OK. what's the deal

  • Someone tell me what is going on? I mean we haven’t even started play yet, and Wayne Seldon STILL isn’t 100%- - - - my question is I guess, is WHY? I mean really? how long has this guy’s ankle been messed up? the answer- - - - -for quite awhile now. So next question, why are we do we continue to practice Wayne when he is less the 100%? Don’t need to hear well he needs the practice time, my response to that is BULL. This guy is a junior, he knows the system by now, you can’t tell me that there has been that new stuff installed where he needs to practice on this ankle every day. I know he gets it, he understands I, so why are we working him on this bum ankle. he needs to rest it, time to heal it, it surposedely was a twisted ankle, hmmmm, must be one hell of a twist. Yes I also played ball, I know what a twisted ankle is, a sprained ankle is, been there done that so again WHY are we not giving this time to heal NOW? So do we just continue to let it go the way it is? Is this the way we want to start the season off with one of our key players? We want to continue to run him, practice him and take a chance on him REALLY screwing the ankle up and I mean major bad where he is out for the season, or a majority of the season or do we let him rest it, heal it? Sit him for the exhibitions, they are exhibitions for God’s sake, nothing to gain out of them, he has plent of playing experience, not like he is a raw freshman coming in trying to learn everything. hmmmm, Their choice. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 Sprained ankles take a long time to heal because they are injuries to the ligaments in the joint. Ligament injuries tend to take a long time to feel a 100% after they happen and sprained ankles are no different. I sprained my ankle over the summer and took about 3 months for the swelling to completely go away and to be able run with no pain. Without pictures of his sprain, there’s no way to know how bad it was, but these injuries tend to linger.

  • @jayballer54

    I could see them resting him more during these 2 exhibition games, really no need to play him much. Let Vick & Green & Svi get a feel for playing, they need all the reps they can get.

    I wouldn’t play any of the starters past halftime, there’s just no need

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Absolutely love your signature line about supporting KU ftball! I feel for those kids…they are Jayhawks with GUTS to come play for our rebuilding process. God love em for coming to help us. Now if KUAD can just leave Beatty, Bowen, & Likens alone for about 5yrs, we may be able to build ourselves into something…

    I feel 100% supportive of KU Ladies Basketball also. 100%!


  • @ralster I feel 100% supportive of KU Ladies Basketball also. 100%! Agreed. But don’t forget the women’s volleyball team!

  • I was at AFH when they unfurled the KU Track & Field Natl Champ Banner, and paraded that roster on the floor, including the thunderous ovation for Diamond Dixon who also won Olympic Gold–> I literally had tears of joy & pride, just like watching Marios3. Emotional now even just thinking about it…whew.

  • Regarding BigWayne: sit him, heal him, & make him mad-hungry, all in one swoop…

  • @ralster Do enjoy women’s basketball? I have tough time with it WCBB, knowing that the local boy’s varsity team would wipe the floor with them. I definitely enjoyed coaching girls basketball. The girls were tremendous. It’s just a different game.

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