We Talken about PRACTICE!

  • It begins tomorrow. No Boot camp? Are we in physical shape? How do you prepare a team with rookies that have never been through a college practice? Will there be morning fundamentals? Noon work on Offense and evening work on Defense.? Individual position workouts? Conditioning, Running, Slides, Weight lifting… all of this in just 3 weeks to prepare for Countries which have assembled their best All-Star teams. Winning a medal, any medal will be one of the hardest things having only three weeks of practice. The returning players will be spotlighted and the 5 star rookies will be put into the line up to do specific things they have just recently learned. For all of you that think Self doesn’t let your favorite bench player get enough time so that he can beat out the player you don’t seem to like, enjoy this summer, because Self has said he will use this tournament to let everybody play, Every Body.

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  • @RedRooster Took the words right outta my yap RR. I heard a replay of one of his interviews about practice the other day & my first thoughts were surely he must be illiterate. There’s simply no other way can anyone actually sound so incredibly ignorant & be convinced they are correct. Did he even attend a class at Georgetown ? I mean, he couldn’t even express himself as an adult for cryin out loud. How in Heavens name did Larry Brown ever work & travel with this fool 6 mo outta the year? Most people couldn’t have done it a week. Wah, Wah, Wah 😭 😱 ,…slap ! You’re fired !!

  • @globaljaybird He supposedly was drunk when he did that interview. Is there anything more insufferable than having to listen to a drunk?

  • @KUSTEVE yeah…being drunk & then waking up with the bad ass-what the hell did I do hangover …

  • @Statmachine The second and third paragraphs are very telling. We are probably going to see a lot of minutes when Devonte will be on the point with Frank playing the Two. This means that until Brannen gets healthy, Svi and Wayne will share the Wing. Hunter has put on some muscle this off season and his height and rebounding ability will be needed in his last season. When he came here he was called a “poor man’s Withey.” Maybe that will be because it took him an extra year to achieve those kinds of results


  • @globaljaybird but… So well-deserved!

  • So KU’s roster for the WUG is as follows

    Back court: Mason, Graham, Selden, Vick, Manning, Self, and Moore from SMU.

    Front court: Ellis, Traylor, Lucas, Mickelson, and Bragg.

    Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk (Ukraine), Cheick Diallo (Mali), and Dwight Coleby (Bahamas) are not eligible to play with KU because they are not Americans and Brannen Greene is still recovering from his hip surgery.

    My guess is Mason, Graham, Selden, Ellis, and Lucas start with Moore, Vick, Traylor, Bragg, and Mickelson getting most of the bench minutes. I know Self said he’d play everyone, but he’s a competitor and I just don’t see him playing Evan or Tyler big minutes.

    4 of the projected starters are competent 3 point shooters which should really open up the high-low with proper spacing on the perimeter. Of Lucas gets double teamed, there should be an open man on the perimeter for a high % look deep. This is the biggest thing the 24 second clock will do is not allow KU to reset their offense if the ideal look isn’t there. Self should be preaching to look inside first and foremost, if that’s not open then let Mason drive and if the defense collapses on him, kick out of the open three.

    I am really looking forward to what kind of sets Self will run without a true wing on the roster that can take over games, and how he and the team deals with not having the extra time to run a second set if the first set isn’t there. KU may not medal in the WUG, but I fully expect them to emerge from the games a much better team and have a better idea of how to run their offense than last year.

    Teams and players improve the most by playing against better competition that force them to either improve or wilt. Most countries are bringing basically their U23 teams to this tournament that are going to factor into their national teams in Rio next summer so this will be a big challenge to KU and one they hopefully improve from.

  • Good luck to Bragg,Vick and Moore in learning the high/low.

  • This is the plan all along!

  • First practice goes well. I didn’t realize that the WUG uses a 24 second clock. No wonder the highlights of SVI with the Czech team show him launching threes in transition.


  • @wrwlumpy

    Several differences in the rules that players will need to learn and then forget after the WUG including tipping the ball when it is over the cylinder.

  • Video of today’s practice in front of the campers.


  • @JayHawkFanToo So, is goal tending legal?

  • @wrwlumpy No, players still can’t touch the ball on the way down, but once the ball touches the rim, it’s fair game.

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