Dec 2 - Keegan: Embiid's +/- stats are impressive

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    ###Keegan: Joel Embiid proves worth to KU###

    KU Sports - In the 124 minutes Embiid has played, KU has outscored opponents, 268-182. In the 156 minutes Embiid has watched from the bench, KU has a 293-292 edge.

    Embiid’s plus-minus average of 12.3 points per game is extraordinary for someone who doesn’t even play half the game.

    With Embiid in the game, opponents average 1.5 points per minute, 1.9 when he sits. Over the course of a 40-minute game, that equates to a difference between 60 points and 76 points.

    ####Bill Self 'frustrated in Battle’s aftermath####

    KU Sports - “I don’t think we made the most of the trip basketball-wise,” Self said of his Jayhawks (6-1), who fell to Villanova in the semifinals, 63-59, after downing Wake Forest in the opener, 87-78.

  • Thanks for posting this! I was looking for this information this morning…

  • KenPom has some comparisons of players who have similar stats to Embiid, they are:

    Similar: '12 Tony Mitchell (767), '08 Kevin Love (756), '11 Gorgui Dieng (744), '14 Noah Vonleh (737), '10 DeMarcus Cousins (734)

    Interesting to note that Wiggins best match was '08 Kyle Singler

  • I’m keeping with my earlier post…

    The two biggest difference-makers this year will be Mason and Embiid!

    I’m not saying we won’t get help from everyone else… I just think these two will be most pronounced.

    I’m going with the second team!

  • If I decide to put a wild expectation on a superstar player this year it will be an expectation for Embiid setting a new NCAA shot block record in March Madness.

    Sounds like a wild expectation now… but will it in March?! Could he really be that fast of a learner?

    I think he could be. The fact that he never played basketball before 3 years ago means Self is working with a blank slate. No bad old habits to overcome.

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