Diallo graduates

  • DIALLO.jpg

    Guess he finished up his school work?

  • @Statmachine

    Another big step towards a million-dollar career!

  • The sooner this lad arrives in Lawrence, THE BETTER! I have recently re-watched his spring MVP efforts. Am pumped to envision him in a KU uniform!

  • @REHawk Man, imagine the practice battles between Diallo and Bragg! Then they get to bang against Lucas, Mickelson, Jamari, and Ellis. And 6’9 260lb Coleby (who will redshirt, but be a beast-with-motor in practice).

    Bill Self usually gets better bigs than Tom Izzo. But he requires the same level of toughness and non-soft play out of his bigs that Izzo does. This is what left a lasting impression on Bill Self in his years in the Big10. He does not like the shape of that L that Izzo kicked repeatedly into his butt, and thanks to Jamari Traylor and Wayne Selden (& Frank), KU finally got a W vs. Izzo…after 3 straight losses.

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