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    For the last two years, I have gone to neighborhood bars to watch most of the first month of KU Basketball. Sitting in a crowded smoke filled room to watch my team and sometimes leaving at half time because the screen were switched to Kareoke videos, has all been inconvenient, costly and frustrating.

    I have bitched about the over 50% of KC that does not have TWC and the incredible unfairness of Western Kansas which does not even have a choice because TWC has not been available.

    After seeing the above picture posted by Coach Townsend, I gave in, I can’t do it anymore. I must admit some things have changed for me to break down and accept Time Warner into my household -

    1. My DTV contract expires on the last day of this month, saving me $200.00 to be able to make the switch.

    2. Time Warner got rid of it’s contracts.

    3. I already had TWC Internet and WiFi at a regular speed for $40.00 per month, and even though I have to get a $10.00 phone I won’t use, I will get 200 channels, a jillion times faster internet, and most important, Metro Sport which will show the 9 games. All of this will be $4o.00 a month cheaper than what I was paying for DTV. I will truly miss DTV. They were good to me.

    4. The main reason I switched was the picture above and the thought of missing even 1/2 of a game to Kareoke.

    This deal that ZENGER made is indeed good for all of the Jayhawks around the world that have TWC, but it has been horrible for fans from Kansas and the KC Metro area that support the home team that they love but have been unable to watch at least a third of the games.

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    As fans sometimes we have to do what we have to do. I once gave a bar owner a wad of money to keep a KU game on. A few of the patrons were a bit upset in their drunken state. 😉 Crazy thing is in a few years KU will probably be playing those early season games on the Big 10 Network.

  • My sacrafice is watching the mentioned games on my 18" computer screen with comercials instead of being able to watch them on my 60" man cave tv…what really makes me mad is the whole 5 year deal was only like 5-6 million I think. Seems like someone could have started a kickstart or whatever they are called and raised that much, using the right to watch KU games (9 + 1 football) as the hostage.

    That deal really makes me mad when I think about it. At least I have a place to come and complain about it or listen to others moan, I know im not alone!

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    If you have a labtop with HDMI you can stream the game from comp to big screen or google chromecast will do the same from your phone or labtop… Still could watch on the Big Screen

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    If you are talking about the TWC deal, it involved no money, TWC is giving KU “payment in kind” in the form of “free” programming and showing the other, lesser sports nationally. For example, you can watch the women’s rowing team but not the basketball or football teams. ESPN3 also blacks out the basketball games for the entire State of Kansas and the KC Metro area, even when the games are sold out. Wait, there is more…not only a bunch of the men basketball games are blacked out on ESPN3 but also the non-con football games (unless they are on national TV) and the women’s basketball and volleyball games.

    The worst part?..I can watch every single MU and KSU football and basketball game without any problem.

    In my area we only have Comcast (which I use to have until I could take it no more) and Consolidated Communications/SureWest; Google should be available in the next few months and of these 3, only Comcast carries Metro Sports. Last November when my contract was up I called Comcast to get information on the plans available and I was given channel line up and costs. I went into the chat mode on their web site to get clarification on some detail and I was told that I was given the wrong information and I was given a different and conflicting information. I sent an e-mail to the address on their web site including the chat transcript and I got an e-mail back and a phone follow up call with yet a third set of information. I drove to the Comcast Office in Olathe with copies of the chat transcript and e-mail from Comcast and I was told that all of it was wrong and I was given a fourth set of information and was told that if I wanted service in Olathe, that was the only information that counted. My question to Mr. Zenger is…why would I want to deal with a provider that cannot even give you the correct information and whose service and customer support departments are rated the worst in the business? …and that is who Zenger wants us to have as our provider? I think not.

    As much as I would like to see all of KU games, I decide that it was not worth the aggravation of having to deal with Comcast…there is a reason why I dropped them a while back and never looked back and apparently have not gotten any better.

  • It just makes my off season longer so there is no interest in buying hats or shirts for the grand kids on line. Don’t get interested till along in November. Can usually watch other big 12 teams so that helps. If its all about the money it looks like the folks in western Kansas could watch Colorado and just thumb their noses at Zenger’s follies and quit buying tickets or paraphernalia . Folks could get interested in Wichita. Kansas City folks could get interested in Missouri. I’ll bet this was all taken into consideration and the risk mitigated and we got flushed down the toilet and the powers to be are waiting for a consequence but that just isn’t happening.

  • @BeddieKU23 Chromecast is awesome! I’ve found a site that streams sports that is very reliable and have been able to watch white sox games at will for the first time in over 20 years!

  • I dislike the deal greatly. I live in a small town of 700 people there isn’t many options for tv. When you look at Kansas and all the smaller communities it has it sad to think of the thousands like myself that can’t watch them play on jtn.

  • @kjayhawks be sure to let KU athletics know!!

  • Scroll down and read the other tweets.

  • ATT got so expensive, we switched … got tired of continually calling to get the rates reduced. I stayed out of it because I didn’t want the KU thing to influence, and I let my wife decide on the new provider. We ended up going with Comcast because of the price. What funny is my wife didn’t know that Comcast was the one that had the channel with the KU games (TW sports channel). When she told me her decision, I mentioned it to her. The next day, she had to call Comcast for something and asked about it to see if it was included. The service rep didn’t know what she was talking about (and further, when my wife talked to them initially, they didn’t even bring it up either).

    So … I don’t have to go to BWW to watch the games anymore. That’s good.

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