New Big12 Rule Change for Court Storming?


    OK this might be a little overboard, but if your school does nothing to stop it then yes you should be punished more than a financial fine. If it happens time after time then yes, review it and take away the win.

    But buyer beware, maybe all the KU fans wear purple to Lil Apple and storm the court after a loss and give KU the victory??? Not that it would happen, but that could be an issue somewhere.

    At least adopt what the SEC does and fine schools for this!!!

  • @JRyman OMG! That would be soooo freekin funny. Provided KU fans can get into Kstate like they used to back in the days of AFH west.

  • @JRyman But, in all seriousness, yes, the Big 12 absolutely NEEDS to clamp down on court/field storming. Not only is it extremely dangerous, its classless and stupid. Honestly, how long has it been since there has been a KU court storming? I’ve been watching KU play since the Manning era and I’ve never seen it happen in AFH.

  • @JRyman must be talking about kstate specifically! Doesn’t fb count too? I hate we do that!!!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 “Court Storming” and chanting " OVER-RATED " only shows the ineptness of the home crowd. In whatever sport. Like @Lulufulu said, it’s dangerous, classless and stupid. It (court storming) says " We never really THOUGHT we could beat you, but the stars aligned this one day and we actually won ". The overrated chant is one of my pet peeves. The crowd assumes that the other team MUST be overrated, otherwise “we” never would have been able to beat them.

  • “Give a Wildcat (or Tiger) fan a thumb, and it is just a matter of time before it ends up in their butt.”

    ~ Hunter S Thompson

  • I am not in favor of court storming and I hope at KU we never do it. However, a lowly team such as TCU beating KU could be allowed to do it when they upset a team like KU provided the do it in safe manner; hopefully it does not happen very often. Perhaps security people can ensure the visiting team, has left the court and it is safe on it way to the dressing room before fans are allowed onto the court. Yes, it takes the spontaneity but makes the process still available to the long suffering fans and much safer all around.

  • @drgnslayr I like that!!👍

  • @nuleafjhawk did I read it pertains to fb too?

  • @JayHawkFanToo I think it has to be all or nothing.

  • I say let’s make it a sport amongst itself.

    In order to equalize the playing field… since there are thousands of fans storming the court, then we should issue the visiting team their choice of weapons.

    If it is my time coming into enemy territory, this is how I would arm my team:

    20 of our people… coaches… players and staff.

    4 hand grenades

    6 M16s

    8 Cat-of-Nine tails

    2 Laws rockets

  • @drgnslayr I would add a brace of Dirty Harry Colt .45’s

  • I don’t mind court storming, but have always worried about the safety aspect of it. Hundreds of people running down stairs is a recipe for someone getting trampled in the madness. I never really thought about a situation like what happened at KSU this year. I just remember back when Wisconsin had the situation at a football game where a railing gave way and several dozen people fell and were being crushed - I don’t remember whether anyone was seriously injured, but it showed the dangers.

    Add in what happened at KSU this year and I think you have a very dangerous situation for everyone involved - both students and opposing players or coaches. And honestly, there is not enough security to protect against it. What can a few dozen security do if 500 fans are storming their way?

    The penalties ensure that the crowd will do more to police themselves because losing the home game means that there is a possibility that KSU has to play twice in Lawrence in a given year? That’s a huge loss for them since they are solid at home, but pretty soft on the road.

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