Dec 8-9: Headlines looking back, looking forward to Florida

  • Bill Self

    ###Self keeping perspective on team’s early struggles###

    *CJ Online - *Immediately following Askia Booker’s running, game-winning shot at the buzzer in Colorado’s 75-72 victory over No. 6 Kansas on Saturday, the feeling was shock. Bill Self wanted a travel, but the whistle wasn’t coming

    ####Jesse Newell: The biggest dilemma Bill Self is facing

    *CJ Online - *Bill Self has a dilemma defensively. The man defense he’s had so much success with in past years isn’t working this year, mostly because the Jayhawks won’t stop fouling. Colorado shot 37 free throws Saturday, and the game would have been over a lot sooner had the Buffaloes hit better than 59.5 percent of them.

    ####Warm Florida awaits Joel Embiid####

    Justin Harden wishes he could get his hands on dozens of tickets for the Kansas University-Florida Big 12/SEC Challenge basketball showdown at 6 p.m. Tuesday in O’Connell Center in Gainesville, Fla.

    As it stands, Harden — KU freshman Joel Embiid’s former coach at The Rock School in Gainesville — has just a couple tickets to distribute for the clash between the Gators (6-2) and Jayhawks (6-2).

  • Preparing for the sunshine state. I wonder if it will be sunny for our Jayhawks?

  • “The man D he’s had so much success with…isnt working this year, mostly because the Jayhawks wont stop fouling”. <-- Beautiful example of asking a premature question. Jumpin’ the gun…

    Maybe it “isnt working” because “the Jayhawks” are FROSH, and accrue a lot of freshman fouls? Remember Darrell Arthur and his frosh-foul issues? How about Thomas Robinson’s frosh foul issues. Those 2 could barely stay on the floor (as frosh)–but those exact 2 improved mightily in that category.

    Maybe it “isnt working” because we play lax defense in the last few seconds of the opponents’ shot clock, and they still are allowed to score?

    Maybe rebounding woes are just as responsible for our 2 losses, as much as the “expected” freshman-fouling?

  • @ralster - right friggin’ on!

    Let’s have a pop quiz:

    Name the last Jayhawk freshman post player that wasn’t a “hack-a-tron?”

  • @drgn: not sure, but maybe Cole Aldrich? He didnt get many mpg, but I dont recall him (or Perry Ellis) fouling like Shady and TRob…

  • @drgnslayr, I think it was Wilt, of course he wasn’t able to play as a freshman!

  • I was thinking of Cole and Perry… but neither played many minutes. Guess we’d have to look at their fouls per minute to compare. My point is that we’ve had some incredible post players come through Lawrence and most of them started off as big time hackers. They could star on the show “Ax men!”

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