• @wrwlumpy I completely disagree that the Big 12 should go 8-2. SEC could easily win it this year. Tennessee is significantly better than TCU who is still the worst team in the Big 12. Vanderbilt is ranked ahead of Texas so that’s not a gimme, OU and ISU are playing road games against top 25 teams so that’s not a guarantee.

  • K State will be the worst this year and you are probably right about Tennessee. Vanderbilt hasn’t proven anything yet.

  • Who ever agreed to this B12-SEC matchup–and its got Zenger and Bowlsby finger prints all over it–needs to go to Jack Hopkinz Spooky JUCO (Johns Hopkins) and take some strategy and game theory classes from some embedded CIA-Mossad dual citizenship faculty. This ain’t the season to take on the Southerners what with Big Shoe smiling on UK and LSU, while KU appears destined to rotate Lucas/Traylor/Mickelson again.

    Playing the SEC AFTER LSU gets promoted to a medium stack and UK gets cut back to a medium stack, is nuts, unless…

    The Big 12 Bush-Koch states and the SEC-Bush-Koch states are plotting an SEC-B12 merger to make a big push after the election for consolidating control of the eastern power grid with the Tayhoss power grid.

    The SEC and Big 12 senators might be enough to impose something like that, with a little pork in the Mountain West Conference states, plus deep pork for Indiana and New Jersey.

    10 B12 states x 2 senators per state = 20 senators

    10 SEC states x 2 senators per state = 20 senators

    7 MWC states x 2 senators per state = 14 senators

    Indiana = 2 senators

    New Jersey = 2 senators

    Total senate votes = 58

    Not enough to overcome a veto from a Democratic President.

    But enough for a Republican President, even allowing for a few defections.

    Frank Underwood, you devil you!!!

    Has Claire convinced you to change parties?

  • @jaybate-1.0 Feeling somewhat esoteric today?

  • @jaybate-1.0 Nice conspiracy theory. Im always on the lookout for them, because rich people who are in power are by definition corrupt. Your’e going to have to explain the connection between Big12/SEC basketball challenge and a possible conference merger to the Federal Govt, Senators bid for controlling the eastern power grid.

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    I don’t know what’s worse ??? The rich using their money or power to get what they want or those that drop out of High school, decide a job at McDonald’s is a retirement job, and then demand $15 dollars an hour and benefits.

    In my day a fast food job, or stocking shelves at a department store was for kids and old folks looking to make some spending money. Man how things have changed.

  • @DoubleDD Completely off topic. Im torn in both ways over the minimum wage thing. I dont think there is an easy answer. You cant just raise it to 15 immediately, thats stupid, if its to be done, it should be done incrementally. Slowly. So employers and the economy have a chance to adjust. And then, everyone else needs to get a comparable raise. Its just plain not fair to give min wage workers that big raise and no one else. Thats not happening anytime soon, so I think the min wage should be raised to 10, no further.
    But then I also understand the apoplexy over CEO’s complaining about 15 being too high and themselves making hundreds per hour. Its just insane.

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    To be honest I too think min wage should be raised just for the fact to keep pace with inflation. Yet I always shake my head when everybody is up in arms about what a CEO makes. Like somehow the CEO is a bad person or something.

    Think about it? If somebody offers you truck loads of money to take advantage of your skills are you going stand on you soap box and say no? 😉 Neither would I.

    Think about HCBS. He’s pretty much a CEO of KU basketball. He’s hired to run the program. I’m not sure too many KU fans would be grudge him for the millions he makes. I don’t see a movement demanding HCBS take less money so those that run concession stands and cleanup the Field House can make more money.

    The idea of raising the min wage is really a ruse so some politician can’t ride around on his high horse. When in reality it could do more harm than good. Such as losing even more jobs and raising the cost of the goods we need and want even more.

  • @DoubleDD Oh I completely agree on all your points. Especially about Coach.

    Every year the min wage should be raised to keep up with inflation. Or, at least every couple of years. Heck, I get a cost of living increase every year in addition to what ever else I get through union contract agreements. Which admittedly isnt that much, but whatever.
    My issue is there was a CEO recently that took issue with raising min wage and said $15 is too much when he makes hundreds per hour. That is a really crap thing to say. Its completely hypocritical. That is what I have a problem with. The hypocrisy.

  • @DoubleDD Back in the day there were a lot of manufacturing and other jobs in which a person could make a good living without having a college education. Those jobs are mostly gone either off shore or they have been automated. Technical education has been deprecated with school budget cuts. These fast food and others of a similar nature are all that are left for a lot of people.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    “This ain’t the season to take on the Southerners what with Big Shoe smiling on UK and LSU, while KU appears destined to rotate Lucas/Traylor/Mickelson again.”

    I agree. I’d feel different if we could play UK in November so we could do to them what they did to us… but instead they get a few months to get their game on (especially with all the rookies). That isn’t fair. Who agreed to let their greenwood age through the xmas holidays?

    With Cal teams, it’s all about timing. The more time they have to learn to play together, the better they become.

    Why did we have to slip this game in during league play? Does anyone really think Self gives a hoot about this game? He doesn’t. There is a reason why we win our league every year… it is the main focus of Bill Self, not games that mean squat with Kentucky.

    Don’t expect Self to push Frank into 38-minutes of play in this game to guarantee a win. He’ll be saving our guys for league play.

    Total rip-off.

  • @drgnslayr said:

    Don’t expect Self to push Frank into 38-minutes of play in this game to guarantee a win. He’ll be saving our guys for league play.

    Bill Self absolutely would do that if necessary to beat Kentucky. Bill Self’s history is that he coaches to win the individual game. The WUG are a perfect example. Self said going into it that everyone would play and yet Tyler and Evan only played garbage minutes in the blowouts. Also jeep in mind during the gold medal game that Self did not sub in the 4th quarter or OT except for foul outs despite having several fresh bodies on the bench.

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