Recruits of 2016

  • well just a tiny bit of information. just checked on 247 sports, and their latest crystal predictions. as of today 6-23, they are trending Terrance Ferguson which is they have him the nu 9 player in the class, they are trending KU 75%, SMU 12 %, Louisville 6%, & Okla St 6% and Alabama has now dropped off completely. then as of yesterday 6-22 they are trending Marquis Bolden KU 85%, and Baylor 15 %. they show schools of KU, Baylor, Conn, North Carol, Duke, SMU, Tex, Houston, Ill, Louis, and Kent, but the 4 that shows the best is: KU, Baylor, Conn, & North Carol. then as of 6-22 they are trending Josh Jackson, who they have as the nu 2 player in the class of 2016, they are trending KU 67 % and Ariz at 33% & they list KU, Ariz, & Louisville as it puts it as the 3 that ar the ones who’s really involved or as they say warm, warmer. other schools they show as cool 1 which is Duke , but several others have shown interested but are not in the hunt at this point, some of those schools are Michigan, Michigan St, Oregon, Unlv, UCLA, Maryland, Texas A&M, Fla State, but again the only ones that are really in the chase that it shows at this point is KU , Ariz, & Louisville. and Duke right now is pretty much non factor, oh and ya They have Bolden as the nu 22 player in the class of 2016, so we shall see. 1 thing for sure and it has been this way since I’ve been checking Terrance is always been a huge KU lean and it just keeps getting larger lean every update I see but who knows. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I’d put zero faith in the crystal ball’s…

    Ferguson is probably the only safe lean at this moment. It will be a complete fail if Self isn’t able to hold on to him. He’s a great shooter, on par with Greene or better but the rest of his game is definitely still a work in motion. Definitely doesn’t utilize his athleticism like he could yet. If Selden or Svi was to declare after this year he’s the player we have to get.

    Bolden has been offered by Kentucky, UNC & Duke recently so his recruitment has taken off. I’m interested to see if he takes visits to those schools and his recent interview had zero mention of Kansas recruiting him or in recent contact with him. So I’m wondering into the validity of that. His crystal ball will swing to any of those schools listed above if he schedules a visit.

    We seem to have lost ground with Fox, not surprising that Smart is trying to lockdown a 5 star guard in his backyard, you figure he didn’t visit them twice this spring for nothing. Louisville is now involved as well… The only real chance of getting him is losing Mason or Graham which seems highly unlikely.

    A new name to this board that we are recruiting is Tony Bradley 6’10 C listed KU in his top 5 as schools actively pursuing him. Ranked #24 on ESPN. We are after Jarrett Allen from Texas 6’9 C #17. So we are clearly not settling on Bolden alone.

  • @jayballer54 After searching through Terrance Ferguson’s twitter I can tell that he has only tweeted about ONE school and that happens to be KU.

    T-FERG ‏@the2kferguson · Jan 13
    #RockChalk ⚪🔴🔵


    T-FERG ‏@the2kferguson · Mar 7
    #10 for Kansas is only 17 years old 🙀🙀

    and he likes sour patch kids

  • Its awesome when a recruit is unwavering towards KU. Its even better when they commit early too. It seems I become bigger fans of guys that visit and know this is where they want to be. Then cancel the rest of their visits and sign on the line. Oubre and Embiid are a few that did it that I can recall.

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