So are we done?

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    With my coffee in hand and my laptop set for trolling mode. I edged into the world of the internet and google. I wasn’t really looking for anything particular, as to be honest I really didn’t feel there was anything to find.

    Then I found one then two comments made by Thon Maker’s mentor about KU not contacting the young lad. Which left me puzzled. I thought we are were done recruiting Mister Maker? That the concept of recruiting a player for only half a semester was even beyond normal common sense.

    Why would anybody want this kid? I guess even UK has backed off a little, yet when on record as saying when you’re ready to be recruited give me a call.

    Has KU sailed the ship on without Maker? It seems that way to me, as with the visit of Paschal Chuckwu scheduled for June. I don’t know? I just thought it was interesting that the mentor and handlers for Thon Maker seemed concerned KU wasn’t showing interest in their golden goose anymore.

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    Ed Smith should absolutely be worried about Maker’s future because Smith has botched this situation about as badly as he possibly could have. He is so impatient to cash in on Maker that he doesn’t realize that keeping Maker in 2016 is the best thing for Maker’s future at this point. If Maker were to go back into 2016, KU would absolutely be interested in Maker again, but as long as Maker wants to play half a season at most, then he’s not worth chasing.

  • Sounds like Arizona State and Indiana are the teams in on Maker right now. I read somewhere an interesting take on his recruitment. That the teams in on him now need him, and are willing to put up with the obvious issues related to bringing a guy in half way through the season, for just 1/2 a season. ASU and Indiana fit that bill.

    For his part, now, Maker has said he’s staying 1 1/2 seasons – here’s one article. But we all know that if Maker is showing up in the lottery on 2016 draft projections, he’s gone. Any team has to know that any b.s. about staying 1 1/2 seasons is just a smoke screen, and will only happen if it makes sense for Maker.

    So I do think we’re done with Maker. I love the fact that Maker hasn’t heard from us. Let’s hope the line stays silent.

    Right now, I wish we could give this Chukwu kid a parade when he visits Lawrence. This is the perfect set-up for Self. Let’s hope he can close the deal. Chuckwu is as perfect for Kansas as Maker is bad for Kansas. A clear contrast.

    My view of our recruiting was that it was a slight disappointment with just Bragg and Diallo. Adding Vick (if that occurs actually occurs for 2015) makes it a moderate success. But if we landed Chukwu too, well, that’s a big success. If we get guys like Bragg, Vick, and Chukwu, I’m happy to stomach another OAD roll of the dice if we must … only if we must.

    Bragg, Vick and Chukwu could all be starters in 2016-17 depending on who leaves. But it would seem completely realistic to think that Bragg and Chukwu could start, or that Chuckwu would be the first big off the bench. Pretty intriguing.

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    I wasn’t sure what to think of Chukwu when he burst unto KU’s radar. I have to say I’m not sure there isn’t a bit of tampering with Chukwu. Either that or one of his handlers really understands what’s best for him.

    Him just upping and leaving Providence seemed to be a major surprise to his HC and those on his team. However recruiting is a dirty game. Dog eat Dog.

    I would concur signing Paschal Chukwu could well be the game changer this recruiting class needs. He could spend a year learning the system and just torturing Ellis, Bragg, and Diallo in practice. In the end making them better, and give him a leg up for next year.

  • Smith has been busy back-peddling his comments about Maker just playing one semester. Now he says Thon will play college ball “until he’s ready.” And he said that could be as long as 3 years of D1. He’s obviously trying to stoke the fire again because everyone backed off, even the Squid.

    But there is no mechanism to guarantee he stays beyond one semester. That is where the problem is. No way to lock him down.

  • The legend of Thon is much better than the reality. He was over hyped based on one highlight video and then he was exposed playing against top competition. His “team” which makes the Keystone cops look competent is now in full dam,age control and making things worse with every comment they make. To me Thon Maker is like ribs, good taste but way too much work for very little actual meat.

  • It’d be kind of funny if no one signed him after his 1/2 year statement.

    On the other hand, if he’s telling the truth, as HEM pointed out, playing 1 and 1/2 seasons is a little more intriguing, but I also say I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • @DoubleDD I don’t think there was any tampering on KU’s part with Chukwu. When the whole Kevin Young/Steve Fisher thing went down in 2011-12, the story from both Self and Young was that Young’s coach contacted him about an opportunity to play for KU, which led to Young contacting Self. When Self found out that Young was still committed to play for SDSU, he cut him off and told him to officially re-open his recruitment (ie, tell Fisher) or they’d have nothing more to say to one another. That’s what Kevin did, and the rest is history. Now Fisher saw this as tampering, and I can understand his feelings, but I don’t see it that way. I don’t think anything like that happened with Chukwu (although, we could find out that that’s not the case), and I wouldn’t call what happened with Conner Frankamp tampering either, and he up and left KU identically to how Chukwu up and left Providence. At any rate, you’re right about dog eat dog. There’s nothing wrong with KU profiting from Providence’s loss.

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    Oh I’m not trying accuse HCBS or KU for any wrong doing. As I’m not even sure what the rules of tampering would be in the college game. I just seemed a little weird the timing and everything, and the fact nobody really had any idea.

    When Conner left I’m pretty sure HCBS knew it was possible. Hell he more than likely told him it might be option he wants to look at.

    I’m just throwing out fodder. It wouldn’t surprise me if Adidas is somehow behind this. The College game is changing so much. Who knows anymore? Like I can’t figure out why so many OAD’s want to go to the same school and compete for mere playing time let alone a starting spot? They could start and be the man on 90% of the other teams. Just doesn’t make sense to me.

    I will say this though I will be completely shocked if KU doesn’t land Chukwu.

  • Question to all…

    Let’s say we land Chukwu. Our scholarship plate is now full.

    Then later, Maker appears to have his academic ducks in a row and wants to play college ball. And Smith has finally talked the right language to attract coaches once again (Maker will play more than one semester of basketball).

    Does anyone really think Self won’t be interested? He is now looking at two legitimate footers playing on one team with experienced guards. Do the math. So we don’t have a spot open… and we don’t have to talk about it unless everything falls right (or wrong, depending on how you look at it).

    So how does that work? The best of my knowledge, full-ride scholarships are for a year. How would Self sign Maker if he didn’t reserve him back a scholarship? Or how about Cal at UK? Is he going to hold back a scholarship just in case Maker comes along? Will anyone be “circling the airport” waiting for Maker’s mid-year appearance?

    Give Maker another year to develop and he will offer something in D1.

    I said in my last post that there is no way to contractually hold Maker to Kansas after his first semester… but would he really throw his hat in the draft? A couple of months in D1 will hardly get him qualified to be a top selection. The NBA goes after potential… but they have to actually see the potential. And don’t they have an age minimum? Guess it is still 19… they were talking about 20. I presume Maker would be 19…

  • @drgnslayr

    I honestly don’t think Maker is worth pursuing at all under any circumstances. He wants to be a perimeter based player like Kevin Durant. I also think his skill set is highly overrated. Add in that this relationship between Smith and Maker has other various red flags and Maker just isn’t worth the baggage that comes with him.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    I hear what you are saying. Maker has muddied his own waters.

    But what we think doesn’t matter… it’s what Self thinks.

    I can think of some interesting ideas with Maker. Like how about a 1-3-1 defense? Maker in the middle and Chukwu down low.

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