Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Hope everyone has safe travels and enjoys some good food and family time. Today, one of the things I’m thankful for is this forum where my fellow Jayhawks and I can debate, extrapolate, pontificate, and above all else: congratulate. Rock Chalk.

  • Happy Thanksgiving @JaydocMD and everyone, from Kevin Rubio and Ricky Love!


  • I’m thankful for all things civil.

  • I’m thankful for (beer) Happy Thanksgiving and hope everyone got to enjoy the day with family, friends and Kansas BB. RCJHGKU!

  • @civilhawk Me as well, Civil!

    I’m also thankful for all you guys and your manyfold contributions to a constant stream of Jayhawk consciousness, and Jesse Newell and his outstanding insights, and the other writers that produce the quailty KU stories we devour… the KU Sports guys, Rustin Dodd over at Kansas City Star, kenpom, Bilas and the other guys who started tipping the collective media cap towards the last decade of Jayhawk dominance, and back to all things civil, a country where we can afford to pontificate over our favoUrite (and thanks Julian and the Node BB guys! I can’t spell favourite without U!) sports teams.

    It’s been a good year for sports, and a good year in general.

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