How KU busted UNM's 2-3 zone

  • Shameless plug here, I know, but I figured the crowd around here would want to see this: 3 ways KU exploited New Mexico’s 2-3 zone.

    It also shows how Frank Mason is behind Tharpe in attacking a zone and displays Self’s X’s and O’s with a smart set play that led to a dunk.

  • Keep plugging, Jesse. Already read the article, great stuff.

  • @jesse_newell shameless plugs are A OK! Thanks for the link.

  • Jesse’s link was broken, but this should work.

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    Well, that’s not working right now either. Maybe something else going on with the site? At least you can copy and pastel.

  • @tundrahok Hmmm … Not sure what the issue was, but I think I fixed my link above.

  • That’s an awesome read, Jesse! Feel free to come on here and do shameless plugs whenever you like!

    I loved that last gif showing Tharpe feed Embiid for the stuff. Greene can definitely help this offense run because he is quick on his feet, tall, and can elevate and nail the long ball. He only needs to nail one of those shots early in a game to show how much of a threat he is, so guards are forced to hedge up high on their zones. If they give Greene any kind of space he will make them pay, and he doesn’t even have to do that as much as help break down the defense with his presence.

    I don’t think it will take too many more minutes of PT for Greene to feel comfortable and nail more shots and execute better on both sides of the court. His elevation, sweet release and ability to knock it down from three makes him a lethal weapon for busting up zones. His shot gets attention from everyone. He’s the guy we need to give minutes to right now as that “off-the-bench zone-breaker.”

    With everyone stepping up and executing better, and Greene coming in to represent a big “missing link”… our future offense should be on the upswing!

    Can’t wait to take us off the COLD COLD COLD phase and move us to WARM WARM WARM! But it will take an advance in our team defense and rebounding to ever reach WARMER WARMER WARMER!

    It all takes time, but we’ll get there! I just hope we can get there soon enough in league play to snag #10!

    Rock Chalk!

  • @Jesse Newell Nice! That’s really cool stuff to see. Helps us amateurs learn the game too 🙂

  • Great read and analysis Jesse. Isn’t that what busting a zone about? Getting 3 on 2 in an area for a free shot. Love it. The boys are learning unlike Hinson’s kids.

  • @jesse_newell No PLUGGING, unless you are going to rotate your Press Pass among us 🙂

    Thanks for feeding us 🙂

  • @jesse_newell Great read Jesse! @Blown you’re on to something w the press pass thing…maybe Jesse could award guest analyst duties for Fort Hays State or something?

  • @Jesse_Newell Loved this article! Thanks for putting in the time to assemble all those clips to illustrate your points. The extra effort really makes for a great read, and something we can go back to again as a frame of reference later on. This format ages well.

    If ever we miss a link to one of your stories, please come over and plug! You’re every bit a member here, and we all want to read your stuff.

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