Bulls searching for new coach

  • @JRyman Naaaah, I dont believe that The Mayor will leave Ames. Won’t believe it till it happens. It seems like The Warriors asst coach has a better chance at being the new HC of The Bulls

  • @JRyman I question his health status!

  • Iowa state coach is definitely going it’s just a matter of time for him to announcement it

  • The Mayor already had a front office position that prove to be too stressful for his heart condition and left the NBA for his ideal job at his Alma Mater ISU; why would he take the much more stressful NBA HC position when the front office job was too stressful already? I believe many journalist are too lazy to do proper research before starting rumors.

    On a somewhat related note, looks like Love might be leaving Cleveland. Why did Cleveland sign hm without assurances that he would stay more than 1 year is beyond me

  • The Mayor is truly a much better fit at Chicago than he is at ISU. He sees the writing on the wall. He sees even though he has a masterful offense that he can’t get over all the hurdles to win a NC at ISU. He can’t overcome the recruiting battles.

    The question, the only question, is his health. I don’t think anyone has a grasp on this except Fred. But if he feels like he can handle it… he’s gone!

    Fred leaving would lighten the competition for Kansas… but the end result is negative for us. We need more B12 teams competitive on a national level and Fred was (is) a great representative for the B12.

  • Zags seems to think Hoiberg has the job if he wants it. They also included in an article that someone in Diallos camp said when Hoiberg was recruiting Cheick that he could promise he would be the couch next year.

  • Fred’s a great rep for the BG 12. Would be a real loss if he goes & I believe CBB is much less stress than the grind of the L. Hope he stays-classy as a player & more so as a HC. JMO

  • A quick internet news search on Hoiberg does come up with fairly credible sites that state he is as good as gone from ISU - i agree that the b12 is better with him in it 😞

  • Hoiberg is gone. He’s always been an NBA guy and will be headed back in the next week or so.

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    And yet they traded the ROY for him with no guarantees. I’m just howling. No wander Cleveland lacks in championships. They are willing to trade anything and everything for just a chance.

    Crazy thing I wouldn’t be surprised if Lebron left after this year. Especially if the Cavs win the championship this year.

    I guess on the bright side they can hey remember in 2015 when we won the championship after 10 years of getting clocked year after year.

  • I keep hearing hoiberg’s daughter is enrolling at KU, anyone else know?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I believe she’s interning with the KU athletics department.

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    At first I thought noway the Mayor leaves, but now I’m not so sure. Everybody wants to bring up his health and the stress on his ticker.

    I’m not sure that holds water. As there really is no stress or excitement in the NBA game until the playoffs. Hell in the college game it can be stressful in a two to three game stretch many times through out the season.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 she just graduated from high school, right? Interning, but not in college? Confused!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I believe she graduated HS in 2014 and is interning at KU over the summer.

  • I can’t believe there’s an entire thread devoted to Fred “the Mayor” Hoiberg on a KU website. I don’t hate the guy, but do you really think any ISU fan would have a thread dedicated to Bill Self? I seriously doubt it.

    It shows the basketball desperation and withdraws many are experiencing in Jayhawk Nation.

    My wasted opinion on Hoiberg is/was that he’s not healthy enough to endure the NBA schedule. His condition will not allow him to coach at the NBA pace. This was discussed back when he arrived at Ames and the consensus was he will likely remain at ISU for the remainder of his career. Anything is possible, but don’t think his health allows him to coach an NBA team. He left and if he was interested, he would’ve never left the NBA in the first place.

    I will never get this time back.

  • @truehawk93 You know, I think this shows that we respect good basketball. Good teams in the Big 12 are good for Kansas. They are as close to a rival as we have now. I like the guy and I think he’s an excellent coach.

  • @HighEliteMajor Thanks. I’m with you. I think it shows the class of KU fans vs what we see of fans of opposing teams. The Mayor has done a good job of filling the rivalry void that other team east of Kansas created.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Cleveland signed him because LeBron wanted him. Simple as that.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I think she just graduated, not positive though. Would KU give and internship to a kid not going to school here?

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 @GeorgesNiang20: @PaigeHoiberg congrats on graduating… Better not be trading in your cyclone gear for some red and blue or we will all be upset lol!

  • I’m in Chicago right now and listening to sports talk.

    Several observations. Fred is definitely a maybe!!

    Why would anyone want the Bulls job. It sounded like a pretty petty situation that got Thibs fired.

    Thibs is a heck of a coach. 255-136 I think is what I read, and of course a lot of those wins were without DRose.

    Right now, whoever coaches the Bulls will be like whoever coached the Knicks in the 90’s. They were never going to be good enough to beat MJ, and now the Bulls are not going to be good enough to beat Lebron.

  • @DoubleDD

    I posted before that LeBron promised to bring a Championship to Cleveland.Ohio and he has always been very loyal to his home state. However, once he gets a Championship, he will likely be gone either to the Knicks or the Lakers and their huge markets. Since Kobe has announced that the next season will be his last, I can see LeBron going to the Lakers and becoming the king of La La land.

    As far as Hoiberg’s health, the NBA schedule is twice as long as the NCAA and he has to deal with “divas” that make considerably more money than he does and have a say in decisions and also he has to deal with not only the GM but the owner(s) as well that can add to the level of stress considerably. In college he is the ultimate authority and decider and the only person he has to deal with is the AD. The level of stress in the NBA is orders of magnitude larger than college…ask Pitino and Calipari. The only advantage is that as long as the owner opens the purse strings, he can build the team he wants and don’t have to depend on OAD players or go begging recruits.

  • Iowa state coach is the guy for the job until otherwise

  • Maybe Hoiberg, being a former NBA player, would command more respect from NBA players than, for example, some roooookie like Brad Stephens…

    Look at Hoiberg’s playstyle, and how he has opened it up–he let’s them play a freer style. It is an NBA style, that works when your “post presence” is non-traditional and weak. Or “soft”, as a certain okie coach may say…

    I say Hoiberg gets big respect by NBA players. He’s the real deal. He is the only thing I respect about IowaState, in addition to a few of his players. Class individual, I wish him success with Da Bulls, if he chooses them.

  • @wrwlumpy

    I understand Hornacek and Fraschilla are the two leading candidates, although some places claim that current assistant T.J. Otzelberger could be it.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Fran loves the clones, especially naz long!

  • I’m going out on a huge limb (tiny branch) and betting the ranch that the Bulls didn’t fire Thibodeau until they had a verbal agreement with Fred.

    This makes sense because it isn’t like Thibodeau didn’t produce this year and they didn’t want to be forced into hiring just anyone.

    The timing fits. Connect the dots. Fred’s recent surgery was a success. The Bulls were in “wait and see” mode, and Fred confirmed he would be their next coach. It says wonders that his relationship is so tight with the front office that moves can be made on just a verbal commitment and handshake.

    Bye-bye El Mayor! Thanks for bringing us plenty of tough games and a refreshing coaching style and offense!

  • Chicago bulls already has a contract write up for him

  • Bulls confident Fred Hoiberg will accept coaching offer, sources say

    CHICAGO – The Bulls are quietly confident that Iowa State coach Fred Hoiberg will accept an offer to become their next head coach, according to multiple league sources.

    Fred Hoiberg played four seasons for the Bulls and has ties to Chicago’s front office. Matthew Holst/Getty Images News of mutual interest between Hoiberg, who played for the Bulls for four of his 10 NBA seasons and is a close friend of general manager Gar Forman, and Chicago isn’t a surprise. He has close relationships with several people in the Bulls’ front office and is well regarded for his success in Ames.

    The Bulls fired Tom Thibodeau on Thursday after five years as their coach. Thibodeau had two years and almost $9 million left on his contract.

    The timetable on exactly when Hoiberg, 42, might formally sign a contract is still being hammered out. While the feeling within the organization continues to be that a contract and introductory news conference could come as early as next week, the Bulls, according to sources, are giving extra consideration to the time frame because Hoiberg underwent open-heart surgery to replace his aortic valve last month.

    Bleacher Report and the Chicago Tribune also reported that a deal between Hoiberg and the Bulls is expected. The Orlando Sentinel reported Friday that Hoiberg also interviewed with the Magic for their head-coaching vacancy, but Orlando has named Scott Skiles its coach.

    Earlier this week, the Ames Tribune, citing sources with knowledge of the situation, reported that Hoiberg has told at least one recruit that his future at Iowa State is uncertain. (that would be Diallo)

    All I’ve got to say is darn…

  • Just got this off the ticker about 5 min ago"

    Fred Hoiberg: Bulls are still expected to hire Fred Hoiberg

    Fred Hoiberg - G - MIN - May. 30 - 11:54 am et

    “According to the Chicago Tribune, the Bulls are still expected to hire Fred Hoiberg, and the two sides could have a deal done prior to the NBA Finals on Thursday. There have been reports that Hoiberg and the Chicago’s front office already have a “gentleman’s agreement” in place for him to become the next head coach of the Bulls, so it seems like a deal is imminent. However, if Hoiberg takes the job the Bulls may delay the announcement for “family schooling considerations.” On a side note, we also learned on Friday that Hoiberg also interviewed with the Magic, so it seems like his eyes are set on the NBA.” May. 30 - 11:54 am et Source: The Chicago Tribune

  • @JRyman Hoiberg told Diallo there was a chance he wouldn’t be coach at Iowa State when Fred was recruiting him, so 99% certain he goes to the Bulls.,

  • @KUSTEVE I don’t believe that is exactly right, jmo.

  • look for something to be done Tuesday or Wednesday they wanted to get this done so it won’t affect the NBA Finals

  • @dylans CBT posted earlier today that ISU may target Jeff Hornacek as a possible replacement but he’s now HC of the Suns. Unless he’s on thin ice I can’t see him going back to the college game. Don’t follow it enough to know.

  • @globaljaybird he is going to stay in Phoenix as there coach

  • I will just say what I’ve said before. Fred has always been a class act and he is/was a huge asset to the Big 12. I posted months ago he wasn’t leaving NCAA ball because he left the NBA after heart issues. I guess I was wrong as it looks like Fred is going back to the NBA now.

    Anyway, Fred IS a class act and I will be a fan of his wherever he lands.

    If I am an ISU fan I am bummed out about him leaving.

  • @JayhawkRock78

    Many of us thought that it was unlikely that he would go back to the NBA, to a more stressful position than the one he left due to health issues and stress…go figure.

    If he indeed goes to the NBA it will be a big loss for the conference. Of course if Hornacek goes back to ISU it will definitely offset the loss. There are fans in Phoenix not happy that the Suns missed the playoffs, so his position there is not necessarily secure.

  • @JRyman Well, I guess I underestimated Freddy’s desire to be an NBA coach. Current news on Espn says they are working on a 5 year contract.

    Well done Mr Mayor. Good luck in the League and best of health to you as well. The Big 12 and Iowa St will be missing a great coach and representative.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I thought it was his NBA playing career that was cut short by his heart condition. The NBA office job should be less stress than CBB head coach. Coaching in the NBA is only marginally more stressfull that CBB, but that stress is all to succeed. I say this because Thibbs was fired after making the playoffs 5 years running with his star player injured half of the time. Fred never won a regular season conference title and was god-like in ISU.

    I wish him success, but also wish he’d stay. He’s a worthy advisary for Bill.

  • he’s going to finalize his contact Monday

  • @dylans

    Some BA office positions such a GM can be extremely stressful as the individual has to deal with huge financial issues as well as manage the personalities and egos of owners, coaches and players.

    As far as coaching itself. the college season even with post season rarely gets to 40 games, the NBA season, in the other hand, is 82 games that with playoffs can extend to over 100 games. When you consider that NBA games are 48 minutes or 20% longer than college games, 100 NBA games is the equivalent of 120 college games or 3 time as many. Also, in college the HC has absolute power over what goes on with program; in the NBA the star players make considerably more than the coach, have egos to match their salaries and in many case have lot more say in personnel decision than the coach has. The NBA HC job is considerably more stressful than the college HC job; it is not even close.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I agree NBA coaching is marginally more stressful than coaching college. I’m aware that they play more games in the NBA, but only the playoffs matter. There is little to no stress to win any regular season game as long as you are playoff bound.

    Luckily, he doesn’t have a job with real stress involved, like his heart doctors. Or perhaps a farmer (or Jamari’s family) struggling to feed his family. Pay me a few million a year and the stress becomes superficial, I would no longer need to work after one year, it’s all ego and stress you put on yourself at that point. Sorry, that’s not a fair comparison we are just taling about b-ball stress.

    Personally I wish Fred would’ve stuck around the Big12. I don’t imagine Fred thought it would be too stressfull or maybe he can’t stand that cry baby kid and beautiful wife and just wants to blow a gasket on the sideline…

  • I’ve never coached CBB or NBA…do you even have to have a winning record to make the NBA post-season?

  • @JayHawkFanToo Plus add in the incessant travel thru krappy airports & congested traffic in major cities 6-7 months of the year. A few smaller ones like OKC or Memphis may not be that bad, but Detroit-Atlanta-LA-NY ??? No rest for the weary…only MONEY !!!

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