• Bleacher Report has ranked to top Power Forwards in the incoming class of 2015.



    Svi, BG and the Guards will all have shots that will be open more often this year.

  • @wrwlumpy sounds great! Sounds like good kids too!

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  • @wrwlumpy Thats awesome. Coach Howland is no novice to the coaching world by any means either. Thats a very good compliment to Bill

  • I don’t know about you all but I am getting all jacked up about the 2015-2016 season!!! Best part is HCBS is still recruiting and I believe we are good just the way it is now!

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    I have to say I’m a bit giddy about this up coming season. With the addition of Bragg and Diallo, I’m thinking this could be one of those years.

    I know we here on KUBuckets debate, converse and sometimes even argue about potential OAD’s. Me personally I can and so side with those that rather have the project players, yet I also understand that KU is in a unique situation to land a couple of OAD’s. Some schools have no shot. Bottom line is no person or school is walking away from top shelf talent.

    Now I’m not saying either Bragg or Diallo will leave after one year but if the money is there? They are good as gone. However I feel differently about these two. Last year? Well lets face it Cliff was a bust, Oubre showed us flashes but never really was able to take over a game. Which is what us fans expect from so much talent.

    With that said. Bragg and Diallo play right into HCBS honey spot. Basketball in the paint. Some of us screamed and threw ourselves on the floor (especially me) because HCBS wouldn’t play to his talent last year. Well this year he can. He can run his patent high/low offense until his heart is content.

    Now think about this for a second. Sure KU won’t have that classic rim protector, but it will have three bigs that can fill up the hoop. Let that sink in for a moment. Not even that 2008 championship team had bigs that could potential score like this threesome. I know some will try to rebuttal., but come on.

    HCBS will not only have one big but two that can step out and hit a three or stretch the floor when teams try to pack it in. Bragg is known for his outside game, and it’s one of the reason Ellis is coming back for another year to improve is draft position. NBA scouts want Ellis to work on his outside game. Then you have Diallo who could very well be the best running big man in the country. He has a motor that never quits, and a another gear that even guards have a hard time matching.

    Take in account a veteran team from last year that really had no go to guy or top talent, returning intact with the additions of Bragg and Diallo. Oh MY.

  • The acquisitions of Bragg and Diallo offers the Jayhawk Nation just cause for a huge sigh of relief. That said, we know that BIll Self is not quite done in tweaking this 2015-16 squad. Will it be a transfer perimeter player or a foreign big? Or both?

  • Funny, I didn’t remember the praise from Howland a few years ago when his team left AFH with a controversial loss. But he’s a competitor so I understand.

  • Greene is laid up; Svi and Diallo are ineligible for the WUGs. Will Self have to invite outsiders to shore up the 3 and 5 spots?

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    It’s a good question you ask. My best guess is HCBS will try to recruit another guard and then just run with what he has. Unless he tries to pick up another project player. Either way I’m sure HCBS has a plan.

  • @DoubleDD

    Nice enthusiasm!

    We should be a tough team. I’d still like to have a big guard that can score from anywhere on the floor. That seems to be the missing piece. At least, on offense. Selden should step up for this. He is the guard with the football body. Our bigs next year will be a threat outside the paint and that creates opportunities for guards to score down low sometimes.

    We really do need some guys to make big jumps in their games for this team to become a real threat. Our freshmen will have to adjust quickly to D1. I’m not too worried about Diallo. Bragg, I’m not sure about.

    Svi needs to play tougher, more physical basketball. Turn down the nerves a bit, gain some confidence. Greene, if he is able, needs to improve in several areas to be effective; from creating his own offense, to improving his aggressiveness on defense. Devonte, just needs to keep being Devonte… he seemed to improve every game last year. Hopefully, we won’t wear down Frank so badly this coming year. He still needs to expand his game as floor general and see more of the game, but I’m sure he’ll be better.

    And our bench still needs to improve. We have extra help in the paint this year but we still need Jamari, Hunter and Landen to step in for valuable minutes. Young guys are going to get in foul trouble sometimes or whatever. We still need quality post depth and their experience should be valuable in play and helping the young post guys.

    The potential chemistry is exciting to think about. Last year’s guys were good on and off the court together. And as stated above, really everyone will have to step their game up, and that is the chemistry you want. All these guys pushing each other. I know I’m ready for fall already!

  • @drgnslayr summer games!

  • @DoubleDD You know, I think the big question about Bragg and Diallo is can they learn the back to the basket type stuff that Self loves so much? Other than that, yeah I totally agree with you. I am very excited about next seasons Jayhawks!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Speaking of the summer games. Does anyone know if it will be nationally televised on Espn or some such channel?

  • @Lulufulu probably tw cable, Jayhawk fan would love SZ even more!😍👬 I really don’t know! Better be on tv!

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    Heard or read all games will be on ESPN

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Nice. I don’t believe Zenger has a say on this so probably Jayhawk fans will not get screwed. I am sure there will be live Interned feeds.

    P.S. I still hate Zenger.

  • 35 days until two weeks of practice, then two games begin 49 days from now against Canadian National team at Sprint, which will be right before leaving for Korea.

  • Tickets go on sale next Wednesday. $50 gets you into both games with good seats.


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