Next vs Chile

  • Read on the WUG site that the game Tuesday @ 12:30 am won’t be televised because it is in a smaller arena 😞 It is at Muan Indoor Gymnasium.

    Here is how they have “points” for bball with no explanation on how points are awarded:

    Team Men Women Total

    Germany 12 0 12
    Australia 12 12 24
    Brazil 13 12 25
    Canada 12 12 24
    Chile 12 0 12
    China 12 12 24
    Korea 12 12 24
    Estonia 11 0 11
    USA 12 12 24

    Ruskies 12 12 24
    Finland 12 0 12
    France 12 0 12
    Hungary 0 12 12
    Italy 0 12 12
    Japan 12 12 24
    Lithuania 12 0 12
    Mexico 12 12 24
    Mongolia 12 0 12
    Montenegro 12 0 12
    Mozambique 11 10 21
    Uganda 0 11 11
    Serbia 12 0 12
    Sweden 12 12 24
    Switzerland 12 0 12
    Chinese Taipei 12 12 24
    Czech Republic 0 12 12
    Turkey 12 0 12

    Totals 275 189 464


    Pool D


    L: Games Lost

    P: Games Played

    PA: Points Against

    PD: Points Difference

    PF: Points For

    Points: Class. Points

    W: Games Won

    Rank Team P W L Points PF PA PD 1 SERBIA 2 2 0 4 127 84 +43

    2 USA 2 2 0 4 147 129 +18

    3 BRAZIL 2 1 1 3 150 114 +36

    4 TURKEY 2 1 1 3 125 127 -2

    5 SWITZERLAND 2 0 2 2 102 126 -24

    6 CHILE 2 0 2 2 76 147 -71

  • @RockChalkinTexas

    It is clear that Serbia is our only real challenge in our bracket. They always have size, know the game well, decent athleticism, and several good perimeter shooters (usually including one or two post guys that can really shoot the 3). That is my description of a typical Serbian team, but I haven’t seen this team play yet. They typically play very solid defense. Sounds like a game of BAD BALL for us!

    We need to rotate a lot of people in our game leading up to Serbia to make sure we are well-rested and then push the pace on Serbia and see if we can tire them out in the second half. We can really use a healthy Frank and Perry!

  • @drgnslayr Since Chile seems to be the door mat in our Pool, Coach should rest Perry, Frank and Wayne as much as he can. It would be nice to beat up on Chile and win by 50 like some of the other teams to get the points advantage but rest gets us these players better performances in games we really need. Of course, we can’t take Chile for granted either.

    Is Landen in the dog house again? He didn’t come back in at all after 1 qtr. of Brazil.

  • @RockChalkinTexas

    Not sure if Landen is in the doghouse or Self is just liking Hunter’s play that much more. Hunter seems more offensive-capable and we have needed to find a way to score more points and not count on just 2 or 3 scorers.

    Plus… big men in International ball muscle much harder in the low post and I think Hunter has been handling that better than Landen, who plays more finesse.

    Gosh… we could use a guy like Coleby in this tournament! (and of course, Diallo!)

  • @drgnslayr said:

    Gosh… we could use a guy like Coleby in this tournament! (and of course, Diallo!)

    Yes BUT we are doing pretty good considering we are missing 4 very talented players! Its crazy to think how we are missing 2-3 possible starters from our line up and still in it to win it! This team would look a lot different if we had all of our guys here and healthy. I would like to know how much this shakes up our rotation come November?

  • Another thought that comes to mind as each game passes is: Does Selden use this year as his spring board to the NBA? If he keeps playing like he has this summer for the 15-16 season he will be a first rounder and I cant see him improving his draft stock if he comes back for a senior season.

  • @Statmachine

    It has been a real treat to watch Wayne play in WUG.

    I never thought he would be given a chance at the 3… but it is obviously working for him. Maybe he feels more comfortable not having to be one of our two ball handlers from up top.

    I’m curious what Self has told him this summer? There must have been a discussion or two about his role for this coming year. Perhaps what is expected from him.

    Whatever happened… I just hope he keeps it up! The real test will be Big 12 play, where he will face tough competition that already has played against him in past years.

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