two part post, one for increasing my basketball knowledge and two, How the Jayhawks will play next season.

  • Ive been watching more NBA games lately since College ball is over, which I normally do this time of year. I am particularly amazed at how Golden State is taking care of business and I hope they win it all this year. But, I digress. I have been watching the pro game to continue my learning of the game. I am particularly interested in learning more about setting screens and the types of actions that occur off of those screens.

    I heard the term “elevator screen” mentioned but the plays happen so fast, sometimes its hard for me to keep up. SO google knows everything, and its said that an elevator screen is when two bigs come up toward the PG and screen his defender in a closing elevator door type way, hence the name. Makes sense.
    Im looking up “down screen” and Im not really getting much there. Just some diagrams that I dont really understand.
    SO, if someone could be so kind as to explain in better detail the down screen and fade screen to me, I would appreciate it greatly.

    Next up, how the Jayhawks will play next season. This is purely speculative at this point. I mean we all know Coach Self has a penchant for the HI-Lo game. But, once again it appears that that wont be this teams strength. We still dont have a big that can back anyone down in the low post with back to the basket moves and score at the rim. Unless Lucas, Diallo and Bragg can learn some big things between now and November, we are looking an another drive it in, kick it out team.
    I think they will be better this year, just based on the fact that everyone is more experienced and our to freshmen bigs are shaping up to be studs. Better than Cliff was last year. No more Cliffs and no more Selbys.
    We all know Coach Self preaches his basketball philosophy almost to a fault and can be rigid in his teachings. He did change mid season last year, I’ll give him that. But it really wasnt all that successful as everyone would have liked.
    I think Coach Self should take a hard look at how Golden State is playing on both ends of the court. The other night, when Bogut got into foul trouble, GoldenState went to small ball. Noone on the court taller than 6’8" yet they just murdered the Grizzlies two big guys Z-Bo and Gasol!
    Coach Self should scheme some plays and defense based on what Golden State did to win that series decisively against a bigger team. They have the personel for it. Granted they don’t have Steph Curry or Klay Thompson but still. They have the perfect small ball team in the college game.

  • @Lulufulu

    The Warriors have two of the top 3-5 best 3-point shooters in the NBA. They can not only create their own shot but when the get the ball they can shoot in a blink of an eye; KU does not have anyone even close to that and most if not all of KU’s 3-point shooters are spot up shooters, and teams that guard them closely on the outside will negate KU’s 3-point shooting, as we saw last season. So, yes, Golden State can go with shorter line up because in addition of Curry and Thompson, they also have Uguadolas and Barbosa who are pretty capable outside shooters as well. Golden State can rely on its outside shooting, KU cannot.

  • @Lulufulu

    Good for you watching some NBA games. I’ve always said that the NBA is a master’s class on basketball.

    Anyway, your questions. A down screen is simply a screen from a big man set “down” on the block or the baseline for a wing or shooter to pop up. It’s a basic action in almost every offense. Usually the down screen will be used to start an action to either get a guy openon the wing for a quick hitter or to set up a two man game where the screener immediately opens up for a post up. That works extremely well if there is a switch and you end up with a small guy caught behind a big in the post.

    That is why most teams won’t switch a down screen except against the most dangerous shooters. Golden State uses this with Curry and Green a lot to force mismatches.

    The elevator doors is also used to free up shooters along the baseline. You have to watch off the ball to see it develop because if you show too soon, the defense can react and you won’t be able to close the doors. Zach Lowe at does a great job of discussing this stuff and posting GIFs and short clips to show the action. Give him a read for some really interesting analysis on all sorts of different offensive and defensive strategies.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Good point. Probly why Self called it “fools gold”

  • @Lulufulu

    Absolutely. Some people seem to miss his point.

  • @justanotherfan Hey thanks for the tips! Ohhhh ok, I get the down screen concept now. Does a down screen have to be in the paint? Or is it just anywhere south of the FT line on the blocks?

  • @JayHawkFanToo Up until recently I missed it. But, just watching how Steph and Klay run around off the ball and create their own shot with it from basically anywhere on the court, I get it now.

  • @Lulufulu

    Look at all the good 3 point shooters in the NBA and with few exceptions they can all do the same thing; this is why they are so difficult to defend. Have a player guard Greene closely and he is ineffective.

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