Possible player for this season from cough, gag, gasp, Missouri

  • http://kansascity.suntimes.com/kc-sports/kc-college-sports/7/112/261644/mizzou-forward-to-kansas/

    Comments? Article seems to indicate he is available to play next season. No stats given but he was once highly touted.

  • @wissoxfan83

    He would have to sit one year like everybody transferring does; however, he would be eligible to play at the WUG, since he does not need clearance from the NCAA for this.

  • @JayHawkFanToo The article says playing this year, that’s what had me a little puzzled.

  • @wissoxfan83

    He would be on the team with a full scholarship but would have to sit one year. Maybe this is what they meant that he would be part of the team; notice how they refer to him as a potential replacement for Perry afire he leaves.

  • If a player who had been on the MU roster ever came to Kansas, there would be a number measures that would have to taken.

    First, imagine a scroungy, dirty, smelly fellow leaving a long stint of incarceration in a cave. You’d have to wash the stench off of him. Scrubbing, then the fire hose treatment. Then a good delousing. This all may be required multiple times.

    Second, you’d have to ensure a thorough exorcism. The mind, body, and soul would have to be fully cleansed. This is why sitting for complete season is advisable and welcomed. It takes time to undue the evil, to remove the infestation. Therapy and weekly meetings with a support group may be necessary.

    Third, you would have to closely monitor his wardrobe and personal effects. When one has been indoctrinated into the MU cult, removing all evidence of the horror must micro managed to avoid any chance of regression. Things like meth needles, Michael Sam endorsed condoms, “I hate Tyus Edny” t-shirts, Steve Stipanovich replica pistols, the 1965 indoor track national title video – all should be removed immediately.

    Fourth, you’d have to reintroduce the nourishment of a real basketball program slowly. Much like you would provide food to a former POW, it must be gradual. If you move too quickly, the shock to the system could be fatal. When you are subjected to the lowest of all lows, deep in the abyss of a cesspool, you can’t move to the surface too quickly, let alone to the mountain top. The body and mind can’t adjust that quickly. It is a process.

    Fifth, a personal guard must be posted for the young man 24 hours a day. Antlers have been known to abduct the escapees, shave their scrotum, and tattoo the area with their favorite slogans such as “mine” and “Kim was here.” After that is done, escapees have little choice but to change gender. So great care must be taken.

    Sixth, and finally, the new Jayhawk must sing Rock Chalk Jayhawk at his first contest in Allen. This must be monitored closely. Any hint of hesitation should be cause for concern. But if he’s all in, then we can be confident of the transformation.

    It’s a tough process, but it may be worth it. We’re a big tent.

  • “Williams III told CBSSports.com on Thursday that he is considering Kansas, after the school removed the restriction that would keep him from transferring to a Big 12 Conference school.”

    Guess why they did that? Because it was never enforceable. Just shows how they hustle their players. Luckily for Williams, he received proper assistance letting him know it wasn’t enforceable.

  • @HighEliteMajor I know you’re trying to be funny, I think, but I took it as more of the repentant sinner seeing the light and wanting to come out of the darkness into the light. I took it as an honor that he would want to come to KU!

  • Has anyone else noticed what Williams refers to himself on his Twitter account? All this time I though he was PF but he is saying SF…kinda interesting. Side note- glad to have Vick in the fold, anytime a guard is a slasher I get Langford type high hopes. (Don’t kill my dream)

  • @HighEliteMajor The Shawshank treatment?





    A great get and wouldn’t necessarily be needed this year, but huge next year in light of our big man situation.

  • John Martin ‏@JohnMartin929 · 6h6 hours ago
    Mizzou transfer Johnathan Williams III just finished up visit to Georgetown. Hearing there may be final visit before decision: To Kansas.

  • @HighEliteMajor


    I was so excited to read your post and it exceeded my high expectations!

  • @wissoxfan83 Here is the link to CBT article saying Williams is heading to Gonzaga. Some thing abt him possibly transferring from misery to Kansas just seemed WRONG to me…


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