Not sure we can use this theory anymore

  • you know guys, I’ve have heard this excuse from different people multiple times and yes I as well as many others have bought into this theory or idea, or whatever you want to call it, now you can agree, or disagree that’s what makes these sites so interesting, people have different views and I love reading them especially on this site. I love this site a lot of great points and solid information, anyways like I said maybe you’ll agree, maybe you won’t that’s great that’s what America is all about freedom of choice, freedom of expression. Anyways I use to hear and still hear this WELL the reason KU isn’t getting the early commits is because these kids are waiting to see what other kids are going to do, or who is leaving, and I used to buy into that, and still do to A POINT. I also stick to a thought of though that maybe, just maybe we have a recruiter that’s not getting the job done, nor closing the deal. Again if it just comes to candy and nuts we take a back seat to no one, we can match Tradition, winning pct, developing and promoting players into the N.B.A as well as any other school wll maybe close with Kentucky but other then that we don’t have to make up excuses or try to explain, history, tradition speaks for its self. I mean you look at it, home court advantage? who has a better been brought to light by sooooo many people about the cathedral the foundation of college basketball how this place holds such mystique , who wouldn’t want to come play in that environment, the crazy fans, be treated like GOD’S the coach? who wouldn’t want to play for a guy that develops his players to N.B.A. prospects? who has won more league titles the he has home losses? I mean seriously he still hasn’t lost 10 games at home since he has been here. So then the question becomes WHY? WHY. aren’t we getting them to commit? I just feel to a certain extent that it has to be the recruiter for that individual. They are just not closing the deal, locking it down, we have had recently multiple players solid on KU only to be lost or in the process of being lost, that doesn’t cut it, we have to seal it up . maybe its time for change, with our recruiter. I can’t buy into the theory anymore for all the ones we are starting to lose out on, I mean seriously? really? every one of these top recruits that once was solid or a heavy lean for us and now hinging about where to go? prime example Terrance F, huge KU and BAM out of nowhere ALABAMA? ALABAMA? how do they match up with us? basketball powerhouse?- - - umm no, basketball tradition?- - -umm no national championships?- - -umm no. we can’t continue to use this excuse, why is the other schools example Duke, Kentucky, even North Carolina, why they still getting the early commits from prime time recruits? the same recruits that we hear are waiting as we have been told or said to see what other recruits are going to do or who is leaving? if that’s the case then why are these same ones committing early to these other schools? doesn’t add up, that’s why I say I feel partially anyways someone isn’t getting the job done. just my opinipon, have a great day guys. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    It has become very frustrating to be a Kansas basketball fan because we continually receive additional recruiting information. We get frustrated with all the news of guys we lose.

    In the end, we seem to do alright with recruiting… but our methods seem to be to get our guys late. Maybe it is the recruiters. Maybe they don’t want to sign guys early? Could that be?

    It doesn’t really seem like we put on the hard close early on anyone.

    We just get more and more frustrated when we watch us lose guys to other schools. A big part of our frustration must be from not knowing what is really going on. We just read the results.

    I’m frustrated with it all, too… and I think most of us in here get frustrated with it from time to time.

    Let’s see where we are next summer concerning filling all our post slots.

  • The only player that KU’s lost out on so far that’s been frustrating was Ferguson. Lightfoot is supposed to commit next week, Bolden’s decision ahould be coming soon. KU hasn’t been considered a serious option for any of the other high profile recruits that have committed yet.

    That said, Jerrance Howard needs to go. He’s a liability for KU at this point and I think Self brought in Aaron Miles this year to groom him to replace Howard after this season. I know Miles has said he plans on trying to go back to international ball after this year, but Self can pay Miles more and while having one of KU’s all time PG’s who truly understands Self’s system teaching it to the current generation. And Miles doesn’t have an attempted cover up of a drug arrest on his record unlike Snacks.

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