• Most of the people on this site remember the scandals that involved Northwestern and Tulane Point shaving. I’m old enough to remember the Kentucky point shaving scandal.

    These new fantasy betting conglomerations have already gotten themselves into big scandals with what has become similar to insider trading. Referees, Assistant coaches and players, through proxy’s, could easily be involved in a mortgage saving bet.

    All NCAA players found using any of these sites will be banned. Cheating and not getting caught in sports is part of the game, i.e. Kevin Young raising his hand when Jeff Withey was the one who made the foul. Even stealing signals in baseball or throwing a spitball is deemed ok if you get away with it.

    Financial personal gain is another animal. Odds makers are always looking for the insider locker room secret that affects a game. Proxy betting by a wife or girlfriend of a referee, assistant coach who knows that an injury is being downplayed, or a big score by players who shave points to win by just enough or lose my just enough has just received a larger incentive to do so.

    I know many on this site that have talked about winning and losing on KU games. I never want that to be my focus as a fan. I’m not opposed to any of the legit gambling (Oxymoron) on Basketball, but the level of anger after a loss should preclude you from ranting on KU Buckets and blaming everything on everyone involved. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

    If gambling is needed to make Jayhawk basketball more interesting, so be it, but don’t bet against them and pretend to be happy that you lost your money.


  • There’s a chance that both of those sites will be regulated much more heavily in the near future.

    The state of NY is doing an investigation for what may be insider trading with employees from each site playing on the other site with information that was not publicly available.

    The state of Nevada recently said that the sites need to register as gaming companies, prompting them to pull their annual convention out of Las Vegas.

    There is something serious going on here. When you have a regulatory body and a prosecutor looking into things, it’s only a matter of time before something significant happens.

  • @wrwlumpy

    “Even stealing signals in baseball or throwing a spitball is deemed ok if you get away with it.”

    I don’t get how they let this happen but NFL teams (Patriots) get nailed for spying and reading lips of their opponents. The Pats (who I’m not a big fan of) were singled out for videotaping the Jets in an unauthorized location (to steal plays) while other teams do it all the time.

    In MLB, sometimes it seems that TV production teams intentionally work against certain teams by focusing in closer on the catchers to steal signs or the pitcher’s glove to see if they can steal their grip. The Royals have been trying to mask signs better and in doing so, have complicated their pitching.

    I know I am biased towards the Royals… but I see sports media treating them about like KU basketball used to get treated (we are finally improving slightly with national and east coast sports media). The sports announcers have addressed the stolen signs with the Royals and point all the blame on base runners at second base stealing signs and signaling batters. Sure that can happen. But it is very easy to pickup on. Why don’t they also explain how the easiest way to steal signs (and get away with it) is to have someone watch the game on TV and keep communication with a “fan” sitting close to the field, who then signals it to the batter. They like to put these “fans” right over their dugout so it looks like the batters are looking for their own signs from their manager. Heck… a lot of times the announcers will call out what the pitch is going to be as soon as they see the sign. Sometimes it is obvious that the batter knows what is coming.

    What a farce.

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