Ok, for what it is worth

  • Ok guys, before I post, this post I already know some of you will think I’m absolutely nuts, but I’m saying this anyways. We are having our butts handed to us on a platter pretty much weekly, YES I understand this quite nicely, But the bottom line, the grand over all scheme of things, the grand PUBA, as it were is, if you look for the clearing beyond the forest you can see some light. Once again we have just, and the commentator’s mentioned this today, we have just got to HAVE PATIENCE. If you look in areas there are some pieces there, in the OFFENSE & in the DEFENSE, true, a long, long way to go, but we can’t just can’t continue to be the ever lasting pessimist about the program, there are some areas where given some time, we are going to be ok. Again that’s the key, as the commentators said 5 coaches in the last 7 years. THATS NOT GOING TO CUT IT. you will never have any kind of consistency that way. I’m right there with you, discouraged, very discouraged but on the offensive side, there is our QB- - -Willis, we have at least 3 freshman recievers, maybe 4. Pretty deep at running back. The Defensive side we have Wise, Dileen, and dam can’t remember our other Defensive lineman that’s really good, there are pieces, have to allow Coach more time to get his players in here. This is a really really young team, at times some a little spurt, just got to suck it up, take our beatings now, for our success later, growing pains. Hang in there guys ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 There’s absolutely some positives with this team that give legitimate hope for the future. Let’s start with a class breakdown. KU has currently has 19 seniors, 37 juniors, 16 sophomores, and 41 freshmen listed on the roster (only 17 have previously redshirted). This obviously doesn’t take into account who’s scholarship and who’s not, just who’s listed on KU’s roster. With 113 players on the roster, that’s right around 50% of the roster that’s walk ons based on KU having 63 or 64 scholarship players. With the class break downs, KU won’t have balanced class numbers until 2018 when the current sophomore class filters out thanks to Uncle Charlie’s JuCo philosophy. Realistically, 2017 is the earliest KU will be ready to contend for a bowl game so I don’t expect any of the current juniors to be around for when KU starts seeing the fruits of their labor show up in the win column.

    Now on individual players and position groups. Ryan Willis has a very bright future. He has a lot of positive traits that will make him a possible NFL draft pick one day. He’s aggressive, he has good mobility and pocket awareness, and a big, pretty accurate arm. He still needs to develop the ability to move through his progressions, but that’s a skill that comes with experience so it remains to be seen how that skill develops down the line and will be the ultimate decider in how his career plays out.

    I’m getting tired so I won’t go into much depth with the rest of the team, but there are 2 units in particular that I’m excited to see develop in the future. The receiving corp and the DLine. KU has had 15 different players catch passes this year including RB’s and TE’s and 8 of those 15 are either freshmen or sophomores and don’t include guys like Chase Harrell or Quincey Perdue who appear to be redshirting this year.

    The reason I’m excited about the DLine is because they have 14 of KU’s 20 sacks on the year (those 20 sacks are currently top 50 nationally). 7.5 of those sacks are from freshmen DLinemen and 11.5 overall are from freshmen and sophomores in the front 7. That level of production is going really help KU’s secondary out in a couple of years from now when they develop and learn how to play coverage.

    So while there’s definitely question marks with this team going forward, OLine being the single biggest question mark, there’s definitely a solid foundation for Beaty to build on with these current freshmen and sophomores.

  • By looking at the crowd on TV yesterday, someone made a 💵 FORTUNE 💵 selling The Invisible Man costumes.

  • @nuleafjhawk They were over at the volleyball game watching KU sweep Baylor 25-15, 25-9, 25-16.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 the vb game was over before the fb game. Still sucks!😢

  • Living inbthebland of football, Nebraska I have spent most of the season laughing at their okay on the field. I’ve been laughing since they hired old man Riley too.

    They took a page right from KU. Fire the mean coach and hire the nicest guy in football.

    But Husker fans don’t get how I can laugh at them when KU is dismal at best this year.

    My rebuttle is that I know my team doesn’t stand a chance. That it doesn’t have the talent to play in a power 5 conference. That we need the pee wee mercy rule of s running clock in the second half just so the score isn’t 100 for the opposing team.

    But it could be worse I guess for us Jayhawks. We could be Missouri fans.

  • @JRyman I live in AR where Razorback fans fly their SEC flag like an earned stripe or star. I too like to laugh at their pretensions to greatness…that said, Nebraska has a more consistent history of success that I’m sure is disheartning to the Red.

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