Off-Season Pop Quiz

  • Okay. We are one recruit away from falling into the summer doldrums.

    There are too few new topics in here, so we are all posting far too long on the same topics until we’ve spun it into puppy dogs or politics. At least our fury friends are loveable!

    So I made a pop quiz. Part basketball, part everything else. Feel free to add in your own questions. There is nothing wrong with politics, but if you keep off of politics, we can keep it pleasant.

    Here is the beginning part of the pop quiz… please finish it with your questions.

    1. Who will Kansas get to fill the final recruit spot for next year’s team?

    A. Paschal Chukwu B. Johnathan Williams III C. Your guess D. Not fill it

    1. Are mushrooms or toadstools growing in your yard now?

    A. Toadstools B. Mushrooms C. Neither D. Both

    1. What is your all-time favorite movie?


    1. Will Kansas win another National Championship within the next 5 years?

    A. Yes, we will win one B. Yes, we will win two C. Yes, we will win more than two D. No, but I’m a negative ned/nancy

    Here are my answers:

    1. A. Paschal Chukwu 2. A. Toadstools 3. Cool Hand Luke 4. B. Yes, we will win two

  • @drgnslayr

    1. How about don’t know, but I really don’t follow recruiting much.

    2. Neither. We’ve had so much rain, I might go fishing in the yard.

    3. Probably The Blues Brothers

    4. I’m liking our chances in 2016 but only because of my dumb every election year something exciting happens since Self arrived theory.

    1. I think it’ll be Chukwu, but Williams is my personal preference.

    2. I live in apartments with no yard.

    3. Gladiator

    4. 1 although I would love to win 5 in the next 5 years.

    1. A-Paschal Chukwu
    2. Nothing but sand out here
    3. Days of Heaven
    4. B-Yes, We WILL Win Two!

    1. No clue, but will guess P. C.

    2. Mushrooms (in Houston)

    3. Lonesome Dove

    4. One NCAA title in next 5 years would make me happy.

    1. Chuckwu I hope. I’d really like a legit footer on the team, too bad he has to sit for a year.
    2. Mushrooms in SW Kansas and it’s raining right now!!
    3. Tough question, Fight Club
    4. 1 'ship in the next 2 years.

    1. No clue

    2. They LOOK like mushrooms and they cook up very nicely with a little butter and wine. (Just kidding kids - don’t try this at home)

    3. The Wizard of Oz. Yes, for real.

    4. One seems doable.

    1. A player we have never heard of right now, though I hope it’s Chukwu.
    2. None. Just green grass so far.
    3. The Matrix, of course.
    4. One.

  • 1.Chukwu 2.None 3.The Outlaw Josey Wales 4. 1

  • @drgnslayr Nice! I like it! Ok, here are my answers.

    1. C, Marquez Bolden (plays on Nike AAU Pro Skills team, is KU Adidas lean)

    2. Its too cold in Vermont for mushrooms to grow still. Hit the mid 30’s last night! Wtf

    3. I have so many favorites, its hard to pick. Cool Hand Luke is a favorite of mine. What a great, great movie. “What we’ve got here is, a failure to communicate.” Alright, back to my pick. I would have to go with Jaws. Yeah, I know. its not Oscar worthy but, Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfus, Robert Shaw and one big @$$ shark.

    4. We will win a National Championship within the next 5 years.

  • 1.Chukwu 2. no mushrooms, or toad stools, 3 the twilight series and 4. yes a title in the next 5 years.

  • Poll results in:

    1 - good chance for 1

    8 - will win 1

    2 - will win 2

    I went for two because I think some of our long-term basketball development goals are going to start paying off. Our new playboy dorms are almost done… won’t be too long before the addition to AFH will be complete… Hudy is continuing to build our strength and conditioning rep… a NC now would help catapult the one to follow… Self is actually improving and learning in recent years to adjust and improve some of his solid foundation of knowledge.

  • Here is my late reply…

    1. A - Chukwu
    2. C - No mushrooms so far
    3. The African Queen
    4. B - 2 Championships

  • @Hawk8086 The Outlaw Josey Wales is awesome. This part is the best –

  • I can rattle off several hundred movies i like.

    Big fan of many… including the guys who knew how to race; Steve McQueen and Paul Newman.

    Love all the good action films with car scenes… like “Bullitt.” Not so much on the “Fast and the Furious.”

    Also like all the Eastwood “spaghetti westerns” right on to his cop flicks, like “Dirty Hairy.”

  • @HighEliteMajor YES! That was cool. Havent seen that movie, guess I need to.

  • My favorite movie soundtrack -

  • I’m enjoying reading the responses on the thread.

    1. Chukwu Norris

    2. Mushrooms

    3. Could never pick just one, but never turn off a back to the future or John Hughes film. Definitely an 80’s and comedy fan

    4. Zero, 'cause I’m a pessirealist.

    1. Chukwu, definitely a HCBS must have for his system to work perfectly.
    2. Shrooms in OKC
    3. Band of Brothers, Tombstone, Shawshank, Greenmile, Dirty Dozen, Patton, Caddyshack, Top Gun, Hunt for Red October, Crimson Tide, Remember the Titans…I can’t stop…Big Jake…
    4. at least 1


  • @truehawk93 I’m going to the movies w/you.

  • @HighEliteMajor I know that movie so well, I knew the line you were referencing before I even hit “play”

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