If a KU team plays an exhibition game and there is 0 coverage,

  • did the game actually happen? Seriously, there is pretty much 0 coverage for these games. The only place to find any info is on the KU sites. National media has pretty much ignored it completely.

    My nephew plays on the AAU circuit in Texas and he hasn’t even heard of the WUG.

    The only coverage i’m seeing bball related is NBA and U19 USAB games.

    Even more reason why Self needs to get past 2nd week in the tourney and get to a FF/championship. else this whole exercise of playing WUGs is moot.

  • @elpoyo lack of coverage stinks! But on the other hand it’s pretty valuable practice for us. Just have to look on the bright side. The kids are having a great time and a once in a life time experience!

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    I too was kind of wondering about the coverage. You can’t even find the start times, or scores of completed games on the big sports websites. Kind of eerie. I never really paid attention the WUG’s until now. I guess this could be just standard media coverage.

    Even with that I have to agree with @Crimsonorblue22 in that the experience alone is priceless. The WUG’s could be the very thing that puts KU over the top this year. We shall see.

  • @elpoyo Disagree. The team is getting valuable minutes playing together, including freshmen Vick and Bragg. The value isn’t in the publicity- the value is in the 400 minutes of basketball that our team gets to play that no other college team is getting. I guess an argument could be made that it 'could" help our recruiting, but in lieu of the first rounders we’ve sent into the draft recently, I’m not sure we need publicity.

  • I agree that the value isn’t in the publicity, but for Christ’s sake, can an American team that is competing against the world in a very popular sport, get SOME recognition? ESPN showed highlights, last year, of Kentucky competing in that Bahama tourney. Why is that?.. But i do think that it will play to our advantage in the long run. When we are in mid-season form in November and Dec, no one will know that its because we’ve been playing together since June.

  • @ZIG Honestly, Christ probably doesn’t care if it’s an American team competing or not, but I know He appreciates you thinking of Him.

    Now if Jerusalem had a team in there…😄

  • This tournament was never going to be beneficial from a recruiting/publicity standpoint. If this is an event that’s never received much publicity here in the US, why are we surprised nothing has changed in that regard? The fact these games are on ESPN this year is big because Fox College Sports is who used to broadcast this event on tape delay. These games are also happening late at night and middle of the night when most people can’t watch, particularly recruits who are busy playing multiple games a day in AAU tournaments

    The big benefit of this event was always going to be the month unlimited supervised practice this team gets that nobody else is getting as a team. That is absolutely huge and will pay huge dividends this upcoming season.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 You’re right on the practice and experience. I guess I thought we’d get some publicity. At least some mention on the ESPN basketball page. Or something on the scroll.

  • Until KU won this gig it was way below my radar. Now I see that is the case for just about everyone.

    I am happy we are there and have been watching the games, but coverage is nil unless you know to check KU Athletics or search ESPNU’s schedule.

    I don’t know how much noise we can make going forward, but at least it’s been a great KU bball fix in July!!!

  • @elpoyo I know! I was totally bummed just now and saw the game isnt even on replay at Espn. I wanted to watch the game.

  • @elpoyo But yah, the experience we are getting with the faster clock, etc is priceless as far as next fall goes. We will be very far ahead of the game and with that much of a head start And our balance with experience and talent, KU is going to be a very very tough team to beat this season. I cant wait. Im especially excited about UK vs KU AT AFH! Mega revenge game.

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    I love where you’re going with this. KU is going to have not only a jump on other D1 teams, but they’ll have been playing at an even faster pace than the NCAA deems needed.

    It was one thing to practice playing with a shorter clock, but it’s another until you’ve played some games when they count. KU will be way ahead of the curve on this shorter clock.

  • @DoubleDD 30 seconds will feel like an eternity to our guys following a 24 second shot clock and 8 second back court!

  • It will be very important to be able to get the ball across center court vs. West Virginia. That will be a game where Frank and Devonte will play an awful lot.

  • After Serbia and Lithuania, the KU Bigs will look at Gathers, Ridley and Shepard as a piece of cake.

  • @wrwlumpy saw on wichita tv, gathers didn’t make final 16 for pan am games. Was surprised! The 2 WSU guys are still in.

  • Has anyone heard why ESPN3 hasn’t put the KU/Swiss game on the replay sched.? They’ve got it scheduled to re-air on ESPNU, but not on ESPN3.

  • @MNJayhawk scroll down to WUG, not under bb. It shows up on my watch espn app

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Here is a list of the finalist. Here is the official announcement; interesting that Baylor’s Prince made it and not Rico Suave; I wonder if his extra curricular activities had a bearing. Five players with professional experience are party of the finalists By the way, KU’s own Keith Langford and the two WSU players made the Final 16 cut. also, former KU assistant and Colorado coach Tad Boyle is one of the assistants to Coach Few. The final roster will have only 12 players, which seems to the standard for international competition and it will be announce by July 12th.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Thanks. I don’t have cable, though I have cable internet, thus I can watch replays on ESPN3. So far, through the website, they have the Brazil, Turkey, and Serbia games, but not the Swiss game available for replay under “International.” Here’s hoping after they re-air it on ESPNU, they’ll move it to ESPN3 so I can see it.

  • @MNJayhawk you need to find a friend or sports bar. I think u r to far to come over.😩

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