Andrew White

  • Our old friend, Andrew White, is back in action at Nebraska.

    In Nebraska’s first exhibition, White started and led the team with 18 points. He was 6/10 from the field, including 2/3 from three.

    Yesterday, in Nebraska’s season opener, White again scored 18, leading the team, going 4/6 from three point range.

    Of course, if White had stayed at Kansas, he would be a senior this season.

    If you want to keep up on White, here’s a link to Nebraska’s ESPN page. Just click on each score, and you can get to the box score.

  • @HighEliteMajor Good for him. The Big10 will be tough this year. He’ll get some good exposure.

  • Greene better shooter out of the box. Selden better defender out of the box, and a much more versatile athlete, and a higher-profile recruit, which has all sorts of recruiting implications. Oubre was very similar in concept to Selden.

    So it wasn’t just AW3’s slow feet that got him outcompeted…it was additional factors.

    And as much as fans like to think BGreene is discontented, he hasn’t left. He has stayed, and is beginning to shine.

    I wish AW3 all the best, but he was quickly replaced by more able players.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Timing, timing, timing. White’s timing to play at KU could not have been any worse; at any other time it could have been quite different,

  • @HighEliteMajor Thinking even more about AW3, and his recruiting ranking (30-50 ranked), and we now see him start to shine. I think that he is the ‘typical’ such recruit, that after 2 or 3 yrs, is able to play & perform Div 1 bball at a high level.

    Other such non-OAD 30-70 ranked guys that KU has had: Thomas Robinson, Twins, Tyshawn, Withey, Devonte, Mason, Releford, Reed?, Hunter Mickelson…

    The BIGGEST lesson is that these guys CAN play, it may take a year or two until they are serviceable and reliable, with exceptions being Mason and Graham (both appear to be curve-busting, mis-ranked late-bloomers coming out of h.s.).

    A crafty midmajor coach can create a devastating team of such guys (see Wisconsin, see past Self teams), but the payoff is when such a team is experienced. Marshall at WSU is at such a level. WSU’s new 4star, 50-70 ranked 6’3 guard can play…and should shine against the MVC. You give such guys confidence, experience, and a chip on their shoulder…they will be competitive against anybody.

  • I’m rooting for the guy, I know he tried here and gave Self every chance to believe in him but something just didn’t click between him and coach. He was over-recruited, it happens to almost everyone. You either find a way to stick here or you don’t. It’s the way of things here at KU. Glad he’s doing well so far, Nebraska is going to be a NIT team at best

  • @ralster

    Are you talking about 6’4" Landry Shamet? That kid looks like a mix of Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. I know it is too early to tell, but he is already much better at creating scoring space than any of our perimeter players. It isn’t even close. The kid has footwork… and I can see him grow into the national spotlight if he can stay healthy and continue to bump up his game. He is from the KC area… right in our own backyard. We actually could have used him this year because he has better handles than BG and Svi…

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Thx 4 catching us up on Andrew.

    I will ALWAYS wonder what went on there.🤔

    Andrew landed with an OKIE BALLER, so the bridge was never completely burned.

    At the same time, their always seemed something stuck between Self and Andrew preventing forward progress between them.

    And the Zack affair always seemed some residual part of it.

    Oh well.

    Andrew gets to trigger for the Huskers in the B1G.

    Larry Bird made the right choice leaving Knight.

    Sometimes playing for a great coach in the wrong situation is not the best move.

    Go, Andrew, go!

  • Other programs have their versions of the Andrew White experience: Semi Ojeleye at Duke, Kyle Wiltjer at Kentucky, etc. Sometimes certain players and coaches just don’t click. White III seems like a good kid and I wish him the best at Nebraska.

  • @Makeshift I think we all do!

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