Non-Con slate is out

  • As reported by Rustin Dodd:

    ▪ Friday, Oct. 9: Late Night in the Phog

    ▪ Wednesday, Nov. 4: vs. Pittsburg State (exhibition)

    ▪ Tuesday, Nov. 10: vs. Emporia State (exhibition)

    ▪ Friday, Nov. 13: vs. Northern Colorado

    ▪ Tuesday, Nov. 17: vs. Michigan State at United Center in Chicago (Champions Classic)

    ▪ Monday, Nov. 23: vs. TBD (Maui Invitational at Lahaina, Hawaii)

    ▪ Tuesday, Nov. 24: vs. TBD (Maui Invitational at Lahaina, Hawaii)

    ▪ Wednesday, Nov. 25: vs. TBD (Maui Invitational at Lahaina, Hawaii)

    ▪ Tuesday, Dec. 1: vs. Loyola (Md.)

    ▪ Saturday, Dec. 5: vs. Harvard

    ▪ Wednesday, Dec. 9: vs. Holy Cross

    ▪ Saturday, Dec. 12: vs. Oregon State at the Sprint Center

    ▪ Saturday, Dec. 19: vs. Montana

    ▪ Tuesday, Dec. 22: at San Diego State

    ▪ Tuesday, Dec. 29: vs. UC Irvine

    ▪ Saturday, Jan. 30: vs. TBA in Big 12/SEC Challenge


    And announced by the guys:


    Self was true to his word in terms of dialing it back, but I gotta say, he may have gone a little overboard. Unless the SEC/Big12 challenge opponent is UK, we don’t really have any marquee home games (although I think playing LSU or aTm would be fun too), and the lack of another true road game, stinks. Really, the game I hate the worst is Oregon State at the Sprint Center. We did it 3 years ago, and I’m just not that interested this soon. Get a top half Big 10, ACC, or PAC-12 team at the Sprint Center and another on the road, and I’d be happy. The way it stands now is a little underwhelming, though.

  • @konkeyDong Did you hear Swanigan decommitts from Sparty today?

  • @KUSTEVE Yup. May be taking his talents to Purdue? I wonder if Calipari is involved, though. This smacks way too hard of the Terrance Jones thing. Either way, huge blow to MSU and really changes the tone of that match up. If Purdue does land Swanigan, that trumps the prior the recruiting story of the year of Brown to Cal.

  • @konkeyDong Wasn’t California recruiting him hard before he chose MSU? I read somewhere his “guardian” happens to be a sports agent, so I guess money talks…

  • @KUSTEVE Heard that as well. I don’t know anything yet. Don’t expect KU to get involved, though.

  • @konkeyDong I hope KU doesn’t get involved…

  • @konkeyDong Yeah, aside from Michigan St and maybe Sandiego, there arent many teams there to make us better. I dunno who will show up at the Maui event. Either way, the non con schedule is waaaay lighter than it has been in quite some time.

  • @konkeyDong

    San Diego St is a true road game. Michigan st and a potential sec game against a top tier team will carry this schedule. Harvard always good, Oregon St returns a lot plus added a bunch of highly rated recruits. UC irvine has a 7"5 guy and they made the tourney last year. Then potential good games in Maui it’s not going to be easy…

    Then you add in the big 12 being just as hard again we will have top 10 schedule again. But a much better chance of 30+ wins

  • Gosh, were some of these elite recruits crazy? Had the chance to travel with the WUG tourney Internationally this summer and then Maui in November? They turn that down?

  • @Lulufulu Indiana is in the field at Maui. They are expected to be good.

  • @Hawk8086 UNLV as well, along with UCLA, and St Johns. So, some good challenges at Maui. AND, we might get to face Danny Manning, and his Wake Forest team.

  • Hoping for a KU at LSU game right @brooksmd?

  • @wissoxfan83 Was thinking the same thing.

  • @drgnslayr

    Great points, slayr.



    New housing.

    Best arena.

    Long list of recent draft choices playing in the NBA.

    Experienced point guard and stretch 4 returning.

    PT for a 3.

    PT for a footer.

    But no 3.

    And no 5.

    How shall I put it it.

    Something else is driving program choice.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    “Something else is driving program choice.”

    Heard even Fred Astaire would walk off a stage or movie set if he didn’t have the right tap shoes. I preferred Billy “Bojangles” Robinson anyways…

  • @jaybate-1.0 You remind me of the Church Lady from the old SNL skit… “I wonder what it could be…?”

  • @KUSTEVE Yeah, that should be a good tournament! I think it would be fun to play Wake Forest. Nothing but love for D-Man.

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