Bill Self, Kansas and the meaning of a 12th consecutive Big 12 title

  • Medcalf: Bill Self, Kansas and the meaning of a 12th consecutive Big 12 title

    October means teams will soon begin practicing, and college basketball season tips off next month. So, which questions need answering? Today, we look at Bill Self’s push for a 12th consecutive Big 12 title and what that run means to Kansas basketball.

    Bill Self, sporting a navy blue suit with a Jayhawks pin on the left lapel and a solid maroon tie that punctuated the ensemble, rose, approached the microphone on the dais and spoke to his new fans.

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  • @dylans

    It would be something for Self to conquer one of the great feats owned by Wooden.

    And it would really be something if he did it WHILE accomplishing another National Championship!

    (how’s that for not opening another can of worms?!)

  • @dylans Nice article. Its good to see someone else recognize the legitimate legendary status that Coach Self is reaching.

    I understand, lots of people say NCAA rings are more important. I get that, truly. But, Coach Self will absolutely win another ring or two before he is done and all the while he will be extending his conference streak to unreachable lengths.

  • @Lulufulu

    In all honesty, I have heard almost all top analysts including Bilas, Fraschilla, Vitale and others indicate at various times that the streak is one of the more if not the most impressive achievement in College Basketball in the modern era. The better analysts understand the significance and readily acknowledge the importance of the streak…fans on the other hand…

  • Folks: According to USA Today, that bastion of prognostication, Baylor (Baylor!) is the team that will end the Kansas streak, and it is to happen this year. Guess we might as well go home, eh?

  • The streak is impressive. No doubt, the streak is impressive. It’s just a different kind of impressive. it defines consistent excellence. A different type of discussion. Is it historic? Sure. Like the Atlanta Braves winning 14 straight division titles. Impressive. Worthy of acknowledgment by “top analysts” to be sure.

    We can have both – the streak and a national championship. This is the year.

  • There’s always an element of luck to win the NCAA title. What happens if Simien made that shot against Bucknell, what if KU had made their season average FT% against Syracuse, what if that kid from Davidson made that 3 in the Elite 8? What if Trey Burke doesn’t make that 30 footer? How many times does the best team actually win the NCAA tournament? One of the best teams does usually win, but not always the best.

    The Big 12 streak might truly be the most impressive feat in the modern era of college basketball. This is a streak that is all about consistency which to me is much harder to do.

    Another impressive stat to me is that of KU’s 27 consecutive tournament appearances, KU has been a top 4 seed 25 times.

    Even as impressive as those feats are, I would still trade both of those for any 2 of 1997, 2003, 2011, 2012, or 2013.

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