Dec 7: Game Day Coverage (CU 75 - KU 72)

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    ###Blowout still stings for Buffs, Boyle###

    KU Sports - Former Kansas University guard Tad Boyle, the fourth-year coach of the Colorado men’s basketball team, says his players still have a bad taste in their mouths from a 90-54 loss to the Jayhawks last year at Allen Fieldhouse. The Buffaloes host the Jayhawks today at 2:15 p.m. in Boulder, Colo.

    ####Jesse Newell Five-Minute Scout: Kansas should dare one CU player to beat them####

    Join Game-time Chats: KU Buckets | With Jesse Newell on CJ Online

    Matt Tait: Bill Self’s decision to start Frank Mason at PG not the end of the road for Naadir Tharpe

    KU Sports - Kansas University basketball coach Bill Self said Thursday that freshman guard Frank Mason would start for the Jayhawks in Boulder, Colo., this weekend, when they take on CU. So, naturally, as president and founder of the #TharpeFanClub, I, once again, caught some flack for KU junior Naadir Tharpe being sent to the bench.

  • Sounds like Mason now has the flu. If he is slowed from his illness, who will step up and give this team the energy it needs?

    This would be a good game for Andrew to step up and dominate.

    Andrew… are you ready?

  • Im picking Wigs to have a much better all around game this time. He needs it.

  • Agreed on Matt’s point about Naa also. Think Naadir has more confidence and less injuries to deal with at this point, than EJ did. He’ll be fine and Im betting he will start again at some point too.

  • Here’s my bet: cold, flu, or bronchitis – you won’t notice one bit of difference with Mason.

  • The live blog is up, just in case you’d like to join.

  • I’m extremely frustrated watching this game. I expected better after a week of practice. Mason starts and has a bad first half. I don’t understand Self’s substitutions. Why does Ellis sit do long? Same old same old…2 minute parade with Green, Frankamp, White. Mason is playing much better in the 2nd half. CU s offensive rebounds have continued to kill us. We can’t guard without fouling…if CU had been hitting a decent percentage, this game wouldn’t be close. Once again…fouls. Selden fouls Dinwiddie in an important possession. Great effort by us to tie. Lucky shot by Booker to win…might have traveled, but our poor play earlier put us in this position.

  • @Hawk8086 Cant argue with too much with that analysis. That said, this is the sort of loss I can live with. The guys competed. They didnt block out on the offensive glass just lime against Nova, but they played hard. I think this game goes to show how important Wigs is on both ends of the floor. The D hardly works without him in there. I also likedbthst he wanted to take over the game late. He still needs to do that for two halves.

  • Seemed like we didn’t flatten our D when they flattened their offense, thus they were banging corner 3’s on us repeatedly. Also, the 3-pt specialist carousel burned us again. How does Frankamp end up with the crunch time minutes? Finally, on offense, our ball reversal was too slow a lot of the time. Come on, we know their zone isn’t going to try to cut the passing lanes, they were packing it in and were being successful doing it. The PG hardly had to think about the second pass but he did, and the defense adjusted. Then, on the possessions where the ball reversal was fast enough, it looked like our bigs werent cutting across the lane to receive the entry pass fast enough (Perry). Again, giving the D time to adjust.

  • I don’t really feel that bad about the loss. I was thought it was a 50/50 chance the way we have been playing.

    @approxinfinity is right. our ball reversal was not good and the 3 point specialist carousel is confusing. But I though we played with more toughness and Wiggins looked like he wanted to be the man later in the 2nd half. If we could just get to that mind set earlier we would have had the W. I would rather go through this growth process now then later.

  • Yes, I did like the way Wiggins stepped up down the stretch. I didn’t understand that 3 he took (when he got bailed out by the foul). Sure…we tried hard, but they beat us on the offensive boards. Embiid was a non-factor in the 2nd half. I thought that he regressed defensively…left his feet too often leading to fouls. Selden was invisible for the most part, again. The 5 that Self seems to trust the most are the 5 that were in the game at the end. It stings that we lost to a team that shot as poorly as CU did. Offensive rebounds and fouls did us in.

  • I guess Askia Booker read Jesse’s scouting report…

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