.o.v., but I doubt it will matter over time. Its absence will help to keep redundant threads from forming.

    Really good job so far on this, approx.

  • I also like the “Unread” button at the top bar. It makes it easy to see and go to the most recent comments without having to scroll down a long comment thread. So far I think this site is superior to KUSports which I did dearly love.

  • My assessment of the absence of jaybate is really two fold . First & foremost he is an exceptionally gifted historian and writer, and second, he is an employee of LJW or a competitor & cannot post without anonymity or is silenced under a conflict of interest by a competitor. Sadly & most unfortunately we may never hear his long winded eloquence, “with no malice intended”, again. IMO he was the best part of the message board at LJW. I truly enjoyed many other posts from other witty & savvy board rats as here, but wow, what a gifted soul to spend place & space with. If I no longer am able to talk with jb, it almost gives me the feeling that a real friend has passed on. These are things we may never, ever know.

  • Hello, my name is **** ****, I am a kusports.com discussion board junkie, I log into nothing via facebook, I wholeheartedly approve of the new clubhouse. Thanks for setting this up!

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