Warriors vs Rockets, game 3

  • Did anybody see this game last night!?! OH man! I thought that the Dubs were going to lose this one. I thought the Rockets would come out all fired up for some payback and protect their home court. Only guy that showed was D12, and that was only for 3/4ths of the game.
    Curry at 6’3" 170 got position on Dwight in the post, Boxed him out and stole the rebound, went up to lay it in and Howard fouled him. Thats just all hustle on Curry’s part.
    The whole game was a clinic on how to play (Warriors) and how not to play (Rockets). Curry’s shot wasnt falling early so he got his teammates involved. The lid came off for Steph and he ended up with 40!
    Game, set, match.

    The Dubs will go to the NBA finals and they will be playing the Cavs.

    It’ll be one heck of a series, one which I predict will go to 7 games.

    Lebron is putting the Cavs on his back and forcing them to win.

    Curry is the MVP and has a stellar supporting cast around him.

    Who will be crowned the Champs?

  • I watched it. Was most impressed by warriors ability to score off penetration. I’m starting to feel more confident that can take care of business against LeBron. So fun to watch.

  • @approxinfinity Rush even got some court time last night. Granted, it was garbage minutes but still. Good to see our boys out on the big time stage.

  • @approxinfinity

    Interesting fact, the top 5 players with the most playing minutes are all 6’8" or less; not exactly a tall team.

  • Words don’t do justice how disgusted I was with my Rockets last night. I turned the game off in the first quarter when it hit double digits and checked on my phone a little later hoping it would be better and GS was up 25 around halftime. I love my Rockets, but I’ve never been a bug fan of Harden or Howard. This is the third game this postseason where they quit after getting behind early. That’s a big sign they just don’t have any heart and I don’t see the Rockets ever winning a title with those two as the cornerstones of the franchise.

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