• Anyone ever get an ear on what happened to this guy? We clearly have some good basketball minds here but man, I miss reading his stuff.
    I still read articles on the kusports site but I don’t post there anymore. Seems the traffic has slowed quite a bit there too. Shame. It was a great place for basketball fans to get all they want during the season and to contribute their own thoughts. Btw, those 10 question survey things really suck, a lot. everytime it asks for a typed answer I always insert a random curse word.

  • Frankly, now that Jesse Newell is in Topeka the “golden age” of KUSports.com is over and done with. That site can no longer be the place to host our posts. It was providential that FaceGate forced us to declare our independence, won with brio at the battle of approximattox! Now we can post together about articles from both papers and other sites.

    That being the case, I hope jaybate will accept to move on and join us during this special season.

  • ##Why jaybate doesn’t post:##

    If memory serves, jaybate sometimes posted from an iPhone. Now, since on iPhones you can’t see the latest posts and the Reply button doesn’t work, it is technically impossible for jaybate to contribute.

    Fix this $$*%£ site so it works on iPhones and jaybate will be able to contact us!

    Free jaybate! Make this site iPhoneable!

  • you know, I was wondering why J New was writing for CJ online… Now it makes sense.

  • I use my IPhone.

  • @crimsonorblue22 I was going to ask if someone using their iPhone could confirm if they have the same problems. Do you see any of the problems Parishawk has mentioned, crimson? Thanks man.

  • I might be in the minority and then maybe not. I for one do not miss Jaybate posts. While some were informative and mildly amusing, most were long on non-sense and veered off from the topic at hand with the all too obvious intent of showing how smart/educated he thought he was.

    I know a number of friends/colleagues that read the sports threads at the LJW Forum and just about every single one bypassed his posts much like I did.

    Now, let’s get back to actual sports 🙂

  • Reply always goes to bottom. I’m sure it’s a little different, but I’m learning. I can read all posts and reply. Signed, ma’am

  • @Parishawk “won with brio”…nice! So… the hard part is that I don’t have an iPhone and I can’t confirm/fix the problems you’re having if I can’t reproduce them. I’ll have to get my hands on an IPhone. I also want to make sure its not a spotty connectivity thing, or something specific to your phone. Can you try it on other people’s phones? Also, do you notice it craps out more when you’re off of wifi?

  • I’ve used my iPhone to post, reply and look up “unread” links. In fact, Im doing all three at this moment.

  • @Parishawk @approxinfinity : While using an iPhone you have to be signed in to the site to be able to hit the reply button. Not being signed in is the only time I can get the problem to occur.

  • Hey Kip, how do you get the names you are replying to, up?

  • One other question, do you guys on IPhones know how to edit?

  • To answer all the questions:

    • iPhone 5S, ios 7.0.4, using standard Safari browser
    • I am logged in when these things happen
    • the site behaves the same way whether I am on wifi or 3G
    • I hit the elevator icon and I get the unread count
    • I choose “unread” and the list shows up, but the elevator does not close. So I close the elevator by hitting the icon again.
    • I choose the item I want in the list
    • The item show up, but does not scroll to the bottom
    • When I scroll down, I don’t always get the most recent replies
    • Pressing “Reply” does nothing
    • The little “refresh” gear at the top is not turning, so the page appears to have loaded.

  • Put @ + persons handle

  • @ParisHawk : send me your iPhone and I’ll try to figure it out… 😉

  • For the first time I can reply from my iPhone. Just in time, now I don’t have to send it to kip.

  • Man, can’t imagine how long it took jaybate to write some of his posts using an iphone. Unless you can use a bluetooth kb with an iphone. (beer)

  • @brooksmd - jaybate must have had a lightning quick mind. Just out of morbid curiosity, I used to look at the times between his comments. He could type several pages in just a minute or two. Even if I didn’t always read his posts, I was completely impressed with how quickly he could put comments together.

  • @nuleafjhawk…I’m pretty sure he wrote them and then did the old cut n paste to get them back to back to back to back… I do miss his stuff. Didn’t read all of them but kind of picked and chose. Some complained, but always felt it was there for you to read or not read. Nobody held a gun to your head. Hope that didn’t offend any anti-Second Amendment folks. (beer)

  • I always thought the same @brooksmd . It really isn’t all that hard to just skip over the things you don’t want to read. That’s what I do with most of Keegs articles just to get to the comments.

  • @brooksmd - I guess I’m not smart enough to have thought of the " cut & paste " option! But you’re right; read what you want and ignore the rest.

  • For those interested, jaybate participated in the cjonline.com live game blog yesterday. He says he reads kubuckets but doesn’t feel like posting right now.

    Anyway, he’s alive and following KU BBall with his usual intensity.

  • We were skeptical at first that it was JB, but a few of his posts confirmed it quickly!

  • I liked that the legend of JB was larger than the real JB. Like Cool Hand Luke or that guy in Shawshank Redemption.

    Speaking of veterans, anyone hear from 100 and what about an old timers game with Max F. doing the play by play and some old KU jazz band playing Tijuana (sp) Brass + seasoned cheerleaders with poodle skirts?
    My vision of JB was he had the job of manning an advanced Alaskan Island listening post for Russian subs and had plenty of time to type.

  • I always imagined Jaybate as a retired Cliff Clavin.

  • I use my iPod… Pretty sure jaybate could find many ways to overcome any tech issue

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