No illusions, but...

  • Has KU found a QB?

  • @Bwag yes

  • @Crimsonorblue22 nice touch on passes. A little savvy. Needs more reps with receivers it seems to bring more consistency.

  • Hopefully Willis stays healthy for a few years. Kid looks pretty solid.

  • @DanR 2 receivers hurt too.

  • @Bwag I was just at the gym, watching Baylor toy with KU. I dont follow football. I dont know football. But, I saw something in that kid on the field out there. I think he could get real good for KU.

  • I KNOW nobody believed the outcome of this game would be any different. We all knew we were going to have to suffer thru this, this year and probably a big chunk of next year, the thing is again, like has been said over and over the ALUMI and fans have just got to BE PATIENT. I have seen signs, Coach Beaty is getting some interest from recruits that in the past we wouldn’t have even gotten a sniff from he is getting visits from 4 star and 5 star players to AT LEAST visit the campus. we have 33 players something or rather playing for the 1st time I think Ryan Willis might be able to give us what we need at the QB, and have the kid from Flordia also… right now Coach Beaty is having to use dum ass Weis players we have just got to GIVE HIM TIME to get his players we can’t just say oh well time to get rid of him I think he will get the players I like this guy, give him some time to get his players. we saw on the 1 TD we got freshman to freshman our kickoff man is a freshman, give us an OFFENSIVE LINE that can give Willis a little time. he has a cannon for a arm the announcer said definitely PRO arm. hang tough my fellow fans its gonna take time, a lot of time, there is no way to go but up. we knew it would be ugly this year, but I truly believe Coach can get this done, or at least get us turned around and headed up. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Willis absolutely has the tools to be a good Big 12 QB. Even if Cozart gets healthy enough to play again this year, he needs to stay on the bench. Realistically, 2017 is going to be the year where we start to see major steps forward. This year is all about surviving and getting experience for some of the younger players. Next year will also be about experience and taking baby steps forward.

  • Absolutely agree with Texas hawk. KU probably won’t win a game this year. Which stinks will be the only 0-12 season in our history. But I’m will to bet we win 2 or 3 next year mainly because of the younger guys like Willis will learn a ton from this year’s hard schedule. Stay the coarse increase scholarship number buy as much as we can I believe 7 if no one leaves

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