Charlie say "Jayhawk football O-tay !"

  • After loss to K-State, Kansas begins offseason By DAVE SKRETTA (AP Sports Writer) December 1, 2013 12:25 PM AP Sports

    LAWRENCE, Kan. (AP) – Charlie Weis felt a difference in the culture at Kansas as he stood on the sideline Saturday, the clock melting away in the second half and Kansas State on its way to another win over its rival.

    Unlike last season, when the Wildcats blitzed their way to one of the most lopsided victories in the history of the series, Weis thought Kansas was in the game. In fact, until a field goal that made the final margin 31-10, the Jayhawks were still within striking distance.

    All despite six turnovers, an inept offense and a sometimes porous defense.

    So even though the Jayhawks finished 3-9 in his second year in charge, and last in the Big 12 once again, there are signs - modest though they may be - that there’s been progress on Mount Oread.

    ‘‘I never felt, even when the score was 21-10, the game was getting away from us, and that is a change,’’ Weis said. ‘‘Last year, we were in the second half of that game, it was wide open. It was like there was nothing you could do about it. I never felt that way.’’

    Kansas athletic director Sheahon Zenger dispelled any notion that Weis’ job may be in jeopardy on Saturday when he gave the somewhat embattled coach a vote of confidence. Zenger noted that any rebuilding job takes time and he was prepared to give Weis the opportunity to see it through.

    Still, despite the signs of progress, there are just as many signs that Kansas is no better off than when it fired Turner Gill two years ago. After all, Gill was 5-19 in his two seasons in charge, and Weis will be lugging a 4-20 mark into his third season.

    While the Jayhawks ended an infuriating 27-game Big 12 losing streak by beating West Virginia, they still haven’t won a league road game since 2008 - a streak of 22 games.

    I’m glad Charlie felt so good about only getting beat by three touchdowns. I didn’t feel any better about this loss than I did the other eight.

  • Well, it’s true that it still felt like we were in this game in the second half despite spotting KSU a 21 point lead. I actually felt we could pull within striking distance until Mundine did not catch that 20+ yard pass. If only he would have dropped it like usual - but no. He bumbled it right into the hands of the KSU DB. That was the turning point in the game.

    As far as whether we should feel better about this loss or not. I don’t know. I mean this Wildcat team isn’t as good as the previous several that have embarrassed us, so losing by 21 isn’t all that exciting for me either.

    My take. We’re marginally better than year 2 with Turner but still not anywhere close to where we should be. If only Zenger would have flown back with our new coach from Arkansas instead of Florida…

  • It is unfair to compare the progress in the first two year for Coaches Gill and Weis. Gill inherited a program a couple of years removed from a BCS Bowl win; Weis inherited a program in shambles and fully demoralized.

    As Rumsfeld said, you go to war with the army you have. At this point, KU does not have enough Big Conference caliber players to compete with the Big Boys. How many of on-the-numbers passes were dropped just this last game? We cannot blame the QB for this. Also, several players that were supposed to contribute big were not available either by injury or off the court issues. The team is not at the level that I, along with most fans, had hoped for, but I can see progress where it is now competitive for portions of the game.

    A new offensive coordinator, the core of the players coming back and a bunch of impact player becoming eligible should result in noticeable improvement next season. Any thing less that a 4-5 conference record next season would place Coach Weis job in serious jeopardy.

  • I think it is fair to compare.

    Let’s look at the team Gill inherited first:

    Coming off a 5-7 year. The worst season since 2004, in fact.

    The leading returning passer was Kale Pick, who had thrown for 22 yards.

    The leading returning rusher was Toben Opurum, who had run for 564 yards.

    The leading receivers returning were Jonathan Wilson (32 catches, 385 yards) and Bradley McDougald (28 catches, 263 yards).

    Every major player from the Orange Bowl team was gone, so you can’t say that Gill inherited that roster - he did not. He inherited a roster that lost it’s final 7 games, and lost their top passer, #2 runner, and top 2 receivers. The top passer and top 2 receivers were the best IN SCHOOL HISTORY.

    Gill’s first team ended up starting a freshman QB, freshman RB and playing several freshman and sophomores on both offense and defense.

    Now for Weis:

    Inherited a team coming off a 2-10 season.

    Leading returning passer - none, as Webb transferred.

    Leading returning rusher - James Sims, 727 yards.

    Leading returning receivers - D.J. Beshears (40, 437) and Kale Pick (34, 344).

    Weis brought in a senior QB. That QB wasn’t any good, but still, that was Weis’ handpicked guy, rather than going with incumbent starter Webb.

    Weis inherited roughly as much as Gill inherited. Maybe only slightly less. He brought in QBs with more acclaim, but who have produced almost exactly as much as Jordan Webb did for Gill.

    This is not to advocate for Weis’ removal, but to simply say that Weis hasn’t really done anything to move the program forward in his first two years. I’m hoping that changes in year 3, but I do not know at this point how that will be done.

  • Gill was able to recruit kids that could recall KU actually winning games in their lifetime. Weis didn’t and doesn’t have that opportunity.

  • I will definitely grant that Gill took over at a time when a winning season wasn’t that far removed.

    However, Gill took the job after a very messy firing of the previous coach. Weis is at an even greater disadvantage in that respect because he took over after the second firing in three seasons. In that respect, Weis’ job is much more difficult because not only is KU not a power football program, KU is an unstable non-power program.

  • @Kip_McSmithers has it exactly right. One the final poll of the Orange Bowl win season, KU finished ranked #7. That magical season, KU was the darling of college football, and it was still remembered when Gill took over. Weis took over after two of the worse year in KU football history, not only on the field but off the field as well.

    More importantly, I still remember the one side, hopeless blowouts of Gill teams. If this year’s team plays Gill’s second year team, who do you think would win? My money says that this year’s team beats Gill’s second year team 9 out of 10 times. I am sure there is simulation software that could run this scenario; I would be curious to know if someone can actually run the simulation.

  • FYI for those of the mindset, the title is the little rascal Buckwheat’s slang, historical reference to the proverbial-OK. He was challenged.

  • I am going to guess that most of us were not even born when the last episode of our gang was filmed 70 years ago. Time flies by.

    Most of the younger crowd knows about the little rascals either from Eddy Murphy’s controversial skit in SNL or the movie that came out about 20 years ago. The original episodes are priceless.

  • “Might choke Artie, but it ain’t gonna choke Stymie.” One of my favorite lines from Our Gang. As for our football team I expected 3-4 wins including one in the conference. I got what I expected. No complaints here even though I was constantly yelling at my TV most of the season. I am hopeful to see more next year.

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