Perry Ellis

  • Wichita native @PElliz in town tonight. Honored by Real Men Tral Heroes for his volunteer work. #kwch12 #kubball

  • Perry is easily one of the most rock-solid Jayhawks we have ever had (in his personal life).

  • I may criticize Perry Ellis for his on court performance from time to time, but everything I hear about him off the floor is top notch.

  • We have seen him off the court as one of the best all-time representatives of the school. He is an intellect and a caring person. Last year before his injury, he was tearing up the League and was easily going to be Player of the year. He had a drive he had never had before. He no longer gets down on himself and continues to shoot. After his one handed fast break dunk last year, he even smiled and we all saw how much he enjoys playing the game. I forget the game, but he was being mauled by some slower guy, a whistle was called and Perry got in his face, he didn’t say anything, but he went on to humiliate the guy.

    Unfortunately, his new beard doesn’t make him look tougher, it just makes him look like a farmer named Ezekiel from the Amish community in the next county.


  • @wrwlumpy

    “Unfortunately, his new beard doesn’t make him look tougher, it just makes him look like a farmer named Ezekiel from the Amish community in the next county.”

    That’s “the look” today by lots of young guys. Check out the Royals. Makes you think these guys show up at the stadium in horse-drawn buggies.

    I don’t get it. If these young guys want to grow beards and not look like Amish or ISIS, why not grow something original?

    I would think it should be easy to draw “beard fouls” if you grew something like this -

    NGL_29BeardsCloseUpHatAndSunglasses_27596609_897186.JPG 15762188-mmmain.jpg Beard-World-Championship-2013.jpg

    Or maybe grow it long and braid it into a whip. Fling your head and whip back a defender! I bet there is nothing in the rule books about committing a “hair foul!”

    Does anyone know if there is anything in the rule book about a player having electronics strapped on to his body? I’m sure a guy could play with a pacemaker (if passing a physical) or a hearing aid. It would be nice to see a wild beard with color-changing LEDs planted in it like a Xmas tree!

  • @wrwlumpy great read, but I like beard.

  • @drgnslayr which one is you?

  • @drgnslayr

    Fear the beard??? 😃

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Right on! Imagine the graphics… 5 tough looking players with crazy beards standing all stout in their uniforms holding a ball.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    “which one is you?”

    Ha… I did have a Dali mustache several years ago. No beard. Way too itchy! I really like that last guy. Wonder what happens when he bumps hard into things?

  • This reminds me of the stories of the “House of David” basketball teams of old. They were even before my time. One of their claims to fame was that all of the players had beards or staches. They were a part of a religious commune.

  • @drgnslayr Look at the stat sheets, he’s also one of the most rock-solid Jayhawks on the court!! He’s the victim of crazy high expectations.

  • @nuleafjhawk

    No doubt, he is a victim to high expectations. But also part of it is Perry’s game. It is more about being precise and less about powering the ball through the hole. We’ve had some mighty powerful post players before Perry who also created the expectation for Perry to not only score a lot but also to do it with authority.

    I can’t really recall another post player in the Self era that counted on finesse to the degree that Perry does. Can you?

    I guess perhaps Kevin Young? Which, btw, I enjoyed watching him play for Puerto Rico yesterday (and Pitino) against our American squad which includes Keith Langford. Pretty amazing blow out!

  • @sfbahawk

    Makes me think of the Oakland As from way back… like in the 70s. Rollie Fingers and his handlebar mustache and the rest of the hairy players (“Moustache Gang”) that were coerced to grow wild hair from A’s owner Charles O Finley. That was a great team worthy of their 3 World Series Championships!

    "In addition to his pitching ability, he was noted for his waxed handlebar moustache which he originally grew to get a $300 bonus from Athletics owner Charles O. Finley.

    On the first day of spring training for the 1972 season, Reggie Jackson showed up with a beard. In protest, Fingers and a few other players started going without shaving to force Jackson to shave off his beard, in the belief that management would also want Jackson to shave. Instead, Finley, ever the showman who would do anything to sell tickets, then offered prize-money to the player who could best grow and maintain their facial hair until Opening Day (April 15 versus Minnesota). Fingers went all out for the monetary incentive offered by Finley and patterned his moustache after the images of the players of the late 19th century.[17] Taking it even further, Finley came up with “Moustache Day” at the ballpark, where any fan with a moustache could get in free.[18]

    Catfish Hunter and Ken Holtzman also went for the bonus, but Fingers with his Snidely Whiplash took the prize.[19][20] He would say later: “Most of us would have grown one anywhere on our bodies for $300”.[21] The players would become known as the “Moustache Gang”.[22]

    Although most former A’s players shaved their handlebar moustaches off after the team traded most of their players in 1975–76, Fingers maintained his after signing with the San Diego Padres as a free agent in 1977, and still has the moustache today."

    ~ SOURCE:

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