JaQuan Lyle

  • According to Zagoria, KU still wants Lyle badly. Apparently Self thinks the PG position could be improved on next season. I can’t see Lyle fighting the logjam at 2 guard.

    Lyle article

    JaQuan Lyle remains one of the few big-name 2014 prospects still on the board.

    The 6-foot-4 Huntington (W.V.) Prep guard scored 22 of his 28 points in the second half Thursday night, when his team lost Kentucky pledge Trey Lyles and Arsenal Tech, 78-70, on ESPN.

    Kansas assistant Norm Roberts and West Virginia’s Bob Huggins and Larry Harrison were all in attendance.

    “Kansas is a real nice fit,” Lyle told the Indy Star. “They were out here tonight and I think they coming Sunday, too. I think they are picking up the pressure.”

  • I thought Lyle looked pretty athletic. The other night. I have to believe that he only ends up in Lawrence if Selden leaves

  • @Hawk8086 IMO, I don’t see Selden leaving. I think he comes back for another year to develop. Especially if we get bounced earlier than we’d like in the NCAA’s

  • @Lulufulu85 🙂 If we win the big one, all three may be gone. Then we reload with Oubre, Alexander, and Turner. That’d be a dream come true.

  • @Wishawk - a dream come true for me would be to get everyone to stay at KU for four years…

    “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…”

  • Quick scouting report for those that haven’t had a chance to watch him.

    Positives - he plays taller than his listed 6-4. Uses his size effectively. Gets “tall” on his jumpshots (i.e., elevates well, and elevates straight up rather than leaning, fading, etc.). Mechanics of the jumper are clean. He is a “tough shot maker.” Lots of useful athleticism, although I would not label him an elite athlete. Willing and effective passer. Good vision. Willing defender that could be above average with work.

    Negatives - not an elite athlete, although definitely a very good one. Handle seems a little loose at times, probably needs to play off the ball in college to be most effective. Settles for a lot of contested jump shots. He hits those now, may not hit those in college against bigger and better defenders (the counterpoint to being a tough shot maker).

    Overall - In some ways reminds me a bit of Keith Langford, but with better shooting mechanics (and right handed). Whether that converts to being a better overall shooter remains to be seen, but I think he will be an effective scorer at the collegiate level. Not sure he will be an elite scorer because I think there will be times where he has to take too many tough jump shots to be efficient. I love him as a second scorer (with Oubre as the lead dog), not as inclined if he’s the #1. I think he’s at least a two year player, maybe 3 years unless he’s growing. He could end up being a physical beast, as he hasn’t grown into his body yet.

  • I reference this in the thread I started about Wayne Selden but I’m not sure we want/need JaQuan Lyle. There have been some red flags on him behaviorally (why did Louisville pull their offer after he made his visit there?) and academically. Let’s use and develop the backcourt studs we already have.

  • @nuleafjhawk I whole heartedly second yours. But a NC at the end of this campaign will be a DREAM come true for me. 🙂

  • @JayDocMD I’d like to give you two stars, but the board won’t let me. 😉

    Let’s use and develop the backcourt studs we already have.

  • I think we can afford to not recruit a backcourt player for a year or two unless it is a cant-miss athlete. Lyle is not that.

    I’d rather trim the roster a bit and reward the good recruits already on the bench that will turn in to very good to great upperclassmen.

    I don’t want to see transfers and chemistry disruptions for same level players that we already have on the roster and who are getting better.

    Even if Selden leaves, I don’t want Lyle or Vaughn to come in. I think we have the depth in Backcourt to cover better than any freshmen will (unless again it is an elite elite player, and even that I don’t feel too strongly about)

  • Turner for a footer to replace Embiid is looking more and more like a need. Too bad Bill’s gotta play Joel so much. Bill’s right the more he plays Embiid the short his stay in Lawrence will be.

  • I can’t say about Lyle, but if Vaughn is willing to come here…Self will welcome him with open arms.

  • @dylans - pretty hard to fight against the logic in your post. It does seem like we will need a footer. We don’t seem to operate to our potential without a tough shot-blocker in the post. It seems to be part of Selfball, and how we can get away with some mistakes playing his M2M defense.

    But I’ve been a follower on Lyle’s tweets and keeping a close tab… and it appears that we are right on his tail.

    Could there be room for both? Makes me wonder… because I am having a hard time seeing Selden as an OAD, especially in this coming stocked draft.

  • @drgnslayr

    While Selden has been decent, I had expected more from him. Like you, I have trouble seeing him gone after this year unless his game improves a lot.

  • I’m open to Lyle. However you argue, some are saying pt or attitude problems, but Black came in with some issues. He’s doing really well under Self. Sometimes, these kids need the right coach. We all know Self is a player’s coach.
    I was the biggest opponent of Tharpe, but he is turning the corner. I also think Mason will learn a ton this year. I’m just not sure if there’s enough paper to ink both Lyle and Turner. Yes, I still believe we need a high end big like Embiid. Embiid is good as gone. I said Self would play more Embiid earlier than expected. Black is ok, Lucas is good, but they are not Embiid type quality. Turner is Embiid quality and maybe with a few more skills. We need Turner in the Phog, we want Turner in the Phog, and hopefully we get Turner in the Phog. I will DIE if he goes to OSU and we lose Embiid. I just don’t think Lucas or Mickleson will lead the bigs. So, my response to this post is Turner over Lyle. I’ll take my chances with Tharpe as a senior and Mason as a soph. In fact, I might even take my chances with Mason his junior and senior seasons. It’s early for Selden. Embiid is shining really bright right now. He’s only getting bettter. Selden will definitely make it about mid way through the conference. By conference tourney, Selden will be talked about with Wiggins and Embiid as lottery picks.

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