Heaps vs Cozart vs Millweard

  • I think it is safe to say that the battle for starting QB next season is between Jake Heaps, Montell Cozart, and TJ Millweard.

    Here are there college stats for last season:

    Heaps: 49%, 1414 pass yards, -162 rush yards, 8 pass td, 1 rush td 10 int

    Cozart: 37%, 227 pass yards, 214 rush yards, 0 pass td, 1 rush td, 2 int

    Millweard: NA

    Now these are high school senior stats just we have some numbers we can use when comparing Heaps and Cozart to Millweard:

    Heaps: 61%, 9195 pass yards, 153 rush yards, 45 pass td, 9 rush td, 7 int (Sammamish, WA)

    Cozart: No official high school stats (Overland Park, KS)

    Millweard: 67%, 2374 pass yards, -52 rush yards, 22 pass td, 0 rush td, 11 int (Fort Worth TX)

    The numbers all seem to point toward Heaps, but Cozart beat him out for the #1 QB spot on the depth chart by the end of last year and Millweard has been reported to have been the second best QB on UCLA’s team when he was there.

  • I still feel if Heaps is given time in the pocket (better O-line) and is the victim of fewer dropped passes (better receivers) then perhaps he could develop some confidence and be a serviceable if not good Big 12 QB.

  • I do NOT like to see KU Football articles in what I thought was 100% KU Basketball Blog. KU Football takes the “back seat” and it should be discussed / commented about on a different site OR under a SINGLE subject relegated to the bottom of the list.

    That’s my 2-cents !!

  • @RedRooster

    Don’t be bashful. Tell us how you really feel.

    BTW - the title at the top of the page : Home / Football News / Other Sports

  • @RedRooster I’ll fire up a new bucket called “Crochet work, garden tips, and KU football” and spin up that single thread. Haha

  • Drunken - There is so much more behind this decision than just their stats. How about the type of offense Reagan decides to run? Heaps and Cozart are very different QB’s that bring different skills to the table. Not even sure what Millweard strengths are yet.

  • First of all, don’t perpetuate the stereotype. I watch every KU football game and desperately want to see this program improve.

    But as to who should be the starter…

    Cozart has a lot to learn. He’s not a very accurate passer and makes very poor decisions, but as Weis said he covers up a lot of sins.

    Heaps is a great player…he’s an alright player, but he’s a pocket passer, and if there is not pocket he’s of no use. Not to mention Heaps comes off as a gigantic…puss. Sorry it just seems so obvious.

    The entire offense needs to improve. Honestly, as the season went on, it seemed that our wide receivers were the biggest problem. Forget the O-line, they’re young and will get better. I just can’t believe how awful our receivers were. That’s one thing I really hope Reagan can fix.

  • Here’s the issue I have with Heaps and Millweard - both are guys that were not good enough to start elsewhere. That’s why they ended up at KU. If they aren’t good enough to start somewhere else, it’s probably because of some flaws somewhere, whether it be decision making, skill, accuracy, speed, leadership, whatever.

    Cozart should be the guy. He isn’t as accurate, but the offense seemed to function better when he was on the field. I think part of that has to do with the fact that KU’s best positional group, from a talent standpoint, is running back, and Cozart’s speed and ability to run the read option plays well with the best talent on the roster. Heaps and Millweard just can’t capitalize on that because they aren’t the same type of threat against the read option.

    Hopefully Weis and Reagan recognize the talent on hand and coach to that talent rather than trying to anoint a QB based on the offense they want to run, regardless of talent on hand.

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